Fanvid of the week #3: Jewelry Jung

Jung Bo Suk rightfully deserves and should win the SBS daesang award this year for his performance as Jo Pilyeon in the drama Giant. Here’s to hoping that SBS gets it right and doesn’t succumb to bigger star power (namely, Go Hyun Jung and to a lesser extent, Lee Bum Soo). I present to you Mr. Jewelry Jung from High Kick through the Roof. (Note: “bosuk” means jewelry in Korean.)

English translation of the lyrics below…

Yo~ yo~ hey listen!
The voice I hear once again today
“Get out!” “Get out!” “Get out!”

I’m Bo-sama.  Sometimes Jok-sama.
But to father-in-law, I’m always “Ya yima (hey punk)!”

Gu-bak (abuse)! Ap-bak (pressure)!
At times a great deal of sok-bak (restraint).
What comes to me is a strong hyup-bak (threat).
But I have hip hop.
What becomes of them is jjok-bak (go bust).

Boom shaka shaka boom shaka boom!

I’m beaten to a pulp once again today.
Covered all over with lonely wounds.
But I have hip hop.

Everyday it’s victory I crave.
One day my tension will pok-bal (explode).
Then father-in-law will be sok-bak (restrained).

I’m Bo-sama. I’m Jok-sama.
I have nothing to fear.
I’m Super Jewelry~~ Jung!

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