Bella’s favorite ballads

Back in the day, Bella used to sing her heart out to K-ballads (in the shower, at work, in the car). And Bella still does and continues her (why do I continue to refer to myself in the 3rd person?) unabashed love affair with the cheese-tastic greatness of Korean ballads and the accompanying MVs. Below are some of my all-time favorite ballads and the pure epicness of the videos to match. Back to a simpler time when the big stars of today didn’t get too big for their britches and they graced us with their presence on the smallest of small screens. Without further ado, below for your listening and eye candy pleasure- a walk down memory lane:

1. Lee Soo Young – 5th album (I bought this album and still continue to blast said songs in the car. Also I earnestly ship Go Soo with Gong Hyo Jin after all this time…)

a) 덩그러니 (Left Alone)

b) 여전히 입술을 깨물죠 (I Still Bite My Lips)

c) 라라라 (La La La)

2. Kim Bum Soo – 하루 (Once Upon a Day)

3. Jo Sung Mo –

a) 가시나무 (A Thornbush)

b) To Heaven

4. Sky – 영원 (Forever )

5. g.o.d. –

a) 사랑해 그리고 기억해 (Love and Remembrance)

b) 어머님께 (To My Mother)

c) 길 (Road)

So what are some of your favorites from nostalgia lane?

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10 Responses to Bella’s favorite ballads

  1. oozzeee says:

    ,hi…I am a silent lurker here in your blog..I really love the G.O.D’s To My Mother Song..honestly, I am more of a fan of the adorkableness of the Shinhwa boys(I guess they’d be men now) but I don’t know any of their songs the way I do G.O.D’s To My Mother..I don’t know the lyrics of the song but I always sing along with it (making up words on my own) whenever this song plays on my phone…:)

  2. blue says:

    You didn’t include my favorite Lee Soo Young’s song. =(

    그리고 사랑해 (And I Love You)

    I haven’t listened to this song in years, but it used to be my favorite Jo Sung Mo’s song and was on constant repeat:

    And just because when talking about the late 90s ballads, you can’t forget Lim Chang Jung:

    • joonni says:

      You can’t leave out this ballad if you are talking about the 90s.

      임재범,박정현-사랑보다 깊은 상처 (Im Jae Bum and Park Jung Hyun- Scar deeper than love)

  3. joonni says:

    Ah, Korean ballads. I love Korean ballads. I’ve love so many that it is hard to list. But I’ll give what I can remember offhand.

    1. My favorite Sung Si Kyung song- 넌 감동이었어 (You left an impression).

    I just love the combination of his voice and lyrics. Especially in the chorus where he sings something along the lines of “Because I loved you, the world left an impression on me.”

    2. 나얼 – 귀로 (Naul- Road Home)

    This is a remake but Naul’s unique voice and vocal technique totally makes this song.

    3. S.Jin- 수호천사 (Guardian Angel)

    The song is from the the kdrama, Spring Waltz. While I didn’t finish the drama, this song just stayed with me. I love the calmness of this song and especially the lyrics, where it goes, “My sad winter disappeared like a dream after meeting you and spring also came for me.”

  4. thundie says:

    What a coincidence! I own a 6-DVD set of Korean MVs and hadn’t watched it in a few years. But yesterday while cleaning out my room, I took out the set and rewatched the first two DVDs. Some of the MVs you posted (GOD’s To My Mother, Jo Sung-mo’s To Heaven, etc.) I was just watching yesterday!

    Here’s the set that I’m talking about:

    This is one of my favorite MVs from the set:

  5. kcomments says:

    Jamming in with these,
    Lee Seung-chul -Last Concert;

    Ajumma’s best of all time. (Me?Nahhhhh)
    First Korean song that really got thru me (at that time), when first time listened to the song I was so aww…., the piano scores at the very beginning are really beautiful.

    *that classic scarf ahem…again at that time ^^

    • kcomments says:

      *quietly sneak in here*
      I’ve been debating whether I should put this song in here, heck, I love this song so why not share it here ^^ — Beautiful World.
      (if you know the original version please do share ^^)

      • blue says:

        Ooh, I love that song! I’ve actually been preparing to include that song on a future post listing songs with beautiful lyrics. But FYI, the original singer is Park Hak Gi (박학기), and it’s also been remade by Yurisangja (유리상자), which is the version used in the MV above. Great choice, kcomments!

  6. sarangf says:

    this is one of my fave. First love by ji yeung soen

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