First generation idols

WHAT?! G.o.d. got together and performed “Lie” on this week’s Music Bank?! I’m not going to lie. (Hehe, no pun intended.) This news (and their performance) almost made me cry. Now go and retrieve the missing members- Yoon Kye Sang and Park Joon Hyung!

And now, if we can only see H.O.T., Sechkies, and (*fangirl scream*) Jinusean on stage together, I will be a giddier Blue.

H.O.T. – “Candy”

Sechkies – “Couple”

Jinusean – “Tell Me”

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2 Responses to First generation idols

  1. dramaok says:

    LOL oh my GOD it’s g.o.d. hahaha love them.
    awwwwwwwwwwwww. *sniff*
    this is bittersweet.
    but this is good.
    i don’t think YKS will ever join them again,
    and do we really want to see Jjjoon now?
    ack yes. i do. lol. all of them.

    • blue says:

      I know right! I wasn’t even that big of a fan of them, but I feel nostalgic watching them perform. And how old is Joon again? OMG, he’s over 40 y/o now!

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