Lee Seon Kyun and Oh Man Seok sing on Win Win

Be forewarned. There is no other purpose served by this post, but strictly for me to fan-girl.

Lee Seon Kyun (aka “The Voice”) was a guest on the November 30th episode of the KBS talk show, Win Win.  This is a special treat because my Seon Kyun (oops, did I let that slip?) rarely appears on variety shows or talk shows.

Oh Man Seok, his long-time friend, showed up as the secret guest. And let me just say, the interaction between these two men are ADORABLE and HILARIOUS.

What’s even better than these two men talking? Them singing, of course.

Here’s a short clip of Lee Seon Kyun and Oh Man Seok singing the song “A Night Like Tonight” (오늘 같은 밤).

Still can’t get enough of them? You can watch the rest of the show here:


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5 Responses to Lee Seon Kyun and Oh Man Seok sing on Win Win

  1. thundie says:

    Sigh. Now it’s not just Dahee but a certain Blue that I have to contend with? There are so many k-actors, why are we liking the SAME ones?!

  2. bella says:

    ^^ That is 4 people and btw did I ever mention I was quite possessive? Hands off “my voice!”

  3. kcomments says:

    OH ho, nice voices & nice beats. Great duo. Love him in Pasta, Chef chep!

  4. sqd66 says:

    Love them both…must go off and watch teh show now:)

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