Fanvid of the week #7: 49 Days

I’m at a weird place with 49 Days. It is the only drama that I’m earnestly watching (and make no mistake about it, am enjoying) right now. Despite so, I still can’t help feel frustrated because I see that it has the potential to be so much greater, but it’s just not tapping into all that it can be.

That said, this week’s fanvid of the week showcases the great chemistry actress Lee Yo Won is developing with all three men (Jo Hyun Jae, Jung Il Woo, and Bae Soo Bin) in the drama. So much so that although I want Shin Ji Hyun’s character to end up with Jo Hyun Jae’s Hang Kang character (now, now, calm down, all you Scheduler groupies… I am one too!), I wish it to be in Lee Yo Won’s body. Is that even possible? Who are YOU rooting for?

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6 Responses to Fanvid of the week #7: 49 Days

  1. missjb says:

    I root for lee yo won – jo hyun jae pairing. I don’t care if he will be end up with yi kung or ji hyun in yikung’s body. I’m shallow…… Because They look so good together!

  2. endodo says:

    Hear hear!

    After President, I couldn’t find a new Kdrama to watch that I felt emotionally invested in, and it felt weird to not have something that I liked. I mean, I checked out a few dramas and I’m still following them, but they were all lacking the emotional pull for me. I actually turned to Taiwanese dramas during this past period and am still keeping myself occupied with them. I had planned to watch 49 Days since last year, when I heard who was casted into this show. I’m a huge fan of Jung Il Woo and I also have a soft spot for Jo Hyun Jae. You’re totally right–it’s an enjoyable show but it has potential to be something much, much greater. What’s working for me is the chemistry that Lee Yo Won has with all three male leads too. If the chemistry between the actors weren’t great, then the mediocre plot execution would be a lot more frustrating.

    That’s a great youtube clip that you found! I love it! You’re definitely not the only one who’s rooting for Shin Ji Hyun to end up with Han Kang, but in Lee Yo Won’s body. I was thinking the exact same thing! Thanks for sharing, chingu!

  3. kcomments says:

    Is it wrong I’m not falling for the drama but Mr. Han Kang? Sooooo adorably cute!!! As long as he has a happy ending at the end, I’m fine; either J in J’s body or Y in Y’s body (he might be the one to break her ice) but J in Y’s body? Hmm…interesting. Again, agree this drama can be much better …more compelling moment and less business deals.

  4. Softy says:

    First Darcy and now this – blue we need to stop thinking the exact same thing. There is no way I am going to be happy if Ji hyun gets Han Kang – it has to be in lee yo won’s body. Wish the scheduler wasn’t dead cuz I would root for him and Ji hyun but she needs to go back to her parents. This drama is so fun – I am already dreading the end.

  5. lei2010 says:

    i still don’t know who is going to end up with who… its a lot of trouble to think right nw coz its going to pay a lot of emotions if its end up with “the one” you don’t like… jst like in SKKS…

    well… the end is not near yet… im sure, there’s a lot going to happen to them, who knows the pairings might end up with scheduler / ji hyun, (i agree with the fanbase they were so good together) but with yi kyun i guess its han kang, minho and the doctor, whichever i don’t know yet… coz yi kyun can’t establish her relationship yet with these guys since she still live in the past and ji hyun is using her body… so its hard to tell if he’s going to end up with Kang

  6. leila8mae says:

    I share the same sentiments blue!! Lee Yo-won has the best chemistry with Jo Hyun Jae, IMHO.. I just sooo love them together 😀

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