Song Chang Eui and Yoon Do Hyun’s dance party

What’s better than seeing your love singing and dancing on a variety show? Seeing two of your loves singing and dancing, of course!

Song Chang Eui (Life is Beautiful) and Yoon Do Hyun (Survival: I Am a Singer) appeared as guests on the March 28th episode of the SBS talk show, Night After Night (밤이면 밤마다). And hilarity ensued. Oh man, what I would give to join their dance party! After their crazy dancing was over, the two guests each sang a song by Lee Moon Sae.  Song Chang Eui sang “Girl” and Yoon Do Hyun sang “Gwanghwamun Love Song.”

(For the video and the english translation, see below…)

And for those who can’t view the YT clip above, here’s the same video posted on Dailymotion.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Cast of Characters

KJD – Kim Jae Dong; TJH – Tak Jae Hoon; SCE – Song Chang Eui; HJM – Hong Ji Min; PMS – Park Myung Soo; JYH – Jung Yong Hwa

Brief translation (provided by moi), starting from 2:50

KJD: What I was surprised by as I watched this… about Song Chang Eui-ssi… I think I know how you’d change after you drink some alcohol!
TJH: I thought he wouldn’t come out.
KJD: Me too! I thought so too.
KJD: What I was taken aback by was that when I first asked him to come out… (Tells Daesung to pull him.) I was expecting him to do this… But instead… (Tells Daesung to pull him again.)
Daesung: As if he was waiting for it.
TJH: And when Hong Ji Min-ssi dances with me, he gets a little upset. But when Hong Ji Min turns back around, he would [dance again]…
HJM: That’s right.
SCE: It’s that I wanted to dance with her… (Everyone laughs) Because… because I went out and it felt a little awkward.
TJH: But when she went back to you, you danced again.
SCE: Yes, that’s correct.
HJM: If the music went on longer, he was prepared to go all out dancing.

(Audience shouts “One more time!” and “Song Chang Eui!” over and over again.)

The MC panel: He comes out right away.
He could have at least once [declined].
KJD: When you asked Song Chang Eui to do something, did you see how he came out? I thought he was levitating in the air. He just jumps right up! Song Chang Eui-ssi, we’ll show you what you did.
KJD: Song Chang Eui-ssi, will you show us a dance?

(Tak Jae Hoon jumps up…)

TJH: He could have hesitated for a few seconds, but he just springs up right away.

[Caption: As if he was waiting to be asked…]

KJD: Song Chang Eui-ssi, can you please sit back down again? Let’s see how he responds when we call him.
KJD: Song Chang Eui-ssi, can you show us a dance?
SCE: Ah, yes.
SCE: I need to have a female partner. Can you please come out?
PMS: I’m sorry, but you should at least introduce each other before you start dancing.
SCE: Hello, nice to meet you.
Uee: Yes, hello.
SCE: It’s an honor.

(SCE starts “dancing”.)

SCE: I’ll start over.

[Caption: Huh? What kind of a dance is this?!]

SCE: This music is….
Hold on! How can you dance like that to this beat?
SCE: This dance is for a song with a faster tempo.
TJH: Ah, you need a faster song?
PMS: Yoon Do Hyun-ssi, come on out too and have a dance party.

[Caption: He starts dancing without music?]

TJH: No matter how much you want to dance, the music hasn’t even started yet. How can you start dancing by yourself? Now start when we say start, okay?
SCE: Start? Yes. I was pract…
TJH: Were you practicing?
SCE: Yes.
TJH: How can you practice so passionately?

(SCE dances.)

JYH: I’ve never seen Song Chang Eui-ssi look so happy before.
TJH: I saw his expression.


Still can’t get enough of them? You can watch the rest of the show here:

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4 Responses to Song Chang Eui and Yoon Do Hyun’s dance party

  1. kcomments says:

    Puahahahaha what kind of dancing was that? I swear SCE was really serious doing it hahahaha.

  2. dramaok says:

    Thanks for the clip Master Blue. I saw this and it was such a hilarious surprise. Who knew SCE was like this. So goofy and random but kinda cute too. And he’s totally single right? So there’s err hope? Yup I’m SO watching his next drama. but don’t let Master Shirley know. Oh wait, maybe I should be scared of you. heeheeheee.

    • blue says:

      Be scared. Be very scared! =)

      Oh, no, Master Shirley is SCE’s fan, too? I really wanted to watch/like SCE’s last drama (Life is Beautiful), but totally failed. Hope his next project is good!

  3. dramaok says:

    I liked him best in 신의 저울. That’s a good drama and a great role for him, but I think we have yet to see him in his best role. Life is Beautiful. bleh. not a fan. the writing and also, his costar.

    I guess he’s doing musicals regularly? I hope to go see his performance one of these days when I go back.

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