2010 dramas that did not work out for me

I admit it. I do watch a lot of dramas. But I always rationalize it by reminding myself of all the dramas that I end up NOT watching every year. For instance, between the daily dramas, morning dramas, Monday/Tuesday dramas, Wednesday/Thursday dramas, weekend dramas, daily sitcoms, and cable dramas, I counted 81 dramas that aired some or all of its episodes in 2010 so far. Phew, now that’s a lot of dramas!

Just for the heck of it, shall we list them? (You’ll come to notice that I love lists, especially alphabetical ones. Swoon~)

A Man Called God; All My Love; Angsimjeong; Assorted Gems; Bad Guy; Baker King Kim Tak Gu; Chosun Police Season 3; Chuno; Cinderella’s Sister; Coffee House; Comrades; Creating Destiny; Daemul; Dandelion Family; Daring Woman; Definitely Neighbors; Don’t Hesitate; Dong Yi; Dr. Champ; Even Mom is Pretty; Everybody Cha Cha Cha; Flames of Desire; Freedom Fighter Lee Hoe Young; Giant; Gloria; God of Study; God’s Quiz; Golden Fish; Good Thing I Loved; Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child; Harvest Villa; Hero; High Kick Through the Roof; Home Sweet Home; Hyunhaetan Marriage War; I am Legend; I Love You Ten Thousand Times; I’ll Give You Everything; It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl; Jejoongwon; Joseon X-Files; Kim Soo Ro; King Geunchogo; Let’s Not Divorce/Enjoy Life; Life is Beautiful; Marry Me; Mary Stayed Out All Night/Marry Me Mary; Merchant Kim Man Deok; More Charming by the Day; My Country Calls; My Girlfriend is a Gumiho; Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors; Oh My Lady; Once Upon a Time in Saengchori; Pasta; Personal Taste; Pink Lipstick; Playful Kiss; Prosecutor Princess; Pure Pumpkin Flower; Queen of Reversals; Road No. 1; Runaway: Plan B; Running Gu; Secret Garden; Smile, Donghae; Smile, Mom; Smile, You; Stormy Lovers; Sungkyunkwan Scandal; The Birth of the Rich; The Good Day When the Wind Blows; The Reputable Family; The Scarlet Letter; Three Brothers; Three Sisters; Wife Returns; Will it Snow for Christmas; Wish Upon a Star; Woman Who Still Wants to Marry; You Don’t Know Women

My gosh, that’s long! Let me catch my breath…

Okay, ready. So of all these dramas, I’ve “only” watched 13 of them to completion, a mere 16% of the total offering. Again, another list (are you getting tired of them yet?), but this time of dramas that I watched:

Baker King Kim Tak Gu
Dong Yi
Dr. Champ
Golden Fish
High Kick Through the Roof
Joseon X-Files
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Prosecutor Princess
Smile ,You
Sungkyunkwan Scandal
The Birth of the Rich

I’ve always thought it was an interesting process in which viewers narrow down the available option and choose which dramas to end up watching. Personally, there is this secret magic formula that I use, and I end up watching the dramas that pass the minimum threshold set by the formula.

Umm, okay, I was just kidding, although if there is anyone with such a formula, please share cause I’d love to know as well!

I wish I could say that the final group of dramas that I end up watching are the cream of the crop. However, that would be far from the truth. Even this year, although there were several that I absolutely fell in love with and reminded me of why I loved k-dramas, there were also many that made me want to kick myself and wonder why  I was putting up with this crap.

Perhaps someday in the near future I will dedicate a post to all the dramas that I completed this year (the good and the bad), and my reasons for sticking with them, however ridiculous some of the reasons may be.

But first, I will dedicate this post to those dramas that did not work out for me this year.

In deciding whether to check out a drama, I look at several factors: the cast, the writer, the director, the premise of the show, others’ recommendations or reviews, tv viewership ratings, and finally, my own personal boredom factor. If any of these factors fit at that moment in time, I go ahead and check out the first episode.

Generally, I skip over daily dramas and morning dramas. Daily and morning dramas tend to be very long, progress slowly, and usually have poor acting. Specifically, morning dramas tend to have the most makjang factor of all the Korean dramas. Slapping, pulling each other’s hair, cheating husbands, cheating wives, evil mother-in-laws. You may wonder, wait, that’s like any other Korean dramas, no? Just imagine all those things, and multiply it by 10 and you have a typical morning drama.

