Song of the Day: Lune

It’s been quite some time but very, very soon, you will be seeing me quite often (jet lag is no fun!). In the interim, a song that is a reflection of my mood for today by one of my favorite singers of the moment, Lune. Here is the link to sample her song:

(unfortunately I wasn’t able to find this song on youtube but do check her out when you have the chance. She reminds me of another favorite singer also known as the Goddess of Hongdae Oh Ji Eun- more to follow on her later…)

EDIT: merci to Bluesy for posting this on YT, techie geek!

English translation of the lyrics below…

희한 (I`m The Only Sinner In The World)

the multitude of people who come towards me
speak with their ears plugged

when I respond, you erase me
while you erase me, you laugh
when I cry you leave again

I am not that big
I am just the way I appear

Even if I smooth the creases of my heart

with just a word,  I go towards the end of the earth
Waiting for the car in my bare feet

It may not come, once it finds out that I’m alone

you who asked me, where are you
you who called out to me, where are you
you who asked  me, where are you
you who longed for me, where are you

did you turn away because I was too weak
did you turn away because it (I) was too hard to bear

in the dark and rough whirlpool
You who left me, I do not curse you

Despite my aching heart, I won’t leave
I’m not even looking for salvation

nobody can love me
`cause i`m the only sinner in the world

Yet I…

Credit: naver lyrics

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2 Responses to Song of the Day: Lune

  1. blue says:

    Thanks for sharing! I love this song! See, you should have shown me this song when you introduced her to me last time. I would have had a more enthusiastic response.

    Ooh, and great translations too. Sounds so poetic.

    Because I’m awesome, I posted the song on YT.

  2. bella012 says:

    yea yea yea, ever the critic- the other one is a fabulous song!

    The opening lyrics got to me for this song hence it’s been on repeat for the past few days.

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