Which movie are you looking forward to watching?

(The words on the poster say, “I want/desire you”)- It actually sounds much better in Korean as the “you” is equivalent to a higher level of “you” (sort of like “thou” or “Usted” in Spanish)

Man Chu (Late Autumn)

As I have been slowly re-entering the real world after Secret Garden (my crack  drama of choice), I have caught wind of this fabulous movie that has piqued my interest. Granted, I have not been doing any pertinent research on Hyun Bin aside from the personal kind (which is neither here nor there to discuss aka gossip) that has preoccupied my time lately as well as the daily grind of life… so a post is very much long overdue!

The movie also features Tang Wei, of whom you may recognize from that controversial movie Lust, Caution a few years back. I have not done much research on the movie aside from it being a remake of the Korean film from 1966.

Filmed in Seattle, WA  the essence of the movie is beautifully captured and conveyed by the mood, music, and overall feel of the trailer. And of course, Seattle in which such iconic features of the city like Pike’s Place is prominently featured.  In a  nutshell based on the trailer alone, it’s a love story taking place at the most inconvenient time in the respective lives of the protagonists, Hoon (Hyun Bin) and Anna (Tang Wei).  From my understanding, this movie is entirely in English with a sprinkling of Korean in between.

So in this cold, miserable winter season (depending on location), what movie are you looking forward to watching this year?

I have translated what is on screen along with some dialogue in Korean that is either indecipherable or difficult to hear. See below: (edit- after seeing the subtitles for the Korean parts, I did some editing since I got some parts of the conversation wrong in the conversation between Hoon and his friend)

Anna – I have to go back to prison tomorrow…

(what is across the screen)- after 7 years, she has special leave which was approved…

(woohooo the hair!)- The person she meets is a man who sells his love

(thank goodness for subtitles- Hoon (Hyun Bin)- do you have $30 I can borrow?

(phone conversation)-

man on phone- those guys, I think her husband sent them after you!

Hoon- how can I can do such a scary thing? (he’s talking about it in the future tense)

man on phone- when you’re caught, I think he’s going to kill you!

(on screen)- 3 days later, we started to love…

Hoon- I’m fine…

(on screen)- In a moment when it was considered too late, love found us.

(on screen)- can I start love again with a new person?

(since the music is distracting)

Anna- my name is Anna.

– why did you borrow money from me?

Hoon- because your face(expression) said, “yes”

Hoon- will we ever see each other again here…when you are released?

I have been extremely behind in terms of watching recent Korean movies but as always, the film industry is thriving despite the quota issues (was this ever resolved?). Still, with limited funding, constraints, and budgets, there is alot of creativity milling about (although not much can be said of the drama industry)- here is to hoping for a wonderfully, wild, unique, original,  and well made Korean dramas and movies for 2011!

And a special request to our readers, can you please please please tell me what the name of the song is featured in the trailer?

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4 Responses to Which movie are you looking forward to watching?

  1. blue says:

    This movie has not been on my radar (I must really not like Hyun Bin… hmmm), but the trailer piqued my interest. As for a movie I’m looking forward to watching, I’ve been on the search for Petty Romance. I know, I know… Korean rom-com movies have never failed to disappoint me, but I’m still hopeful to find “the one.”

  2. kcomments says:

    Er….HB’s hair , and his English kind of ruin it for me. O_O!
    The phrase “Do you want me?”. Did I hear it right?
    I’m not a fan of forbidden love aka cheating in marriage, if that’s what it is.

    But I ‘m looking forward to watching another HB’s movie ‘ Love me, Love me not ‘ with ISJ because I love her and the story about struggling marriage life/divorce always intrigues me. And most of the time Korean movie, imo, seems to do well/specialize in this genre.

  3. Softy says:

    Omg I only saw posters till now – thanks so much for this post! I am so glad I live in Korea cuz I am so going to watch both his movies on opening day – on SG I thought his eng was pretty decent but in this trailer- I kinda needed subtitles for his eng lines 🙂 how funny is it that I understood his Korean lines better. Movie sure is dark – as in how it wasn’t lit well – even for indoor shots. Not sure I get the point of this movie or the hair but I’ll go with it cuz it’s Binnie.
    Thanks bella 🙂
    Blue – your search might be futile sweetie- Korea just doesn’t know how to get them right- just when you think they might – they turn the movie upside down in the last min and kill one of the leads or they break up. It always goes to the dark side – look at Korean MVs -they are just mini versions of what I said- starts off all happy and lovey dovey then boom- mid song- car hits em or one looks all pale and then only one person is walking off in the distance – alone with their memories by the end of the song. The term happily ever after just isn’t in their dictionary.

  4. buhdoop says:

    I want to find out the name of the song as well. The composer for the movie is Sung-woo Cho, so maybe the trailer song is by him.

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