Blue’s confessions

I confess…

1. When I see a man in sweats, my eyes zoom right to his a$$.

2. Whenever I watch an actor in a swimming pool scene (like Jung Il Woo above), my eyes wander down… down… (Hey, I know I can’t be the only one to do this!)

3. I like Jo Hyun Jae’s nipples.

4. Every time I see Han Kang on-screen, my entire being becomes one big blob, and all I can do is repeatedly scream at the screen, “Kang-ah!”

Thank you, 49 Days!

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12 Responses to Blue’s confessions

  1. kcomments says:

    No.1 check
    No.2 check
    No.3 Eh….hmm….*mouth gasps open*
    Aww…the vid !!!ack!!! Kang-ah Kang-ah Kang-ah soooooo adorably cute!

  2. lei2010 says:

    hahaha, do u have a compilation of freaking hot actors smiling face in a drama?

  3. supah says:

    Hahahaha! Perve.
    Lurves me some Jo Hyun-jae but sadly was forced off the 49 Days vehicle a long while ago, I’m fatally allergic to the writer.
    But I’m totally appreciating this perve session…. drool… ❤

  4. blue says:

    Honestly, for my #3, not sure whether my crush on JHJ came first (and then everything about him looked cute), or I just thought his *you know* looked cute on their own.

    Haha, no, but I did attempt to make a collage of my favorite actors to use as my desktop wallpaper when I was much, much younger. =)

    Perves unite!

  5. Bella says:

    What is that teeny bopper’s name that had a thread dedicated alone to his little friend in soompi that you were crushing on?

  6. msclockwatcher says:

    lol, oddly enough, watching 49 Days doesn’t make me want to check out any of JHJ’s other work – it’s all and only about Kang for me.

  7. Kristal says:

    This post made my day.

  8. JeSsBeL says:

    I must be a perve since I do all this of checking them out everywhere…..
    “Looking at this Kang ah and Scheduler, but mostly Kang ah is like heaven” XD

  9. REBEL SOULS says:

    This is by far -hands down- THE most hilarious post I have ever seen in years. Wish I could join the group and say I am guilty of 1,2,3 but I live in Korea – aside from a few celebrities, finding a Korean guy with a cute butt is like impossible – it’s like the land of flat “butted” men. Most of the men here have smaller butts than the women. After a while you just don’t bother looking cuz it is too discouraging. As for #4, I have to admit – never saw this actor before but he is growing on me- love his smile. Watching that morning show on 49 days was interesting cuz he seems shy and awkward in real life which made him more endearing. Since you saw him first – he is all yours blue.

  10. susan sia says:

    can’t take off my smile and no sound laugh…… people beside me thinks i’m crazy ..hahahahhaha

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