That being said, some of the most addicting (and heartwarming) dramas I’ve seen in my life have also been daily dramas. Thus, I don’t completely cross them off the list, but I only watch them when they are personally recommended to me by someone whose opinion I trust.

This year, my very own grandmother recommended Pink Lipstick and Golden Fish to me. It should be noted that my grandmother’s taste in dramas doesn’t always align with my own (she likes makjang dramas a lot more than I care for), but out of respect for her, I usually do check out her recommendations at least once.

Both dramas were makjang to the max, but I ended up dropping Pink Lipstick because the acting in that drama was particularly bad and the story line was pretty predictable as far as makjang dramas go. Golden Fish was not much better, but since I grew curious about how  the writer could possibly conclude this mess she created, I ended up sticking with it to the end. (Spoiler: If anyone wonders how it ends, ummm, he dies.)

Of the shorter drama series, I just simply pick and choose based on the factors I’ve listed above. This year, there were a total of sixteen dramas that I checked out, but never finished. The number of episodes I watched are in parentheses.

1. Playful Kiss (10 episodes) – I really, really wanted to like this show. If the original story had been popular all over Asia, for sure there must have been a reason for it, right? Or so I thought. In order to prepare for it, I even checked out the Taiwanese drama, It Started With a Kiss. However, five episodes into the Taiwanese drama, I grew very disturbed by the story and got extremely annoyed with the female character.

I finally dismissed it as a mere cultural difference, and continued to hold on to my hope that the Korean version would make an improvement on the original. After watching the first episode, I was surprised by the slow pace, but convinced myself that a drama of such a slow pace was refreshing  and it was exactly what I needed at that moment. Second episode was a slight improvement, and this encouraged me to continue watching. However, five, six, seven episodes in, I noticed a pattern… that nothing was happening.

Moreover, whereas some praised the female lead, Oh Hani, for her persistence, I only saw a girl who had no self-dignity. By episode ten, I finally raised my hands in defeat and realized that I no longer even cared whether or not Oh Hani ended up together with her long-time crush, Baek Seungjo.  When I finally dropped the show, I felt liberated.

Thinking back, there’s one thing I am grateful for the show. It made my feminist side (that I never even knew existed) come in full force.

2. Personal Taste (9 episodes) – This is another show that I really, really wanted to like. The premise of the show (accidental housemates falling in love) was one that I would normally be all over. I was also excited to see Lee Min Ho’s follow-up to Boys Over Flowers, and to see whether he could live up to his hype.

There was nothing specifically wrong with this show that I could point out, although the directing could have been better. However, it simply didn’t have the “it” factor that made me crawl back for more.

Also, I was disturbed to notice that there was something wrong with Lee Min Ho’s speech. I’m not sure whether it is a slight lisp or his voice itself, but he constantly makes this clicking noise that I find to be very distracting.  His acting will do as he is pretty decent as a rookie, but if he wants to be taken seriously as an actor in the future, he definitely needs to work on his speech.

Either way, the drama was dropped after episode 9. I did hear that it improved after I stopped watching, but by then, I no longer had the desire to give it a second chance.

3. Cinderella’s Sister (5-6 episodes) – Oh man, the first one or two episodes were SO promising. But as the show progressed, I found myself getting more and more bored, and eventually, it too got dropped.

4. Bad Guy (3-4 episodes) – Here’s a sampling of comments I made while watching this show.

– “Kim Nam Gil, you sexy beast, you!”
– “Oh Yeon Soo, you never age, do you? What’s your secret, do tell!”
– “That Jung So Min girl is pretty cute.”
– “Han Ga In, wait, is this an improvement to your acting I’m detecting? Wait, wait, no, it’s not.”

Notice how I never commented on the story line? That was enough reason for me to drop it.

5. Chuno (on and off, 3-4 episodes) – I kept hearing about how great this show was. I didn’t see it. I kept hearing about how great was Jang Hyuk’s acting. I didn’t see it.

Even after I dropped the show, my mom continued to watch it.  Whenever I asked her how it’s going, she always answered that she doesn’t see why people are making a big deal about this show.

