Who wears it better – Kim Sung Oh vs. the two Lee’s?

In episode 15 of Sign, Kim Sung Oh (a.k.a. Secretary Kim from Secret Garden) makes a cameo appearance as a psychopathic serial killer. From being the evil villain who makes Won Bin’s life miserable in the movie Ahjussi (The Man from Nowhere) to a loan shark who kidnaps Park Jin Hee’s character in the 2010 drama Giant, this man sure can’t seem to catch a break! But what really caught my eyes was the colorful knit hat he wore on the show. I thought it looked very familiar, and after some researching around….

Yup, it’s the same “Jamaica hat” that was earlier sported by pop star Lee Hyori in Family Outing and by actor Lee Min Ho (Personal Taste) during an interview.

So, who wears it the best? (Although disquised as a “Who wears it better” post, this is really a “OMG, Kim Sung Oh plays the creepy just too well for my comfort” post. Just look at those crazy eyes! *Shudder*)

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One Response to Who wears it better – Kim Sung Oh vs. the two Lee’s?

  1. kcomments says:

    No matter what with LMH, he is the best in my eyes, hehe.
    I was there in his fan meeting once, all I can say is ,at that moment, when I saw the real him I thought how can a man be so awesomely handsome? I mean his eyes, his smiles just *swoon* , and there was a lucky draw who win get to shake his hand on stage, man, if I had won I would pat his cheek and emerge myself into him. Seriously, the guy is that handsome, when he smiled I smiled, LOL. Oh, back to the knit hat, of course , LMH wins!

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