C’est si Bon… oh, so good!

C’est si Bon” refers to a live cafe in Seoul where many iconic Korean folk singers from the early 70s got their start. Under the title “C’est si Bon and Friends”, the representative Korean folk singers of the late 60s and 70s (Jo Young Nam, Song Chang Sik, Yoon Hyung Joo, and Kim Se Hwan) appeared as guests on the Chuseok special episode of the MBC variety talk show, Come to Play, last September. (Though missing from the show, the other representative Korean folk singers, including Lee Jang Hee, Kim Min Gi, and Yang Hee Eun, complete that circle.)

If you haven’t watched it yet, do so now cause this is one show you don’t want to miss. They sang, told stories, and made me laugh so hard I cried. Due to popular demand, they’ll be reappearing as guests on the January 31st episode of Come to Play. (Ahh, how I wish the singers who were missing the first time around would be on it this time!) They’re all in their 60s now, but watching and hearing them sing and make music with just their voice and guitar reminded me that I was indeed born in the wrong decade.

Here’s a short medley of their songs from the show:

Interesting thing to note: Who else finds it hilarious that there is a calendar of a girl wearing a bikini hanging at the back of the room (at 0:12)?

For those wishing to reminisce about the music from the past, get acquainted with it for the first time, or those simply looking for some good entertainment, don’t forget to catch the rest of the show by following the links below. (I’m really sorry, but unfortunately, no subs are available. I still would encourage you to watch it because they break out into singing all throughout the show. And music knows no boundaries, right?)

Part 1 (Sept. 20, 2010):  http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/4WjaWlWRGLI/
Part 2 (Sept. 27, 2010):  http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/GczjtV7gMnc/

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One Response to C’est si Bon… oh, so good!

  1. 10VE says:

    My mom pays very little attention to the entertainment world and doesn’t know a single Korean singer, except for the ones in C’est si Bon and Friends. I don’t know how my mom lived in Korea without subconsciously absorbing some of Korea’s nationwide musical phenomenons into her repertoire, but my mom never listens to the radio, never goes to nrb’s, and barely watches television (she does occasionally watch sageuks). She’s quite eccentric in that way. Anyways, one day, I hear Yoo Jaesuk’s laughter and I turn around to see my mom watching Come to Play. I’m shocked, because while I love CTP, my mom has never watched a single episode and had never even heard of it until then. She didn’t even know who Yoo Jaesuk was, LOL. As I gape at my mom, she starts gushing about these old ajusshis and how she had their records when she a teen, etc, etc. I seriously felt as though I was hearing about my mom’s secret past life. My serious, intellectual, Quaker-esque, mom actually had a fan girl past?? Anyways, I had to look up these guys b/c of my curiosity about my mom’s past, hahaha.

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