Chitchat with Mama Blue (Uncensored)

Some families talk about politics and social issues when they gather. Mine talks about celebrity gossip and drama updates. (Don’t judge! It’s a way for us to de-stress!)

I wanted to welcome you all to the most recent Sunday brunch conversation between me and my mom, Mama Blue. This is a transcript of an actual conversation between Blue and Mama Blue on Sunday, February 20, 2011. The original conversation was in Korean, but has been translated into English for this blog. Please note that certain parts of the conversation were omitted for irrelevance. (Warning: there may be drama spoilers ahead. Approach with caution.) Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

(Episode 15 of Athena playing on the laptop that is sitting on top of the kitchen table)

Blue (B): Athena? Why are we watching this?
Mama Blue (M): There was nothing to watch. I just turned on one of the later episodes to see what has been going on with this drama. Anyway, who’s the villain here?
B: Cha Seung Won. And the last time I checked, Soo Ae was the mole. Not sure if she’s still the villain. (looking at the screen.) Man, this drama sure bombed.
M: That’s too bad for Jung Woo Sung.
B: From what I’ve seen, he wasn’t that good. But after making a rare drama comeback, it must hurt.

(car explosions on screen)

M: Well, they sure didn’t scrimp on money.
B: It would have been better spent on hiring a better writer.
M: It must be hard for this genre to make a hit in Korea. Except for Lee Byung Hun, everyone failed, including Rain and Jung Woo Sung.
B: That’s because Korea’s doing a bad job on making the story compelling. American dramas like 24 and Alias were hugely successful, not only because of the special effects and explosions, but the story was just more grabbing. By the way, there’s going to be another of this type of drama starring Lee Min Ho.
M: Who? The kid?
B: Umm, the kid?
M: That boy from Boys Over Flowers.
B: He’s in his 20s. He’s hardly a “kid.”
M: He’s a kid. Besides, I never cared for him. It was you who kept talking about how talented he was.
B: I see now how raw his acting actually is, but he’s not too bad for his age. By the way, how was President? (Note: My mom had just finished watching episode 18 of President earlier that morning.)
M: Ah, it was very good.
B: What happened?
M: Same old. But it was just good. Oh, they now know that he’s Choi Soo Jong’s son. (pause) Did you finish What’s Up Fox last night?
B: Yup. I stayed up late to finish it. The ending was bleh (시시해), but overall, I really liked it. See, I almost ended up never watching it because you told me it sucked.
M: I never said it sucked. I just said it was okay.
B: It was cute, and definitely better than any of the rom-coms playing right now. Why haven’t we gotten any good romantic comedy dramas lately? It was miles better than Secret Garden or My Princess(pause) You know, I didn’t think Go Hyun Jung looked particularly pretty in the drama. I think she looks better now, but she’s definitely 복스럽게 생겼어. (Note: Literally means “looks like she would have good fortune.” Used to describe someone with a cute face with round cheeks. Historically fit Korea’s standard of beauty, and Korean elders used to say such a face brings good fortune to everyone around her.)
M: Back then, I didn’t think she would end up being such a top star as she is now. That woman has had such a fancy life… having been married to a chaebol and now living her life as a top star.
B: So true. What a life. And she was Miss Korea too. Wasn’t she the first runner-up?
M: Yeah, I think you’re right, and Oh Hyun Kyung won that year.
B: You know, I read a poll that people voted Oh Hyun Kyung and Lee Honey as the most beautiful Miss Korea winners of all time.
M: I didn’t think Oh Hyun Kyung was that pretty.
B: Not anymore after all the stress that she’s gone through, but I did think she was when she first debuted. I remember you thought otherwise even back then. (pause) Anyway, so yeah, Go Hyun Jung was a top star before getting married, then married into the richest family in Korea, got divorced and rose to receive top star status once she returned to show biz. Man, what a life!
M: You think she was a top star before getting married?
B: You don’t think so? She was definitely one of the most popular young actresses, and then she got married at the peak of her fame immediately after Sandglass.
M: Hmm, that’s true. But I don’t understand why she is being regarded as such a top star now?
B: I don’t know. Probably because of Queen Seon Deok? And besides, she was a former Samsung family member. People would have to treat her with respect.


B: OMG, Chun Jung Myung is so adorable! Who knew? I can now see why he’s an actor-material. (Note: My mom has always commented that his physical appearance is too “average” to be an actor.)
M: He has country boy looks.
B: But he has a small face and is so tall. What kind of a country boy looks like that?
M: If you go to the Korean countryside, all the boys look like that.
B: What?! Which countryside are you talking about?! Because surely there can’t be Chun Jung Myung look-a-likes roaming around in herds in the Korean countryside. If there are, I’m moving there.

