Fanvid of the week #8: Kim Jung In

Eleven year old Kim Jung In appeared as a contestant on the currently airing MBC’s survival audition program, The Birth of a Star. This is a clip of her singing Jo Sumi’s “If I Leave” (from Empress Myung Sung OST) during her final audition before getting eliminated last week. Many singers, including Kim Bum Soo, Yangpa, and Kim Kyung Ho, have sung a version of this song. But I think Kim Jung In is the first and the only one to do justice to Jo Sumi’s original version. I don’t know what other way to introduce this 11 year old, but simply as “a voice of an angel.”

(For the lyrics and english translation to “If I Leave”, see below…)

나 가거든
If I Leave

쓸쓸한 달빛 아래
Under the lonely moonlight,
내 그림자 하나 생기거든
when my sole shadow forms,
그땐 말해볼까요 이 마음
Shall I tell you then what’s in my heart,
들어나 주라고
Will you please hear me out?
문득 새벽을 알리는
Alerting of the sudden dawn,
그 바람 하나가 지나거든
When that wind passes by,
그저 한숨쉬듯 물어볼까요
Shall I ask as I let out a sigh,
난 왜 살고 있는지
the reason as to why I live.

나 슬퍼도 살아야 하네
Though I may be sad, I must live on.
나 슬퍼서 살아야 하네
Because I’m sad, I must live on.
이 삶이 다하고 나야 알텐데
Only after my passing will I understand,
내가 이 세상을 다녀간 그 이유
The reason as to why I came to this world.
나 가고 기억하는 이
The one who will remember (me) after I leave
나 슬픔까지도 사랑했다 말해주길
may say that you loved even my sorrow.

Lyrics translated by Blue1004

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3 Responses to Fanvid of the week #8: Kim Jung In

  1. Softy says:

    Holy crap that was good – don’t know what got to me more- her beautiful voice and the way she sang it or those lyrics. Did she make that guy in the tan jacket cry? She almost brought me to tears too. 🙂
    Loved this – thanks so much for sharing.

  2. kerik says:

    aaw thank you for sharing. it’s just so beautiful and pure and pleasing….idk how to describe it. hope she becomes a bona fide and great singer and not just typical member of a kpop group.

  3. Melissa says:

    i love this little girl!
    and lol i love the reactions of all the other contestants. they’re like “damn, this little girl can sing!”

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