Lost time (wasted time?) on dramas for 2010

I actually wanted to post a separate introduction for myself but after some thought, I figured that this post would suffice for now. I also wrote a mini autobio about me in the “about” tab if anyone wants to check it out. I look forward to hearing from you all and hopefully reuniting with long lost friends!

Bluesy actually inspired me to write this so this is to you and my very first post. Thank you for the warm welcome and honor for joining you on our new, joint adventure!

Also like Blue, I LOVE lists. I have about a million of them and they still continue to grow…

For someone who claims to have no time, I spend alot of time sampling dramas. I rarely pick up a drama from the get-go unless the storyline is interesting, hype (media or underground), my personal boredom barometer, writer, director, cast, recommendations, and mood.

I say that I “sample” them as I have a very methodical way for determining the dramas that I will watch and to move forward with it. Well… “sampling” = me fastforwarding scenes until a particular line/actor/actress/outfit catches my eye. I have to say that this method has been about 80% effective in weeding out dramas that are not worth the necessary time committment. However, this said it’s the pesky 20% of dramas that I actually decide to stick around for  that attest to the fact that this sampling method is not entirely effective.

I rarely go for family dramas, daily dramas, sitcoms, and weekend dramas and if I do decide to sit in for one of them, it’s based on someone’s recommendation and whose taste I trust. I mentioned the aforementioned categories above as most of them are time consuming in terms of developing the storyline and patience is not one of my best attributes. Unless it’s the cast or writer that catches my eye. This is not to say that I don’t love them, surprisingly one of my all time favorite dramas is a family one.

The following dramas this year that have been a complete waste of my time are below:

1. Bad Guy (6 episodes)- very much a disappointment for me since the previews were so promising. I can tolerate Han Ga In and I have an utter fascination with Oh Yeon Soo and her fountain of youth secrets (also I liked her in another jewel of a drama Dolce Vita). Granted I am an indifferent fan of Kim Jae Wook (and no people I did not care for him in Coffee Prince either) and Kim Nam Gil does not confuse me in terms of his sexuality.

This said, gahh what a hot mess of a drama this was and I wail against the Drama gods for wasting 4.5 hrs (after forwarding unnecessary scenes) of my life!

2. Personal Taste (3 episodes)- It was Lee Min Ho’s followup to BOF and I have a fondness for Son Ye Jin because of her role in one of my all time favorite dramas,  Alone in Love.

Utter disappointment, very odd direction for a drama, and what is up with directors trying to ugly-fy the pretty?

Once again the drama gods failed me.

3. Family Jewels aka Mixed Jewels or Jewels Bibimbap (5 episodes)- Seriously, I don’t get the hype behind this drama. Everyone from my mother, aunt, grocery store lady, and grandmother loved this drama and stopped everything just to catch it on TV. I tried, I really tried and left this in the dust.

I found it to be very pedestrian and I could find no connection with the characters.

4. Will it Snow on Christmas? (8 episodes)- I am not a fan of Han Yeh Seul but Go Soo’s drama after he came out of the army, sign me up! Also I like the writer (Lee Kyung Hee)and director ( Choi Min Seok)  and their works produced some of my favorite dramas, What Happened in Bali and I’m Sorry, I Love You.

However, this drama just did nothing for me. Yes I did watch the ending and still felt deflated and disappointed. The positive was that the OST was fabulous!

5. Cinderella’s Sister (5 episodes)- The 2nd episode reeled me in, I lost interest half way through episode 3. I skimmed verrrrry slowly for episodes 4 and 5.

I can say I tried, I don’t get the hype behind this drama.

6. Chuno (2.5 episodes)-  *shrug*  need I say more?

7. Oh My Lady (3 episodes) This earned 2 *shrugs* from me, once again another drama that I just didn’t get and wouldn’t you know, a very familiar storyline with very familiar premises similar to about 100 dramas that subsequently came out  about the cougars  getting some young lovin’ …

I have also come to the conclusion that Choi Shi Won is much better when he just smiles (18 vs.29 yrs old, anyone?). Talking is such an overrated skill…

8. God of Study (2 episodes)- Honorable mention that I had every intention of giving it one more round for episode 3. Short term memory is failing nowadays and  to put it simply, not memorable enough for me to tune in. I ask why Bae Doo Na bothered with participating in the drama.

9. Coffee House (11 episodes)- Based upon a recommendation from a friend, I decided to give this a chance. After fastforwarding through 11 episodes in 3 hours and jumping to the end, I have to say that this was an utter waste of my time. I guess it didn’t help that I didn’t particularly care for the OTP (obviously if I was rooting for the other couple towards the end!) or the storyline.

10. Road no.1 (2 episodes)- out of my fondness for So Ji Sub, I gave this a whirl. One would expect that if this was pre-filmed, it would have a better storyline and acting too? Why was this lacking in both departments?

Also a note to So Ji Sub (earnest supplication?)- please contact me if you need a new agent, I will happily oblige! Your current one is failing you and I did not like that other drama that you did when you first came out of the army, Cain and Abel.