We watched the finale episode together and both wondered aloud, “Hmm, are we supposed to feel touched, moved, empowered, sad, hopeful?” I guess until the very end, the mother and the daughter team just never understood what the big deal was about this drama. I did think that the filming was visually very “pretty.”

6. Life is Beautiful (3 episodes) – I always do check out writer Kim Soo Hyun’s work. I’ve always thought that she made even the most makjang of story line sound realistic and relatable.

But perhaps I finally just had enough of her dramas. I watched the first 3 episodes and whereas her signature machine-gun dialogues used to impress me, I now found that they just gave me a headache. What I used to admire as something that only Kim Soo Hyun could do, I found myself rolling my eyes and wondering, “Kim Soo Hyun, why can’t you make your characters speak like normal people for a change. I’m dropping your drama.”

7. Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors (3 episodes) – This is another case where there was nothing wrong with this drama per se. But watching episodes after episodes of stories about pregnancy and women’s reproductive health got quickly tiring.

8. Road No. 1 (3 episodes) – The drama was too grandiose for its own good, and it became borderline cheesy. No, cross that. It WAS cheesy. And to make it worse, Kim Ha Neul’s character was beyond annoying.

I ended up skipping to the  last episode. Kim Ha Neul’s character still remained annoying and the show was still too dramatic, but I ended up enjoying the finale. *Shrugs* But did it make me wish to go back and catch up on the episodes I missed? Hell. no.

9. Daemul (3 episodes) – I enjoyed the first episode.  Go Hyun Jung is always a treat on-screen. Kwon Sang Woo didn’t annoy me as much as he usually does. But starting with the second episode, it suddenly became so, umm, underwhelming.

10. Runaway: Plan B (2 episodes) – I understood what the director wanted to do. He wanted to impress with all the globe-trotting and fancy schmancy gadgets in order to sell the drama overseas.  But in doing so, the drama forgot one little tiny detail. The story.

11. Flames of Desire (2 episodes) – I have a weak spot for Shin Eun Kyung, ever since my she-crush on her from the old General Hospital days. But all throughout watching the show, I kept thinking, “Man, Go Hyun Jung would have been perfect for this role!”

12. Oh My Lady (2 episodes) – At one point in my life (perhaps around 7 years ago), I might have liked this drama. I’m no longer the same person from 7 years ago.  I can perfectly imagine how some others might enjoy watching it. It’s just that I personally feel too fed up with these types of stories.

13. Coffee House (1.5 episode) – I’m not even sure whether I can accurately assess this drama. While watching the first episode and before I could even make a judgment on whether I liked it or hated it, I fell asleep. I woke up, rewinded it to the part right before I fell asleep, and about 15 minutes in, I fell asleep again. By repeating this, I somehow managed to finish the first episode and continue on with the second. As the phenomenon continued while watching the second episode, I decided that it wasn’t worth it to continue on.

A friend later told me that she enjoyed the drama and the unpredictability of it, but by this time, I did not care to give it a  second (or is it a third, fourth, fifth?) try.

14. Wish Upon a Star (1 episode) – I watched this drama with my mom. She kept constantly making comments next to me about how she couldn’t stand Choi Jung Won. By the end of the show, I agreed with her, and the thought of watching another 15 episodes of her terrified me. I dropped the show.

15. Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (1 episode) – Hmm, good question. I don’t even know why I never continued on with this show. In fact, after watching the first episode, I recall that I enjoyed it, laughed a little, and thought it might be entertaining enough, albeit nothing mind-blowing or earth-shattering.

Perhaps the best explanation that I can think of is that some other drama grabbed my attention more? But secretly I wonder whether it’s because I really liked the original (The Woman Who Wants to Marry), and didn’t want this show to steal its thunder. Something for me to ponder about…

16. My Country Calls (0.5 episode) – Same phenomenon occurred as with Coffee House, but this drama never had the initial pull from the start for me to persevere through.

So there you have it. Sixteen dramas from 2010 that did not work out for me.

Besides these sixteen, I have several dramas put “on hold” that I may decide to continue or give up.

They are Mary Stayed Out All Night (1.5 episode), Secret Garden (1.5 episode), and King Geunchogo (1 episode).

