Stars’ Airport Style #3 (Men’s Edition)


Actor Lee Min Ho (Personal Taste) created quite a buzz online for his recent airport fashion as he left for Thailand on March 25th for the overseas shooting of his upcoming SBS drama City Hunter. He wore a low neckline tee under a black cardigan, and completed the look with a colorful backpack… and guyliner. Never mind that he looks like he’s ready to strut the runway, and not the airport terminal.


DBSK/JYJ member, Micky Yoochun (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), is well-known for his fashion sense among his fans. Dressed in a gray cardigan over a white V-neck tee and matched with fitting white pants, he was caught and photographed by a fan as he left for Thailand on March 30th.


Actor Jang Geuk Suk (Mary Stayed Out All Night) arrived at Incheon International Airport on March 22nd after successfully finishing his photoshoot in Budapest and London. He wore a black (or is it dark navy?) pinstripe jacket with black skinny pants, and of course, his signature silky hair that is the envy of every woman.


On the same day, singer Kangta returned from his recent trip to Beijing and was seen arriving at Incheon International Airport. (Why look so suspicious, Kangta?)


The newlywed actor Lee Chun Hee (Gloria) and his beautiful (and pregnant) wife, Jeon Hye Jin (Smile You), flew out of Incheon International Airport on March 13th for their honeymoon in Hawaii. Congrats to the new couple!

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3 Responses to Stars’ Airport Style #3 (Men’s Edition)

  1. kcomments says:

    What’s with Korean actors with low neckline tee? Every time I would feel uncomfortable when seen one *gulp* LMH with guyliner? I guess that what he will wear in City Hunter(J adaptation)? cuz I heard it’s popular among the Japanese males.

    Now my Micky, every time I see his pic I still want MOREEEEEE. Love his fashion sense and even if he will act against my painful East of Eden LDH, Ripley Ripley I will be with you.

    Sorry not very fond of Jang’s hair style these days.
    No offense blue, but why you put Kangta in the first place? I mean I could dress like him anytime^^ but aww his wife looks gorgeous, her shoe is a little too high for a pregnant woman though.

    Gahhhhhhhhhhh Micky my lurveeeeeeeeeeee! *peel-me-off- floor*

    • blue says:

      I have no idea about the low necklines. They look fine on print and at the runways, but pretty ridiculous in real life.

      Micky is a GREAT dresser, I agree. I actually have pretty low expectations for both “City Hunter” and “Miss Ripley”, but I will discuss that in more details on a future post.

      C’mon, how can you NOT be jealous of JGS’s hair?! Well, not on him (or on most men), but I’d die to have such soft silky hair on top of my own head!

      As for Kangta and Lee Chun Hee, although they’re not dressed in anything fashionably noteworthy, this past March was a slow month in the celebrity airport sighting world. And besides, I love the Lee Chun Hee and Jeon Hye Jin pairing because they also appeared as a couple in “Smile You,” a drama that I was pretty obsessed with while it was airing.

      • Softy says:

        So did I – that couple is adorable. When I first heard about their wedding – I kept grinning from sheer happiness for them. I loved Smile You so much – I never missed a single episode while it was on.
        Bet lee min ho’s eyeliner will be smudged by the time he lands – even tho he flies first class – he is gonna forget and rub his tired eyes sooner or later. 🙂

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