Feliz Cumpleanos a nuestra Azulita!

And to our K-Peter Pan, here is the very pretty (with a much smaller face and better hair than you and I) wishing you lovely birthday wishes as well…

Everyone please join me in wishing our Blue warm birthday wishes on her special day today…

<<you didn’t think I would forget, did you?>>

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10 Responses to Feliz Cumpleanos a nuestra Azulita!

  1. blue says:

    OMG, that photo of Micky is disturbing!

    But keke, thanks for the birthday wishes! 😀

    (I’m so old…)

  2. endodo says:


  3. kcomments says:

    Omo…Micky for your birthday. May your days bright and shine like Micky’s smile.
    Happy Birthday to Blue!

  4. doozy says:

    Happy Birthday, blue! Hope your special day was spent splendidly and filled wonderful warmth!

  5. thundie says:

    Oopsie, I’m late, mianne!


    May each day bring you plenty to smile about!

  6. Softy says:

    Happy belated bday blue- hope all your wishes come true 🙂
    If you ever want anything from Korea – aside from micky – just let me know!

  7. blue says:

    Thanks everyone! *blush*

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