Soccer vs. Dramas

Just a quick update on the blog. I haven’t updated the blog lately, but I have still been keeping myself updated with all the dramas airing right now.

But besides k-dramas, I am a huge fan of the Korean national soccer team. And for those who may be unaware, the 2011 AFC Asian Cup is going on this month. The first time I watched the Korean national soccer team play was during the 1994 World Cup, and I distinctly remember thinking, man, they suck! It (almost) brings me to tears thinking about how far they have come since then.

Despite having a strong soccer team (at least in Asia), the last time Korea won the Asian Cup title was in 1960 and I really, really, desperately (ooh, please, please God!) would love to see Korea win the title this year. Between lurking around soccer (football for everyone else outside of the U.S.) forums and watching five (6, 7?) dramas, something’s gotta give and that became blogging.

Two weeks ago, I started a post on my first impression review of the three new dramas that premiered that week – Dream High, Sign, and My Princess. It seems a bit overdue to post a first impression review now after having watched what would be six episodes this week, but gosh darnit, I plan to finish what would now be a “First Six Episodes Impression Review.” Cross fingers that it doesn’t become a “First Eight Episodes Impression Review”!

And yes, I guess this means that I liked all three dramas enough to continue watching them. I am not in love with any of them (true love doesn’t come around that often, does it?), but I’m finding myself enjoying all of them. In addition to these three dramas, I have my hands full with PresidentGloria, and Drama Special every week. Oh yes, I’m still perpetually stuck on episode 17 of Secret Garden, and having come this far, I am determined to finish it! (umm, yeah, if you haven’t noticed, I was not a huge fan of Secret Garden, unlike my co-blogger.)

After having had a very pessimistic outlook for 2011, I’m kicking myself on the butt on how I got stuck with watching so many dramas. I was really expecting 2011 to be the year when I catch up on all the older dramas that I’ve been meaning to watch. But instead, I’m finding that 2011 is offering a wide variety of dramas and something for everyone, and my verdict? Not bad!

More detailed review still to come. (Is it crazy if I confess that I’m actually intrigued by and even looking forward to Im Sung Han’s upcoming drama, New Gisaeng Story, or am I just being overly optimistic now?) But until then…

Go Korean soccer team!

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6 Responses to Soccer vs. Dramas

  1. doozy says:

    6-7 dramas? Wow, that’s a lot of dramas! 😉
    Looking forward to reading your First Impressions, regardless of the episode number.

    Re: soccer/football
    Do you know if the games will be broadcast on standard TV channels like ABC or only on ESPN?

  2. kcomments says:

    YaY, Blue is Back!
    I was fixing WiFi for my new iPad (got it for freaking FREE from my bro, hehe). And thought about book marking your block, and boy this post comes as a peasant surprise.

    You watch that many? Ok, if you do ,say — 16th ep…review , I ‘d understand, lol.

    Secret Garden? *shake head* later may be. It took me a while to start City Hall/ Pasta and finish it, same will apply here I guess.
    My Princess? Lovely, funny, fluffy but not yet in love.
    Dream High? Follow each episode, adore the casts , so far enjoy the ride. Song Sum Dong my cutie cutie boy. Flawed but adorable.
    Sigh? I’m a NO corpse zone. Although PSY fans, his first 10 sec scream of 1st ep rings my ear, lol.

    Btw , did you help subbing the CTS DarkSmurfs?
    I was watching DH and some words used I thought ‘Is this Blue do the trick?’
    I mean it just got better, few words put the drama into the right place.
    If not, there must be other genius drama crack out there.

    Looking forward to updates from Blue-Bell. Hehe ^^

  3. blue says:

    @doozy, the games are definitely not broadcast on standard TV channels, and in fact, I don’t think they’re even broadcast on ESPN. The only option I know of is to watch it live-streaming online, or to download it a day or two after the game.

    The next game will be a big match (the quarterfinal game against Iran) this Saturday, Jan. 22 at 11:25 A.M. (Eastern Time). If you go on the Big Soccer site, someone always posts the streaming link few minutes before the game. This is definitely a must-watch game because the two teams have a long-standing rivalry in soccer, probably second only to that of the Korea-Japan rivalry.

    @kcomments, congrats on your new ipad! So jealous! How are you liking it so far?

    No, I haven’t helped out subbing any dramas since SKKS, and I highly doubt it’ll happen again anytime soon because my level of addiction has to be “off the chart” before I’d volunteer to help sub a show. Luckily, for my own sanity, I don’t foresee any of the dramas right now going in that direction. 🙂

    I agree with you on all those dramas you listed above, except for Pasta, which I liked. As for PSY, he doesn’t scream as much as he did in episode one, but it still comes about at least once a episode. As for the corpses, they look pretty fake enough that I don’t think they’ll make you too squeamish if you want to give the drama a try (although I don’t like to watch the show while eating). The drama itself is not so incredible that I’d highly recommend it as a must-watch, but it’s a good show and it does keep you on your toes.

    • doozy says:

      oooh, thanks for the heads up, blue!

    • kcomments says:

      I wish to add my reasons for dropping SG;
      Hyun Bin’s hollow cheeks, Oska’s hairdo, couldn’t feel anything for Ha Ji-won’s character, not a fan of swapping body (confuses me at time). But I did intend to watch it later.

      Pasta, love the leads and the Italian team, frustrated with the Korean team, and when they brought in TWO chefs in one kitchen #$#%*@!**#&$ my patience ran dry.

      Sign episode 1 is still in my computer waiting to be awaken….

      As for iPad, if you are familiar with iPhone, it’s just iPhone with bigger screen that is not a phone. I love it so far, light-weight, slim, fast internet access via wireless LAN /3G/Cellular Data. Sometime I don’t need to turn on my laptop, iPad allows me to do so much on the internet; YouTupe, Soompi, etc. Basically, anywhere you can use your cell phone, you can use iPad to log on to the net. Some even say iPad might replace laptop in the future. I’m usually not into this but the chance just came by. NOT gloating ^_^

      I’m starting on East of Eden (Yes, I haven’t watched it yet). Thunderous comments on the finale so I heard. But I wanna see SSH in serious mode after MP, he is so hawwwwwtttt!

  4. solbay2 says:

    I’ve been stuck at ep 10 since forever. I wonder why SG doesn’t excite me like SKKS did.

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