Stars’ Airport Style #2


Actor Jang Dong Gun (The Warrior’s Way) left from Gimpo Airport on February 25th to attend his Japanese fan meeting the next day. For the short flight, he wore a blue knit top and jeans, under a light-colored trench coat. Sure, he looks like he mis-buttoned his jacket, but apparently this “unbalanced” look is just the style it comes in.


On the same day (and on the same hour from the same airport), actor Park Shi Hoo (Queen of Reversals) left for Shanghai to attend his own fan meeting there the next day. (Jang Dong Gun, way to steal Park Shi Hoo’s thunder!) Park opted to pair his jeans with a gray leather rider jacket. This man can do no wrong, but I do think the color of his jacket makes him look a little washed-out.


Actress Im Soo Jung (Love Me, Love Me Not) looked warm and cozy in her green over-size cardigan during her return from the Berlin Film Festival on February 23rd. She used a black scarf to accessorize what would have otherwise been a plain look.

Just eight days earlier when she was leaving for Germany, Im Soo Jung was decked all in black, with just her large Nina Ricci shoulder bag adding color to her outfit. She’s such a pretty, petite girl, and she looks so lost in that coat.


Meanwhile, Im Soo Jung’s co-star, Hyun Bin (Secret Garden), caused quite a stir for his airport fashion. As he left to attend the Berlin Film Festival on February 15th, he was dressed in a yellow Alexander McQueen T-shirt, Dsquared2 jeans, Julien David scarf, Giorgio Armani boots, and Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. (left photo) He returned to Korea on February 21st, and this time paired his boots and sunglasses from earlier with a black jacket from Emporio Armani and pants from Dsquared2. (right photo) I know that I’m not always his biggest fan, but he’s a good-looking guy. I wish he didn’t try so hard (left), but tried just a little harder (right).


On February 23rd, a fan uploaded photos of Kim Bum (The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry) at Haneda Airport in Japan. Kim Bum was there for promotion purposes due to the recent airing of The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry in Japan. Kim Bum is known to love wearing black, and as expected, he looked every bit the Man in Black (or is it The Matrix?) that day.


Japanese idol star Yamashita Tomohisa (a.k.a. Yamapi) visited Korea on February 23rd to perform and promote his song “Supergood, Superbad” on Mnet’s M!Countdown the next day. Men sure love their leather rider jackets, huh? Like Park Shi Hoo, Yamapi wore a leather rider jacket (in black) with jeans.


Men are not the only ones in love with their leather jackets. Actress Lee Chae Young (Comrades) feminized her black leather rider jacket by pairing it with a maxi skirt as she headed to Japan for a photo shoot on February 19th.


Ji Jin Hee (Dong Yi) was caught on camera on February 18th at Incheon International Airport, as he was on his way to travel to Bali for a photo shoot. He looked comfortable dressed in jeans and a navy blue knit top. Wearing a large Cartier messenger bag, Cartier watch, and an iPad case (from you guessed it, Cartier!), I’m guessing that Ji Jin Hee is either a huge Cartier fan or his photo shoot at Bali is for… Cartier. What do you think?


While waiting for his return flight to Korea after his recent photo shoot in Bangkok, Yoo Seung Ho (Flames of Ambition) looked every bit the inappropriate boy crush he is, youthfully dressed in an orange hoodie sweatshirt from Adidas NEO Label.


Chinese actress Tang Wei (Late Autumn) visited Korea on February 8th to promote her new movie with Hyun Bin, Late Autumn. The checkered cardigan and the fedora hat gave the actress a fun and quirky look.


Unlike the all-black look she sported during her departure, Ha Ji Won chose a classier look for her return to Korea earlier this month. One lone reporter accidentally ran into her at the airport that day (unlike the herds of reporters who were present for her departure), and something tells me that this look is closer to the real “Ha Ji Won-style.”

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6 Responses to Stars’ Airport Style #2

  1. bella012 says:

    Tang Wei’s style is the best! But I wonder if those are pull on boots or the zipper kind because it’s a major bitch trying to get through security and take off your shoes. There is no elegant way of going about it, I tried really hard and I still can’t emulate that cool “I just woke up didn’t you know and threw this outfit together to go to the airport so I can be admired on a blog somewhere in cyberspace.”

  2. Softy says:

    Ooohhh can you please tell me what brand that black bag is that JDG is carrying?
    How cute – YSH is using everyone’s trick for recognizing their luggage by tying colorful ribbons on them. I put disposable bright shiny stickers on mine cuz like millions of ppl have the same samsonite luggage. Plus I like being able to spot my bags from space – once as I was coming down the stairs from customs, I saw my bags coming out and I swear they blinded ppl nearby.

  3. kcomments says:

    Why you chose that pic for the first? I cringed, the man just got out of bed!
    Of all , Ji Jin Hee is my man, casual and hawttt! Cartier’s iPad case? shoot. That’s commercial for sure, and I suggest Apple original case works the most.

    Agree with ^Bella on Tang Wei, my eyes fixed on her boot!
    I guess the tight jeans/leggings are in? Well, just bought one stretchy tight jean? and purple knee length legging to go with my short jean skirt, can’t say their legs are better than mine, hehe (only Lee Min Ho that I concede!).

  4. blue says:

    @bella, I love Tang Wei’s cardigan! But I think she should have just chosen one: either the fedora hat or the white-rimmed sunglasses. Having both is cutting close to being an overkill, but that said, if anyone can pull that off, she can! I’m kinda boring, and I like Im Soo Jung’s look with the green cardigan the best. The only thing is I think she should have worn a brown leather knee high boots to complete the outfit instead.

    @softy, I’ll let you know if I find the brand of his bag! Hehe, I noticed YSH’s ribbon too and thought it to be adorable!

    @kcomments, hehe, JDG was the first photo only because it was the most recent one. For the men, I agree I like JJH’s look the best. I’m a sucker for a man in a preppy outfit. And as for LMH, it should be a crime how well he pulls off the skinny jeans look. But who said life is fair?

  5. Ha ji won’s style is best.she was look natural not too much.and i like when selebrity went to airport not wearing sunglasses,look not arrogant and low profile.i love ha ji won.

  6. edz says:

    ha ji won is simple and lovely;)

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