Your two bloggers at Electric Ground

It came to the attention of the two bloggers at “Electric Ground” that many readers may be confused as to their age. In fact, both Bella and Blue (umm, I don’t know why I keep referring to myself in the third person) are both of the same age. And without giving away their exact age, they are older than Micky Yoochun but younger than Jung Woo Sung, which coincidentally is the age range of men they usually fangirl over without feeling guilty. And from reading the blog of the two more well-known K-drama bloggers at Dramabeans, B & B are likely to be of the same age (plus or minus two years) as the other two ladies.

Both Bella and Blue are single (any hot men looking for a great woman who happens to be obsessed over K-dramas, feel free to write them a line… with your photo attached) and straight, with a strong inclination to “fangirl” over charismatic (charisma over looks for both of them!) male actors, although Blue does have a perfectly unhealthy obsession for everything actress Gong Hyo Jin (who Blue describes as beautiful, talented, charming, fashionable, and everything Blue wants to be!).

Besides K-dramas, both Bella and Blue are huge fans of Korean music. Bella is much more knowledgeable about the K-indie music scene, and in fact, she introduced Blue to many of the K-indie musicians. Blue has a higher tolerance for the current Kpop music, although that tolerance is quickly getting tested. They both love old school Korean music ranging from songs from the 1960s to late 1990s, but Blue is admittedly the bigger fan.

And now there you have it!

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16 Responses to Your two bloggers at Electric Ground

  1. supah says:

    Oh snap! I’m EXACTLY the same age as you girls!
    — That is y’know, older than Yoochun but younger than Jung Woo-sung.

    Woo! So happy to hear someone is into old-school Korean music. Which is where I may need to enlist your help. There’s a song Miju used to sing in Giant and I really like it and would like to know its title. It’s the second song in this clip. (Sorry, Daum is reeally slow today.)

    I know the first one is Lee Mija’s Pure 19 (which I also love) and there was Silk Shoes too. But this damn song I can’t find. Moon Hee-kyeong also sang it in a recent Strong Heart episode saying it’s by a trot singer called ‘Lee Hye-rin’ or something, but I can’t find anything under that name. Cheers!

    • blue says:

      Are you referring to the song that Miju sings while cleaning? If so, it’s a 1979 song called “The Third Hangang Bridge” (제3한강교) by Hye Eun Yi (혜은이).

      • supah says:

        OMGnesssss! Thank you sooooo much!
        Thank you thank you thank yoooou!

        I love it to bits. It’s strangely so infectious, I didn’t give it much thought at first but then I’d catch myself singing (well, mostly humming) it.
        1979? That’s clever how it fit in with the year of the drama. And then there’s the Hangang reference.

  2. Bella says:

    Bella is YOUNGER than Bluesy!!!

  3. Melpomene says:

    Lol! I still have no idea what your possible age could be, but I do enjoy your means of relaying that number. As relative new-comer to all things k-drama/culture related,I am still exploring and learning, but I think that I might be shaping up to be a Gong Hyo Jin adoree as well.

  4. kcomments says:

    Eh…may I know the age of JWS?
    Oh Blue, such a nice pic of MICKY! HIS EYES!! *swoon*
    Well, I think we are just right for fangirling without harm PG-25 buahahaha! And I so love GHJ, naturally talented actress of all time.
    Talking about ‘higher tolerance for the current K-pop music’, let me try you with this one.

    When first listening I thought what the…are they shouting their anger out? But when this song hit the J-chart and the mv went beyond four million hits on YT, I swallowed my own word (no offense to all the vid fans around here, just trying out Blue! hehe).

  5. joonni says:

    Same age range here too! I’m so happy to find kdrama fans of the same generation.

    I’ve been feeling strangely nostalgic for 90’s kpop these days. When I listened to whole albums and didn’t have the music drown out every single thought from my head due to the over-processed sound.

    • bella012 says:

      @Jooni- oh dear it’s been way too long and I am so behind. Please send me another email, I lost your email address.
      Nothing can beat the greatness of 90s kpop!

      @msclockwatcher- who is “goodange?”

  6. lei2010 says:

    something personal but not too personal, bluesy i won’t ask who’s noona btween u too..
    but rather, i’m curious if u’re siblings…

    • blue says:

      Just a minor correction: Since we’re both girls, the appropriate word would be “unni.”

      Hehehe, Bella and I are not related to each other at all. 🙂

      • lei2010 says:

        thanks bluesy im jst starting to learn the lang… since i heard it in the drama frequently, fvor cn u pls explain the diff btwn the ‘noona’ and the ‘unni’, i thought that its the term use for older/younger female person and also, do we still use that term evntho were nt related or there’s another term for it…
        only know these so far…
        oppa – brother
        omma – mother
        appa – father ( there’s a term for dad right but i don’t rem it)
        ahjussi – sir

        thanks as always

  7. msclockwatcher says:

    Hi guys, I’m also in a similar age range although for me it’s between Bang Joon Seo (off Oh My Lady fame) and Lee Soon Jae.

    Ah, Bella likes K-indie? She should hang out with goodange since she loves it too…

  8. dramaok says:

    heehee i fall into that range too but that’s a big range. man… birthdays used to be so much more fun. lol.

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