(M laughs.)

M: I’m just saying he doesn’t have the chic city boy look. Not necessarily a bad thing.
B: Who has the chic city boy look then? So Ji Sub? I think Yoo Seung Ho does. Song Seung Hun? Definitely not his name…
M: What was his name again? Song Seung Byun?
B: Song Seung Bok.
M: Oh, man! That name doesn’t suit him at all.
B: What were his parents thinking when they named him that?! That’s just cruel. But you know, he’s a good looking guy. And Kim Tae Hee, she is pretty after all.
M: After all? She’s acknowledged by everyone for her looks. It was you who kept saying you don’t understand why everyone praises her looks.
B: I never said she wasn’t pretty, but that she just doesn’t have maeryuk (charm). Her bad acting didn’t help. But I must admit she’s cute, and I was wrong.
M: It’s amazing how much her acting improved.
B: I know! I really thought she was one of those who have no hope, like Jeon Ji Hyun or Kim Hee Sun. I thought Song Seung Hun improved as well, just not as much as her. But grrr, he’s still twitching his head every time he tries to emote! It’s sooo annoying!
M: It’s surprising no one advised him not to do that.
B: Guess no one would dare to correct a “Hallyu” star. Hmph.
M: By the way, speaking of Chun Jung Myung, isn’t he in a new drama?
B: A sageuk. The Duo.  You saw the first episode, remember?
M: Oh, that’s right. I remember now. By the way, you can switch the show if you want.
B: Yeah, I don’t think I want to watch this anymore. What should we watch? Are you up for a drama or a variety show?
M: Which drama?
B: How about the gisaeng drama?
M: Anything but that.
B: C’mon, it’s not THAT bad.  (turns on Running Man)
M: What’s this?
B: It’s a show with Yu Jae Suk.
M: Is it new?
B: It’s been on for several months now, but I’ve only watched a couple of episodes myself. I just wanted to see who’s the guest for this week.

(The guest is Hyun Young.)

B: I don’t care too much for her. It seems like she’s lost much of her popularity after she broke up with Kim Jong Min.
M: Why did those two break up anyway?
B: How am I supposed to know?! But I’ve always got the feeling that he broke up with her.
M: Why do you say that? I think she broke up with him. (pause) Whose voice was that?
B: The one who just spoke? It was Haha. He’s on the show.
M: He sounds exactly like MC Mong. So not only do they look alike, they sound alike too.
B: And they’re best friends. MC Mong should have just gone to the army like his friend did. See, Haha came back from the army and returned right back to Infinite Challenge. 1 Night 2 Days would have likely just accepted him back once he returned from the army like they did with Kim Jong Min. You know who’s timed his departure for military duty well? Hyun Bin. He’s leaving after a huge hit. That’s the best way to leave to ensure that your return would be highly anticipated.
M: Is he really that popular right now? Why? Because of his 문자왔숑 (“you have a message”)?
B: Hahaha, not just because of that but because of the entire Secret Garden craze. They’re all like Hyun Bin this, Hyun Bin that, Joowon this, Joowon that. Everyone except you and me went crazy about that show, it seems.
M: I don’t get it, but your aunt said she liked the show too.
B: Bella was in love with that show as well. I thought the final three episodes were very well done, and I re-watched the first couple of episodes and liked it a lot better the second time around. I think I might have been too harsh on the show, honestly.
M: You know who ruined that show for me? You did!
B: What did I do?
M: You told me that the drama was about soul-swapping, and you gave me the impression that it wasn’t very good so I started the series with initial prejudice against it.
B: You asked me what the drama was about, and I just said it’s about soul-swapping. You asked, and I just answered.
M: Don’t answer next time.
B: Well, then don’t ask!
M: You know, I was watching Entertainment Weekly show yesterday, and Hyun Bin did not look so skinny when he did that movie with Tang Wei.
B: No, he definitely didn’t look like that last year (or was it two years ago?) in Friend either. He just suddenly started looking like that in time for Secret Garden. If the rumors are true that he and Song Hye Kyo broke up, perhaps he lost the weight from being stressed or upset about the break up.
M: Are they still not being seen with each other?
B: In an interview, Hyun Bin was asked, “Of course your ideal woman is someone like your current girlfrend, Song Hye Kyo?” And  he said “Sure. Of course.” (Note: His exact words were “그렇죠. 아무래도.” It carries a slightly different innuendo from the English translation, which is hard to get across.)
M: What a wishy-washy answer. It was obviously a fishing question to test his response to the breakup rumors.
B: I mean, if they really did break up, what else could he have said without actually acknowledging that they did break up. If they did break up, it’s obvious they would wait to announce after he’s left for his military duty to keep the media frenzy down as much as possible.
M: The other alternative is to not answer and just smile.
B: C’mon, mom. Not answering or “no commenting” at that point is to acknowledge that you’ve broken up.
M: Guess you’re right.

