What’s in their bags? (Actresses’ Edition)

Ladies (and gentlemen), are you ever curious about what other women carry in their purses? C’mon, I can’t be the only one if IS Plus has a separate segment in their interviews with the stars where they ask the celebrities to open up their bags and reveal what they carry inside. For those nosy ones like me, here, take a peek inside the bags of 15 different actresses and find out – once and for all – what’s in their bags. (Okay, I’m sure they screened their own bags and took out/added things before having the photos taken, and thus this is probably not a reflection of what they actually carry. But it’s all for fun, so enjoy!)


Choi Yeo Jin
(Clockwise, from top left) A book by Richard Carlson, Bose headphones, Swarovski crystal rubik’s cube, George Gina & Lucy bag, fruit lip balm, Panasonic Lumix GF1, perfume, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
(Source: IS Plus)


Han Chae Ah
(1) Henry Begeulin bag
(2) Louis Vuitton pochette
(3) cosmetic pouch
(4) notebook from Henry Begeulin
(5) Henry Begeulin pencil case
(6) mint candy
(7) pillbox
(8) drama script
(9) iPhone
(Source: IS Plus)


Jang Shin Young
(1) Fuji Polaroid camera
(2) Louis Vuitton wallet
(3) Lancel bag
(4) planner
(5) SK-II foundation
(6) Bvlgari perfume
(7) sunglasses
(8) drama script
(9) iPod
(10) headphones
(Source: IS Plus)


Jeon Hye Bin
(1) Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream
(2) YSL lipstick
(3) L’Occitane hand cream
(4) mirror
(5) tablet PC and iPhone
(6) Balenciaga wallet
(7) Chanel bag
(Source: IS Plus)


Kang Soo Yeon
(1) iPhone
(2) Propolis candy
(3) eyeglass case
(4) sunglasses
(5) compact powder
(6) wallet
(7) cosmetic pouch
(8) medicine bag
(9) coin purse
Source: IS Plus


Kim Ah Joong
(1) gift
(2) face mist
(3) hand cream
(4) Bvlgari perfume
(5) lipgloss
(6) lip balm
(7) book (Go Dowon’s Morning Letters)
(8) Chanel wallet
(9) BlackBerry
(10) iPod
(11) Polaroid photos
(12) Go Da Kyung’s photo id (from drama Sign)
(Source: IS Plus)


Kim Tae Hee
(1) hat
(2) cough drop
(3) toothbrush & toothpaste
(4) Anna Sui mirror
(5) foundation
(6) face mist
(Source: IS Plus)


Lee Min Jung
(Clockwise, from top left) Pouch, sleep mask, perfume, iPhone, photo of self, iPod, headphones, YSL wallet
(Source: IS Plus)


Lee So Yeon
(1) book (Marry Smart)
(2) Anna Sui mirror
(3) Aveda hand cream
(4) facial mask
(5) Samsung digital camera
(6) Bobbi Brown compact powder
(7) iPhone
(8) Bobbi Brown lipstick
(9) brightening balm
(10) photos
(Source: IS Plus)


Lee Soo Kyung
(1) YSL bag
(2) Jimmy Choo wallet
(3) Montblanc fountain pen
(4) hand wipes
(5) travel size hygienic products
(6) mirror
(7) iPhone
(8) candies
(9) book (Paulo Coelho’s Brida)
(Source: IS Plus)


Lee Tae Im
(Clockwise, from top left) Thalgo face mist, Harajuku Lovers Baby Perfume, book (Alain de Botton’s Romantic Movement), Louis Vuitton wallet, Givenchy bag, vitamins, pen, Moroccan oil hair essence, iPhone, L’Occitane hand cream, Kiehl’s lip balm)
(Source: IS Plus )


Park Jin Hee
(1) sunglasses
(2) Louis Vuitton wallet
(3) eyeglasses
(4) book (Gong Jiyoung’s Jiri Mountain Happiness School)
(5) hat
(6) hand cream
(7) snacks
(8) coffee beans bought on the day of the interview
(9) travel tumbler
(Source: IS Plus)