11. Dong Yi (3 episodes)- yea, not getting the hype or the justification for the high ratings for this one as well…

12. Dae Muhl (2.5  episodes)- aside from the hilarious internal wars during production and as a consequence, coverage in the media, there was something lacking that I couldn’t place my figure on and NO it was not Kwon Sang Woo’s brain cells. Everyone was perfectly fine, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Current dramas that I may or may not drop depending on current storylines:

1. Mary Went Out All Night– I have a semi-healthy obsession with Jang Geun Suk and his very feminine attributes that I oh so admire which are his clavicles, nose, and his great wavy hair that he is sporting in this drama (of which my hair seems so lackluster in comparison after several attempts to get my hair that way *SOBBBBB*). I thought the previews were quite cute and despite me not too crazy or understanding of  the hype behind Kim Jae Wook, I am quite current on this drama.

But if one is suffering from 2nd lead syndrome, is this an omen that the drama is going downhill shortly thereafter? One  more thing, I adore Moon Geun Young but her voice is really starting to grate on my nerves.

2. SKKS- currently up to episode 6 and after NUMEROUS recommendations, I will continue to trudge on. People, you better be right!

3. Secret Garden- my current obsession and drama crack addiction but may soon taper off if there are signs (or a reliable insider source) for the ending spoiler conjecture starting to come into fruition. I am very wary of this writer and I hate SBS with a passion since they give out  crumbs as clues for future episodes.

Luckily I lost interest in Lovers in Paris (4 episodes baby) and I caught  wind of the predicted ending early on!

4. Runaway- 2 episodes sitting in my folder to be sampled. I hope it passes because it’s the movie star, Lee Na Young who decided to reappear in drama land.

5. Merchant Man Deok- 6 episodes waiting for the perfect moment to be unleashed. Also, Lee Mi Yeon is starring in it, need I say more?

By now I’m sure you are wondering if I ever finish a drama in its entirety** and I am proud to say that I have completed the following:


Prosecutor’s Princess

You Are Beautiful

Playful Kiss (surprise surprise!) and gahh, shoot me now if impressionable teeny boppers believe that THIS is the way you should be to meet Prince Charming. Que???

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Smile, You **- ok well I skipped about 10 episodes but I didn’t miss much and I still got to see all the good parts on YT!

If anyone can put up a solid defense/argument/recommendations for a drama I should give another chance or perhaps give it a spin, please do tell. I look forward to reading it!

I think my next post will be the ones I am looking forward to and the year end appraisal will be how many of those dramas I actually watched or liked at all…What are you looking forward to in 2011?

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12 Responses to Lost time (wasted time?) on dramas for 2010

  1. blue says:

    Don’t give up on SKKS! I promise it’s absolutely FABULOUS! Have I ever been wrong? Wait, don’t answer that!

    And I look forward to seeing your lists!

    • blue says:

      Oh yes, I forgot I also gave Merchant Kim Man Deok a try for about 10 episodes. Eeek, too long, too long! Only for my love for Lee Mi Yeon, but what a disappointing comeback from her.

  2. kcomments says:

    Well, Bella! What you didn’t finish, I did. What you finished and I did too;
    Pasta, YAB, MGIG.
    Playful Kiss …sorry tried so hard but couldn’t.
    Will it snow for Christmas? love it since I rarely complete the melo, specially the young Go Soo and the music.

    What I recommend, of course, *cough cough* SKKS! But if it fails you, *whispering* blames Blue-sky then. *run to hide*

    What am I looking forward to in 2011?
    The one and only for now ‘Dream High’.

    • kcomments says:

      Ok, Bella, I can’t hold myself anymore. What is the reason you completed PK? I mean, am I missing something in the drama I should know? Be easy, I have a kind heart. ^^

      • bella says:

        Honestly I am still trying to figure out why I trudged on with the drama. I had a reason, I swear, I just need some time to think on this one…

  3. shirley says:

    yo!bella012 you never mentioned you will co-blog with blue!
    .it is great to be reunited with you again ! ^ ^

    2011 – i am looking forward to WHat’s up!

  4. lei says:

    bella, i also put in my vote for SKKS 🙂

  5. dramaok says:

    what? no stay away from SKKS. lee seonjoon is MINE. mine. mInE.
    i don’t need another competitor.

    • doozy says:

      hahahahaha! dramaok, you bring up a valid point.
      I was going to cheer on bella to keep going with SKKS, but now I’m torn…

  6. hjkomo says:

    Merchant Kim Man Deok was an utter waste of time (aside from Shim Eun Kyung and a few minutes of Jeon Ye Seo). Pedestrian BLERGH. I want my 30 hours back.

    I’ll spare you my thoughts on SKKS, lest I be hunted down with pitchforks. 😉

  7. oh says:

    I hope the 10episodes you skim through are ep26-early ep30.
    I like the other episodes except this 10episodes.

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