DVD Giveaway: Winter Sonata

The looooong cold winter is finally over (depending on where you reside), and we are ready to welcome spring. In order to prepare for the new season (or wait, has spring already come?), B & B have been busy with spring cleaning. And in order to make way for the new, we will be doing a series of DVD giveaways. The first in the lineup is…. Winter Sonata (also known by multiple other names, including 겨울연가Winter BalladWinter Love SongEndless Love II, and That Yonsama Drama.)

You may hate it or you may love it, but there’s no doubt that Winter Sonata is greatly responsible for setting in motion the large-scale Hallyu wave of the past decade. And who can forget all the many scarves donned by Bae Yong Joon throughout the series? Or the many nights stayed wide awake as we contemplated “are they or are they not siblings”?

Now you will have a chance to win an English-subtitled DVD set of Winter Sonata. To win, simply submit a written review (of any length) of a drama or film of your choice that has not yet been reviewed on Electric Ground. B & B will select one entry to be featured on our blog, and the winner of that entry will win the DVD set.

You may submit as many entries as you wish. Just simply email your review(s) to bbelectricground@gmail.com no later than April 30, 2011. Good luck!

1.  The DVD set is gently used (watched only once), and plays for all regions.
2. Free shipping and handling to the address of the winner’s choice. You have nothing to lose!

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