Song of the Day: Oh Ji Eun’s “Road”

A sneak peak into the exploration of one of my favorite artists, 오지은 (Oh Ji Eun).

Road-  길 (from her 1st album)

She is known as the “Goddess of HongDae” (Hongdae- home to HongDae University and also considered the mecca of Korean Indie music.) On any given night, there are tons of new acts sprouting up and performing. I have never seen an act live before and my goal is to see her live so people, anyone who is willing to take a trip to Seoul with me and Blue ( hit us up!)

One of the many reasons (longer post pending on her) that I adore this artist is because of her ability to write lyrics that are heartfelt, honest, and not pretentious at the same time. Some would say that she wears her heart on her sleeve and it’s true to some extent but she isn’t unlike any other artist as well in that respect. You just know that when hearing a song of hers, it’s simply true given where she is at that time and place.

This is still one of my favorite songs and my  translation of the lyrics really do it no justice to how beautiful and melancholic it is in nature as it is all very metaphorical and descriptive.

On a tree-lined road (a road surrounded by a forest) up above there is a swaying leaf.

Even though you’ve taught me, I’m sorry. I just can’t see it.

Walking along the field, beneath my feet are wildflowers
Even though you’ve taught me, I’m sorry. I just can’t see it.

Regardless, my heart is blind to it all

A shadow that is getting bigger and bigger
I know that I am alone in this dark and gloomy place

Although you wipe the tears away from my heart that is crying

Even when you help (in wiping my tears away), I apologize

My heart is breaking

It’s all a lie when I say that I hate you
Those bad words that were said, all a lie

If only I knew just a little bit sooner,  that I knew that you were in just as much pain as I was…

On that rainy day, instead of showing you my back, I would have held onto your hands and gave you mine. I’m sorry

It doesn’t  matter that I regret it all so bitterly in the past
My empty heart which just disappears
Before my eyes, I only see the stars that fill the night sky…

So for everyone who has a way with prose, please provide feedback in how you would translate/interpret her lyrics. I took the liberty in translating it so there are a few words here and there I’ve inserted.


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