Fanvid of the week #1: Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Lest you be mistaken that I’ve gotten over my Sungkyunkwan Scandal craze, here is my favorite fanvid of the week.

“Words I Say to You” by Sweet Sorrow

English translation of the lyrics below…

On the brink of a shallow heart,
When you roam about alone,
When everyone close to you
has disappeared elsewhere.

The sadness that you’ve long hidden,
The pain that nobody will understand.
Your throat chokes up,
Is it difficult to even shed the tears?

Even if you are alone on a dark road,
Even if the frozen world turns its back on you,
Darling, darling, oh darling
I will always be beside you.

Don’t cry, Don’t cry
Don’t cry, Don’t cry, Don’t cry
I’m beside you.

Even if you are alone on a dark road,
Even if the frozen world turns its back on you,
Darling, darling, oh darling
I will always be beside you.

Within your deep breaths, the unspoken pain,
Even if no one out there can understand you,
Don’t leave alone
Darling, darling, darling
(Always on my mind)

When that one cruel word pierces you,
When a foolish heart deceives you,
Darling, darling, oh darling
I will always be beside you.

Even if nothing remains,
Even if there’s no one who will listen,
Don’t forget…
That I am beside you.

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10 Responses to Fanvid of the week #1: Sungkyunkwan Scandal

  1. Noe says:

    Thanks blue it’s very nostalgic, brings back fond memories of SKKS, saving it with my MV collection. I’m still holding on to SKKS,actually I have’nt seen the last 2 (eps 19-20)episode with subtitles . I’ve seen the raws a couple of times after airing and read recaps, But I’ve decided to save watching the last 2 episodes for christmas vacation when I’ll watch it with my mom.I’m sure she’ll love it…wanna share the excitement with her ,she’s an avid kdrama fan eventhough were not koreans. Nowadays I’ve been watching Secret Garden and though I love it but still it falls a little behind my passion for SKKS. Love your blog, congrats to you and bella012

  2. thundie says:

    Lovely translation, blue. Muah!

    I’m looking forward to January when we can start working on subbing those SKKS BTS clips together. 😀

  3. kcomments says:

    Oh man blue, how can you do this to me? I’m smiling from ear to ear like a fool.
    LSJ *fangirl screams* lurve youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    Such great fanvid, I can feel the creator’s passion for SKKS and LSJ ‘s voice. Aww…

  4. dramaok says:

    thank you for this beautiful mv link. these fans are just so amazing. it’s so nice to see that so many ppl went through what we went through.

    no, i never doubted your SKKS craze was gone. true loves don’t die so fast. heehee. but mr. jung is on your header. are you gonna be competing w/ me in athena too? oh manz…

    but bluey, i noticed on your list of dramas you didn’t watch the ones i loved the most, assorted gem, jumong, alone in love, conspiracy in court, taewangsashingi, godok (고독) i don’t know the english title for this i think Solitude or Loneliness i guess it’s written by Noh heekyeong. and Insoon is pretty. did you just give up on all these?

    • blue says:

      Hehe, I like Mr. Jung too, but that header is really for Bella, to whom JWS will forever be her favorite “ahjussi”. I’m willing to fight her for all the other men, but for my own safety, I’ve conceded that JWS is hers. Ooh, if you’re going to contend that he’s yours too, this will turn interesting once Athena starts!

      I didn’t watch any of the dramas you listed. Many of the dramas you listed were from 2007, and I wasn’t able to watch many dramas that year. And yup, my luck has it that the one year I missed out on turned out to be a great drama year. (Yikes, I hope Bella won’t read this because she even lent me the dvds for Alone in Love, telling me it’s a must-watch. It’s just I couldn’t get my hands on a dvd player to play dvds from that region code.)

      Assorted Gem – Im Seong Han is a major red flag for me and I skipped it. I later heard that she didn’t go the makjang route with this drama, but by then, I was really into “Smile, You” and didn’t care to start another long family drama.

      CitC – My local Korean network played CitC the summer of 2009. I caught several episodes on tv, but missed about the same number of episodes. My goal is to re-watch the entire show in its entirety as my next drama project. =)

      • bella says:

        I read it! I’ll re-send you the dvds and guess what, since I region hacked my dvd player ill send you that as well. Now you have no excuse for not watching Alone in Love!

    • bella says:

      Missy, don’t speak Mr. Jung’s name without my prior approval- all MINE I tell you! My first banner and wouldn’t you know, he is staring down and tsking his disdain for speaking his name without MY permission.

  5. kara elayne says:

    OMG! Blue, I love love love this video! I got to have this in my Ipod. Thank you for posting this, aaargh! My love for SKKS has been renewed again! Thanks again, sissie!

  6. dramaok says:

    blue, i have a love and hate with Im Seong Han too. yeah 2007 was great. the year started out with White Tower too.

    bella, okay whatever girl. did you get permission from Shirley i’m sure she already claimed Jung too. ❤

  7. doozy says:

    Wow, this fan MV is incredible! Thanks for sharing the vid and for the song translation, blue!
    Their smiles, tears, the parallel words and scenes, and the echo of Sun Joon’s vow to Yoon Hee in the lyrics of this song…
    Man, I miss SKKS soooooo much!

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