Park Soo Jin
(1) Chloe bag (not shown)
(2) Hello Kitty mirror
(3) Organis moisturizing cream
(4) L’Occitane hand cream
(5) sunglasses
(6) Louis Vuitton wallet
(7) VOV lip balm
(8) toothbrush & toothpaste
(9) iPhone
(10) sleep mask
(Source: IS Plus)


Seo Young Hee
(1) candies
(2) hand cream
(3) iPhone
(4) wallet
(5) movie script
(6) cosmetic pouch
(Source: IS Plus)


Yoo In Young
(1) MCM bag
(2) Louis Vuitton wallet
(3) hat
(4) Samsung cellphone
(5) Body Shop face mist
(6) Prada sunglasses
(7) movie script
(Source: IS Plus)

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8 Responses to What’s in their bags? (Actresses’ Edition)

  1. Bella says:

    I just realize how meticulously organized Kang SooYeon is, she has a sub bag for everything. I am very envious and must now organize my bag again…

  2. Softy says:

    Wow that was hilarious – you could def tell a lot about each woman’s personality by the stuff they carried and how they carried it – if you had made us guess and match content with owner, I think I would have missed like half.
    What freaked me out was how that girl got a PC tablet to fit inside her Chanel. Ever since April when I got my iPad – I stopped carrying small handbags and bought like 5 oversized totes to lug mine around in.
    After seeing how many ppl carried that same hand lotion, it made me want to swing by the store tm and check out what is so great about it – the power of product placement. When iPad 2 came out – I drooled over it cuz it comes in white now. It is taking every ounce of willpower not to give in and I have to keep chanting ” iPad 3 will come out in sept- then you can get the white one” 🙂

  3. kcomments says:

    Never thought of putting a camera in my bag, and LV is still IN? KTH couldn’t possibly carry just those in her bag. Love Hello Kitty and Anna Sui mirror, it’s cool to carry around (my fashionista..ahem)

    @Softy, LOL I gave up carrying iPad cuz it didn’t fit in my bag, and me too having drooled over iPad 2, why not? Thinner/slimmer/lighter and come in white WOW, thanks to you I’ll refrain myself till iPad3 and 4 ,5…^^ Hope Apple will allow Flash Player someday when their monopoly games are over. The hand cream if you were referring to L’Occitane, I use their shampoo and shower gel (aroma scent) and love them, they are my fav brand atm, but prices are not very nice hehe.

  4. ditdut says:

    LOL, my first thought was Kim Taehee can’t possibly just carries those! I’m salivating over Lee Taim’s Givenchy bag!

  5. blue says:

    My thoughts:

    – You can definitely tell that Kang Soo Yeon has a perfectionist side to her (I’m not surprised) by the contents of her bag.

    – I love seeing a burst of color when I look inside my bag. Thus, I like what Park Soo Jin did the most.

    – Kim Tae Hee definitely “overscreened” when she got her photo taken. C’mon, she doesn’t even have a wallet in that pic!

    – All those actresses can’t possibly be carrying a book all the time. I say half of them added the book just for show.

  6. supah says:

    OK, I have these huuuuge totes to carry around everything, all the crap, and the kitchen sink around with me. These girls are far too neat and minimalist – they lie!
    So cool to see many similar things to what I have in my bag…
    Mini Miss Dior Cherie — check!
    L’occitane hand cream (these are the schitt!) — I have the cherry blossom one.
    Anna Sui mirror — check!
    I have an LV wallet too, but dare not carry it around with me, for fear of scuffing it.
    And then yeah… blackberry phone and ipod is a given.

    • supah says:

      For anyone interested in the L’occitane hand creams, try the more economical alternative SkinFood (Korean brand). The packaging on these is almost identical and the formula is also identical, they’re SO good! I love the pineapple one. ❤

    • kcomments says:

      Anna Sui mirror , yep yep so cool. L’Occitane hand creams try all those roses..aww^^

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