Every mother, father, brother, and sister have been recommending Secret Garden to me that I actually would feel guilty if I gave up on it too soon. Would I be considered shallow if one of my biggest deterrence to this drama is my disturbance at the sight of Hyun Bin’s hollow cheeks?

I’ve recently taken up Gloria, and finding it to be a blast.

Now your turn! Please share about the dramas that did not work out for you.

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11 Responses to 2010 dramas that did not work out for me

  1. shirley says:

    ^^ y0u are good at listing ! 81 dramas ?! this year lol but i dare say this year drama fare better than last year for me . ^^

    ditto on your comments for personal taste, chuno and life is beautiful . especially for the later . i was a firm follower of writer kim as well but this one just dun click with me . i tried really hard .but i gave up around the esp 30 mark . As for personal taste, i didnt surivie beyond esp 7 . the chemistry wasnt bad but it just seem so empty the entire drama Chuno . i know it wasnt for me when i cant get involved in the so called love story by esp 4 . i did tried hard to be touched since everyone was ranting how awesome it was by still it was hopeless regardless of how hard i try .

    Gloria isnt bad ^ though i still think the writer ‘s Family honour was much better . but it is quite a decent drama amist all the so called long drama i have seem this year
    dramas that didnt work out for me ~ hmm

    1.Mary Stayed Out All Night

    i adore MGY but this Mary stayed out all night , i tihnk the cuteness is too much for me ..somehow i dun see any meaning in the script –;; i dun know maybe my kdrama emotion had aged so much lol i didnt continue after esp 4 , is it still worth picking up again

    2. KBS Please Marry Me / All About Marriage
    i always tend to prefer KBS family drama more than the other stations but this one ..i didnt get beyond esp 10 . it was quite a disaster , the same old forumla repeated . even Lee Jung Hyuck looked to be at his worst in here to me –;;

    3. Simle , Dong Hae
    oh i was so determined to look for a good daily drama that i tried even this .but it end up to be so diasppointing no chemistry whatsoever between the leads , i thought Ji Chang Wook was kinda of cute in The Sons Of Sol Pharmacy House as the youngest son .but as a lead ,i think he still had to work hard

    4. Runaway: Plan B

    oh my i so agree with you .i see the megabudget but i dun see any story whatsoever . even if i keep chanting daniel daniel you looked so yummy but i just cant continue this . i really get turned off by the use of multi language when everyone speak different language as if they understand each other i was going what the heck is going on~~ it lasted only 4 esp for me

    5. GIANT

    i didnt really drop this ..still watching it on and off .selecting esp to watch .but i lost the stamina to get invested in the story .

    6 Road No. 1

    this one lasted the shortest . 20 min of it . i give up . lol

    oh there are dramas that i didnt even need to try out to know it wasnt for me – i.e Daemul ( i see KSW i run the other way )

    that ‘s all i have for now ~ i am still debating on continuing with Flames of Desire ..i stopped at esp 5 ..

  2. Brittany says:

    Gloria (ep 5)- The four main characters are appealing on paper (or for me, in the online character descriptions) but I couldn’t get past the bad writing…or episode 5. I felt too annoyed while watching this. I love long dramas (Giant and Flames of Ambition currently) but I couldn’t see myself watching multiple episodes of this for multiple months.

    Personal Taste (complete)- I thought the drama was rather shallow. Dare I say Lee Min Ho’s acting was better in BOF. (which was a hot mess itself)

    Chuno (ep3)- Not my type of drama. I like my sageuks with lots of character development and storytelling. I didn’t care for the action aspect of this.

    Daemul (idk I might continue lol)- I love all the actors in it, but for some reason I just can’t bring myself to care about the drama itself. It’s just “meh” to me. (Maybe I’ve been too spoiled by Giant?)

    Fugitive (ep 1)- I love Rain, but the first episode was a little too silly for me to continue on. I might give it another go one day when I’m bored.

    Road No. 1 (ep 1)- More or less, the introduction of Road Number One’s characters was just plain horrid. Could the first episode have been more rushed? I felt that this was going to be a hot mess fast and I dropped it after the first episode. Judging by the ratings and other blogger’s commentary on it, it was a good decision.