The End.

Man, we Blue women gossip a lot! We can never seem to stay on one topic!

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9 Responses to Chitchat with Mama Blue (Uncensored)

  1. cha_maeri says:

    You wanna know what my family talks about when they get together? The quantum physics. They have heated arguments about it. Can I pretty please trade families with you?

    Also, I think I want to move to this fabulous Korean countryside where all the boys look like Chun Jung-Myun.

  2. kcomments says:

    OH HO! I knew it, it runs in the family. Puahahahaha.
    Just think of when you translated all these put a smile on my face. Lately my definition of country boy = Song Sam Dong Hehe and if he ‘s not K , I would @#$%..BYJ..@#$$..JYP..!@#$%! and *in small voice* I want him to get the girl too.

    Oh, SG craze *roll eyes* love the last three episodes when he became twenty again LOL, so much so I went back to episode 1 , but still couldn’t get through episode 2 for the third (or fourth?) time, don’t know why.

    Off topic, went to the cinema today for ‘THE SOCIAL NETWORK’ (I know, a little late), it’s an Oscar nominee, and brought home more than one award in the Golden Globe. I went gu gu ga ga all through, loved it! The guy playing Mark (the founder of Facebook) was great and the dynamic of the dialogs just WOW. You know, he wore sandal all the time even in snow, yeah nerd but millionaire and he didn’t have to finish school! Anddd the ending scene, spoiler ahead, he sent request to the girl he had his long time crushed on to ADD him as friend ,and he sat there alone kept refreshing the page waiting for her answer . Isn’t it great how to end the movie? I mean the guy invented Facebook became the one waiting to be added as friend, can be interpreted so many ways. I want the lead guy to get the Oscar really.

    Sorry, have to rant somewhere cuz I rarely go to the cinema for the Hollywood movie these days.

  3. blue says:

    @ cha_maeri, your family are quantum physicists? Wow, that’s impressive… and quite intimidating. Trust me – I too want to move to this fabulous Korean countryside!

    @ kcomments, I’ve always thought that Kim Soo Hyun had the chic/aloof look going on, but ever since his Sam Dong character, I don’t think I can even imagine him without his satoori/accent anymore. As for “The Social Network”, I have yet to watch it myself but it’s definitely on my to-watch list!

    • kcomments says:

      Suggest you watch the REAL Mark on YouTupe interviewed about this movie too after you finish it. Darn, he is sooo young for a millionaire.

    • Softy says:

      Hey blue
      If you don’t have time to watch SN you should read the script by Aaron sorkin – it is like 10 times better than the movie and mind blowingly good.
      The conversation you have with your mom sounds like the ones I have with my sister minus the names and details cuz we are both too lazy to remember any. She watches all Kdramas while I am more picky and selective.
      Thanks for drama line up part 2 – now besides 49 days – I am going to check out can you hear my heart. Like the story more than anything else. See how you affected your followers – I would not have known about this drama if it hadn’t been for you and now a few more ppl will know when I start translating it for RB if it ends up being really good. You set it in motion with your eloquence. 🙂
      By the way, I am now a die hard fan of KSH so the order is YAI and then KSH

      • kcomments says:

        Yep! Anddddd the Oscar goes to The Social Network
        Best Film Editing
        Best Original Score
        Best Adapted Screenplay by Aaron sorkin
        YAY! I knew it, he was good.
        ANDDDDD the Grammy Nominee goes to Song Sum Dong of Dream High and he gets the girl too! *fangirl beaming mode*

  4. bella012 says:

    I knew we’ve been switched at birth, I love your mom and her thought processes (so aligned like mine!)- I would have a ball talking to her! And btw- his response to that question “그렇죠. 아무래도.” is equivalent to sarcasm (and after endless hrs of gossip researching that I promise to share with you) I have come to that conclusion!

    • blue says:

      I wouldn’t go so far as to call it sarcasm, but it is a very 성의 없는 answer. And I think I have a pretty good idea which conclusion you came to, and I must say, I agree with it. 😉

  5. popz says:

    hahaha! so that’s where it came from!

    i’ve never had a conversation like this with my mum in my entire life O_o

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