The battle of the Valentino dress – Who wears it the best?

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I see twins. No, triplets. Wait, quadruplets? More like a four-way fashion faceoff between four ladies all dressed in the identical black lace and leather bow dress from the Valentino Resort 2011 collection!

One-half of the Soeulmate couple, Kim So Eun (The Good Day When the Wind Blows), showed up wearing the Valentino dress to the recent press conference for the 12th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) on March 29th.

Earlier this year, actress Im Soo Jung (Finding Kim Jong Wook) wore the same dress to the press conference for her movie Love Me, Love Me Not in January, and the very next month, Yeom Jung Ah (Royal Family) to the press conference for the MBC drama Royal Family.

Eager to join the battle (or just oblivious of it), SNSD member Jessica Jung is the most recent celebrity to sport the dress when she wore it to the F/W Seoul Fashion Week on March 31st. Unlike the other three, however, Jessica opted to bare her legs.

Now it’s your turn to vote on the battle of the Valentino dress! Who wears it the best?

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8 Responses to The battle of the Valentino dress – Who wears it the best?

  1. blue says:

    One vote for Yeom Jung Ah!

  2. cha_maeri says:

    I vote for Yeom Jung Ah as well. Maybe she just got the best picture, but I also like the extra sheer black tights as well.

    • kcomments says:

      What are that two black stripes sticking right from waist to er……
      Can’t believe they all choosing this dress.

  3. ditdut says:

    My pick is Jessica. I like that she’s not wearing any tights/stockings. Her dress pops out more. Plus, from the little I see, I love her choice of heels!

  4. supah says:

    I’m in two minds. I kind of hate the dress. But then it somehow works for them too.
    I can’t pick one as they all look so different with it and none of them look particularly bad.
    Jessica’s got a Barbarella thing going on with the bare legs and big hair. Yeom Jung-ah is working the Audrey Hepburn look, Im Soo-jung is… Im Soo-jung, pretty and pixie-like. And Kim So-eun just takes a somewhat risque dress and somehow makes it conform to her girl-next-door persona (yeah, she can’t escape that.).

  5. bella012 says:

    Ugly dress but I think Jessica made it more “fresh” looking, the others took the whole “Grandmother style with doilies/lace” and interpreted it literally.

  6. watchumlots says:

    Hmmmm… Which person made an ugly dress less worse??? OK, I’ll bite. And vote.

    Yeom Jung Ah. The sheer stockings, her very slim figure, and the shoes, rock a dress that shouldn’t work on any level. Her stockings and shoes work with the lace top. The bottom of that dress could be of any heavier fabric: velvet, etc., but the leather tries, unsuccessfully I might add, to make it young. The bust dart lines are just ugly. Rather than say “If SHE wore that dress, I’m not going to wear it.” K-stars must say the opposite: “If SHE wore that dress, I can wear it so much better.” These ladies all need new stylists.

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