    The Woman who still wants to Marry(complete)- I found the characters in this drama really annoying.

  3. kcomments says:

    Oh boy! Blue, I suggest you do 1-2 dramas at a time otherwise I will end up writing an essay on your blog, LOL.

    By reading your post I can sense your perfectionist nature and ,at the same time, it seems you and I are on different drama genres. It’s just pure chance we came across each other in SKKS.

    I have to say I am not Korean and have nothing connected to Korean, just the love of Kdrama that I’m here. In that sense, I will not know if certain actors pronounce or speak Korean properly or not, as long as their voices are smooth and in tune with their acting, they will be fine with me. Thus, I would tend to go easy on drama I watch as long as it entertains me. That said, you may treat my comments as from a person totally outside Korean cultures but love to be in the Kdrama circles.

    My drama genre is usually rom-com, less with makjang and melo. And a happy ending is my preference, since I dedicate the time of my life watching it , I believe I have the right to be happy when it ends. The only tragic- end drama that I am proud I watched is Hong Gil Dong, simply because it’s the Hong Sisters, it’s KJH. *wink*

    Now about the dramas that did not work out for me this year (or watched this year);

    Road No.1 — lasted 5-10 mins, twices. @shirley LOL, I thought I was the shortest!
    It’s just not what I was expecting. I thought I would see intense war fighting drama and didn’t expect the melo behind it.

    Swallow the sun — complete because I bought the DVD by its ratings! The first half was good with oversea shootings but the latter half the story just didn’t make sense and draggy. How can you be a mafia when you live in such a big house with just one servant?one right hand man?

    Wish Upon star — complete because again I bought the DVD. The female lead annoyed me to no end. Only the kid moments and the male lead with the kids made up for it.

    Playful Kiss — up to episode 10 or so, couldn’t remember exactly. Like Blue, I tried hard to love the show but the directing and the writing totally ruined it. Ha-Ni was cute but somehow failed to convince me that she was dumb or simpleminded which was a very important fact for me to over look some of her behaviors with BSJ. But unlike Blue, I love the Taiwanese version, watched it years ago. It was not love at first sight but as the story progressed I came to love the OTP naturally.

    However, I managed to finish its recent PK YouTupe special version (7 parts, 10-15 min. each on viikii) and I can say I love it, may be because it’s shorter and either KHJ acts better or I get used to the stiff BSJ. He successfully moves me at the end with his cake and a single rose.

    There are two dramas you mentioned that I have slightly different opinions;

    Personal Taste — complete, I think it can be called an OK drama though I was disappointed by the writing. I thought the OTP chemistry was good and LMH was better. Totally drooling over him. ^^

    Now, Coffee House — complete and love the show. I had issues with the second female lead from the beginning only let go almost at the end of the show. I agree with Blue the first to fourth episodes were kind of boring and confusing but from episode 5 onwards just pure fun for me. The plot was unpredictable and KJH was brilliantly portraying the role. Love the ending too.

    The only major flaw for this drama was the shipper war, that was my first time on Soompi. I jumped off when they started throwing tomatoes, veggies, lol. I was so intense hoping for a happy ending. Thanks to the writer she didn’t let me down.

    When Coffee House ended, I was so tired both physically and mentally and prepared to take a break but then SKKS came along and I became even worst, I recapped…
    Thanks Blue for sharing.

  4. Kgrl says:

    Blue, congrats on your new blog! Hahaha, and I concur with “Secret Garden” – gotta stick with it at least to ep 3. Love the honest/almost cutting dialogue in there, and the bonus of making references to so many dramas out there (I think I’ve seen about 4-5 drama references so far, and counting – funny ^-^).

    Mary Stayed Out All Night is really cute, in a manga-ish way, which is exactly where it came from. I find it very eye-candy, and entertaining – boredom factor won’t be high for this one. Also there is a definite synergy with this drama. All the leads have distinct characters that stand out on their own, yet mesh well together. “Crack Drama?” 😛

    Now that you have your “electric ground” better stick with it. Hahaha, no pressure. ^-*

    • kcomments says:

      Same feeling for Mary Stayed Out All Night, did check the first episode and find it to be weird, different kind of drama but cute. And you said it, that’s the word ‘manga-ish way’. They all look like they walk right out from the manga. Have to adjust my spectrum a bit though to tune in for this one.

