Blue’s saddest song collection

I was going through my music collection the other day, and I realized that I had (way too) many “sad” songs. And that was when I thought up a self-challenge to choose the saddest of them all. When most people think of sad kpop music, songs about break ups from names like Brown Eyes, Park Hyo Shin, and Baek Ji Young come to mind. But I don’t think any can beat the following three in conveying the feeling of sadness in both the lyrics and the melody. Indeed, these three are what I consider to be the saddest songs ever made.

Kim Gwang Seok – “Too Painful of Love Wasn’t Love” (from The Classic OST)

Lee Yoon Soo – “Become Dust”

Yang Hee Eun – “About the Loneliness Called Love”

Now, your turn! Please share on what you consider to be the saddest song to you.

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9 Responses to Blue’s saddest song collection

  1. supah says:

    Ohhh… The Classic. Not one of the most innovative of stories but it was just wonderful. Totally pwns its Hollywood counterparts and Cho Seung-woo just… broke my heart.

    Thanks for sharing these, I’m quite fond of sad numbers too. Heh.

    • estel says:

      Oh man, I stumbled across that movie when I was looking for a sweet love story…and ended up bawling my eyes out. Sooo good, but I don’t know if I could handle it again.

  2. bella012 says:

    I have 3 more to add to the list in addition to Kim Gwang Seok because that song still devastates me to this day.

    1. Jo Su Mi- 나가거든 from Empress Myung Sung drama

    2. 페이지 – 단심가 (DAMOOOOO!!) Page- A Song of Devotion

    3. Blue Dawn- 20 (still love this song and still pissed they disbanded!)

  3. solbay2 says:

    I judge the ‘sadness’ of korean songs based mostly on the overall tone because I couldn’t really understand the lyrics unless I translate it. For me one of the saddest I’ve heard is that song in stairway to heaven..

  4. joonni says:

    I use to have a “sad” playlist on my itunes. It had bella’s selection: Devotion and When I leave.

    I will add these songs to your list: “Thorn” by The One from A Rosy Life OST.

    “A Love to Kill” by Lee Soo Young from A Love to Kill OST.

  5. kcomments says:

    I hardly cry watching drama but there were songs with sad melody that captured me through dramas because they had the right voices and timing.

    From TWSSG — Approval
    I was touched by how of all those eight years a great king never gave up looking for one particular common girl, always wondering where/how she is, and she knew him enough to know how she could hide from his men looking for her.

    From Will It Snow For Christmas? — Because of You
    The conflict of love was not in their power to solve (and Go Soo bias) ^^

    From Hong Gil Dong — Chu eum in de ( 처음인데 ) – Kim Yun Woo
    The strong vocal made me listen to it over and over.

    Credits to the YT uploaders.

  6. supah says:

    Ooh… This looks fun. Saddoes unite. Hee!

    Traditional songs (like Silk Shoes) totally make me cry, and when they’re used in dramas I’m rendered a total wreck.
    I find this version of Silk Shoes very haunting — on the OST of a film of the same name. This film, btw is my #1 K-film, evah. It’s just genius. Low budget yet totally effin’ genius how it manages to incorporate the kinds of themes found in Giant, Comrades and Bad Family.
    The trailer does it zero justice, it has to be seen to believed, I laughed my ass off at its dark humour but then I sobbed inconsolably through its very moving scenes.

    But since this thread is not about film recommendations, I’ll just throw in some Kim Bum-soo, since this guy’s like renowned for his heartrending singing:

    Kim Suk-hoon looks swoonworthy in this MV,

    Edelweiss from the Giant OST (I know this video has been posted here before, but I j’adore this fanmade video).

  7. blue says:

    Ah, I loved listening to everyone’s sad song collection! Keep ’em coming!

    @supah and estel – The Classic is one of both Bella and my favorite movies. You’re totally right. It’s not the most original story, but there’s something truly beautiful and “classic” about its love story.

    @bella – Ah, I totally forgot to add Jo Sumi’s “If I Leave” to my original post. I was thinking of that song when I first thought of writing this post, but some time between the initial brainstorming and the writing, I forgot about it! Doh! Every time I listen to that song, I imagine the lyrics to be Empress Myung Sung’s words, and the tears just keep coming.

    @solbay2 – Which song from the Stairway to Heaven soundtrack? My personal favorite is “Ave Maria.” Ahh, I just recalled right now that Kim Bum Soo’s “Bogoshipda” is also from that drama.

    @joonni and kcomments – You introduced me to a couple of songs that I’ve never heard before, so thank you! I love discovering new songs!

    @supah, again – The song “Silk Shoes” personally brings back memories because my mom taught me that song when I was a little girl as I was learning to play the piano. Even now, I sometimes just randomly start singing that song, and then my mom automatically joins me. I’ll definitely check out your recommended movie one day.

  8. melusine says:

    Lee Seung-yeol’s 기다림 (…ing OST) makes my heart ache every time:

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