Fanvid of the week #9: Han Kang

Now that I’ve gotten over the shock of the news of Seotaiji and Lee Ji Ah’s past marriage…

Lately, all I want to talk about in the K-dramaland is about the awesomeness of 49 Days and my love for JO HYUN JAE’s Han Kang character. I’ve seen most of Jo’s dramas in the past, but he’s never managed to capture my attention… until now. This week’s fanvid of the week is to do just that- fangirl about the sizzling hotness of Han Kang as portrayed by Jo Hyun Jae.

Listen to his deep, but gentle voice as he says, “For you who’ve stood on the crossroads between life and death all this time, and had such a hard time… what can I do for you?”

See that determination in his walk… no, his strut. How his tie swings back and forth like a pendulum with every step he takes. The way his eyes lower as he makes a short, magical pause inches away from Ji Hyun (in Yi Kyung’s body). That tight, firm hug… no, embrace. His slightly crooked lips. Those gentle eyes.  The soft breaths he takes while holding Ji Kyung in his arms. (Ooh, this is starting to sound like an excerpt from a trashy romance novel!)

Rumor has it that Jo Hyun Jae sang the ending song from this clip. Not sure whether it’s true (although I think it is), but the song lyrics really express Han Kang’s feelings to a T.
Edit: It’s now been confirmed that it’s indeed Jo Hyun Jae singing the song!

얼마나 기다려 왔는데
How much I have waited…
얼마나 아팠는데
How much it has hurt…
오랫동안 시간의 흔적만큼
For a long time, as much as the time that has passed,
난 너를 그리워 했는데
I’ve longed for you.
지친 발걸음은 어느새 니곁에 날 데려왔어
Without me knowing, my tired footsteps have brought me to your side.
아무것도 아무일도 못할걸 알면서
Even though I know I wouldn’t be able to do anything.
널 사랑한다는 말 늘 가슴으로 외쳤던 말
“I love you”, the words I’ve always shouted in my heart,
널 사랑한다는 말 니 뒤에서만 되뇌였던 말
“I love you”, the words that I’ve repeated only from behind you.
널 사랑한다는 말 달아날까 할수 없는 말
“I love you”, the words I can’t say lest it’d go away.
I love you
겁이날만큼 널
So much so that I’m afraid.
고백한다 오늘만큼만은 사랑해
I confess at least for today… I love you!
단 하루를 살아도 니곁에 있고 싶다고
Even if I live for just one day, I want it to be by your side
고백할께 이제는 말할께
I will confess to you… I will finally tell you…

Note: Remember how I mentioned the different forms of “I love you” in “Day 13” of the 30-Day K-Drama Challenge? Take note of which ones were used in the song.

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5 Responses to Fanvid of the week #9: Han Kang

  1. jdkk09 says:

    This scene is a replay of an earlier scene in the drama, where he didn’t stop but drove by her pretending not to see her. So very significant scene where this time he stops.

  2. Softy says:

    That would be so cool if that was him singing – kinda thought so in the beginning part cuz his voice didn’t seem as confident and strong as a professional-ooohhhhhh reminds me of hyun bin singing his drama’s ost.
    Just noticed her ensemble here and realized those small boxes at Y’s place sure contain a lot of great outfits and designer handbags. It’s like the boxes are enchanted too cuz it stores endless variety of clothes that come out of it magically wrinkle free and doesn’t look too shabby for not seeing the light of day in 5 yrs.

  3. kcomments says:

    *gasp!* Omo omo Blue’s romance…eh.. novel ^^!!
    I loved his strut too! Kang-ahhhhh.

  4. KB says:

    I just watched this episode on dramafever. It was definitely one of the best episodes so far and Kang-ah was one of the MAIN reasons for it!
    My heart literally stopped when he got so close to her Yi Kyung’s face! I thought he was going to kiss her or something! It was good that he gave her a meaningful hug instead, since it is sweeter and more appropriate.

    This episode was all Han Kang! He’s so smart in piecing so much together and being a silent knight for Ji Hyun. Gah! How can you not fall for him?!?!

    PS: Kang-ah please continue wearing suits in future episodes. 😛

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