  5. Brittany says:

    Ahh! How could I forget about Coffee House?

    Coffee House didn’t work for me either. For some reason I couldn’t connect emotionally with the characters. I found them all interesting, but….that’s about it. I did complete the drama though, for Kang Ji Hwan.

  6. saladyum says:

    Thanks to your reviews ^^ now I know which ones to avoid 🙂

    master Gu: sooo glad to see you again! (i’m an SKKS alumni lol) When I saw your name, I was like, read read read immediately, then at the last line i was like, oh that’s so short, so I scrolled back up and read read read again. I love reading your opinion 🙂

    kcomments: i followed all of your SKKS recaps, never came across my mind you were not Korean. Love your recaps!

    This year I only watched a few dramas, but from those that I watched, I made 3 huge discoveries: Pie, Micky Yoochun, and Yoo Ah In, the huge-ness is more than all my previous years combined. 2010 is one awesome year.

    Chuno and Cinderella’s Sister are two big disappointments. Esp CS, it started off so well. Poor Pie, who lost so much weight, and looked lost most of the time. CS, Personal Taste and Prosecutor Princess, I was so looking forward to all three, but ended up let down by all of them. The upside is Pie though, and then I found his What’s up Fox. Yum!

    I think The Woman Who still Wants to Get Married is a good one, not that i want to watch it twice, but it was good laugh and heart-warming, esp the girls’ friendship. There’s a tactic for watching it hehe You’ve got to squeeze all epis into 2 nights, this way the story will feel more fast moving and intense.

  7. Noe says:

    Thank’s blue , now I know which show to avoid.And I thought there was something’s wrong with me for hating the main girl in PK and Wish upon a star.Am not really very hard to please,only need 3 factors to make me to continue watching a drama 1. likable main lead 2. interesting storyline 3. Good delivery from actors specially the main characters, that make me feel like Im actually watching a scene from another dimension and momentarily forgot about the fact that they are actors play acting but then Im also annoyed by over the top acting. Witty dialogues/Good cinematography are added bonus of course . Most people love My girlfriend is a gumiho , but Lee Sun Gi just did’nt get to me, love Shin mi nah though only lasted up to eps 4, I did’nt finished Shining Inheritance either only watched 3 eps. I currently have Daemul(4eps), Flames of ambition(9eps), and Dr Champ(5eps),Secret Garden(5eps) Mary Stayed out all night(5eps) and Tamra the island(5 eps) on my hard drive, still deciding which to hardsub, and watch with my mom this christmas when I go back to my hometown .Watched 1 episode of Daemul and Flames of Ambition , 15 minutes of Dr. Champ and 5 eps of Tamra, so far none held my interest… Watched all 5 eps of Secret Garden and so far I love it. Mary Stayed out all night is just ok for me .

  8. dramaok says:

    구경하로 왔소이다 ~
    congrats on your new blog!
    OMG that’s a lot of dramas.
    please rate and review some of them soon.

    hihi bellangel ~ i haven’t “seen” you in years!

  9. lei says:

    hi blue!! congratulations on your new blog. found out about it through one of thundie’s tweets.

    funny i felt the same way you did about PK. i tried to like it. soooo hard! i watched the first 2 or 3 eps and got bored (and annoyed at the main leads) so i stopped and read the recaps on dramabeans instead, hoping that there’s something that would draw me back in. then i resumed watching by ep 13 and hoped that i really would see something to like about it. but man, ep 15 supremely pissed me off i did not even bother with the last ep.

    the only thing i found good in PK was the guy with the elvis hair. he’s supposed to be the clingy, annoying second male lead but i actually liked him more than oh ha-ni and baek seung-jo.

    you can also say it’s due to the SKKS factor. it’s a romantic comedy and i’m supposed to fall in love or at least sympathize with the male lead. But how can i fall for a rude, arrogant baek seung-jo when i have the smart lee sun joon, the super hero moon jae-shin and the adorable best friend gu yong-ha?

    maybe at another time i would have tolerated PK. it just so happened that there was a better drama airing at the same time. or maybe not. MGIAG was airing right about the same time and SKKS did not ruin my love for mi-ho and woong-ah.

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