Trailers for the upcoming romantic comedy dramas (w/ Eng translations)

Three dramas. Starring familiar faces to the romantic comedy genre. All premiering in May. Which one(s) will you be watching?

Baby-Faced Beauty-

Teaser #1

Jang Nara: “Absolute baby face, old maid Lee So Young (34 years old)”

Choi Daniel: “Old-face MD (Marketing Director), Choi Jin Wook, meets his worst enemy (27 years old)”

Ryu Jin: “Cold-hearted, chic divorcee, CEO Seung Il (35 years old)”

Kim Min Seo: “Single-minded designer Yoon Seo (26 years old)”

Caption: “Bad credit, baby-faced beauty’s chaotic life conquest story”

Teaser #2

Jang Nara’s narration: “There are laws of nature. People get born and get old. You can’t stop time. However… we want to look even a year younger if possible. People call me ‘Super Baby-faced Girl.’ But there are so many things in this world that being a mere baby face can’t solve.”

Caption: “Bad credit, baby-faced beauty’s chaotic life conquest story”

Caption: “Jang Nara vs. Choi Daniel”

Best Love-

Teaser #1

Cha Seung Won: (whispers) “I’m gonna kill you.”

Cha Seung Won: “Hello, I’m Dokgo Jin!”

Caption: “Nation’s ‘Hoon-nam’ (a man who warms your heart the more you look at him), Dokgo Jin”

Gong Hyo Jin: “That’s right. My popularity might be gone, but I still have recognition factor left.”

Gong Hyo Jin: “I’m a national treasure girl.”

Caption: “A once has-been national treasure girl, Gu Ae Jung.”

Gong Hyo Jin: “I oughta just…”

Gong Hyo Jin: “Hi, kids!”

Gong Hyo Jin: “You’re busted.”

Gong Hyo Jin: “You… are the king of jerks!”

Teaser #2

Reporter: “The number of your anti-fans have increased greatly. Do you have anything to say about that?”

Gong Hyo Jin: “It’s not me.”

Lee Hee Jin: “Everyone recognizes you and curses at you, right?”

Gong Hyo Jin: “I’m a celebrity.”

Caption: “Nation’s hated character, Gu Ae Jung.”

Cha Seung Won: “I love you.”

Jung Jun Ha: “I’m a fan of Dokgo Jin!”

Cha Seung Won: “I’m filming an A-lister movie with the greatest director, Peter Jason.”

Caption: “Nation’s well-liked actor, Dokgo Jin.”

Gong Hyo Jin: “Let me take a look at your face.”

Cha Seung Won: “Are you hitting my fist with your head right now?”

Gong Hyo Jin: “When did I ask you to give me your signature here?”

Cha Seung Won: “Completely edit me out from your head.”

Cha Seung Won: “Stop. Stop right there!”

Caption: “The victor of the war will be?”

Lie to Me-

Teaser #1

Teaser #2

Yoon Eun Hye: “Honey, I’m over here.”

Yoon Eun Hye: “You didn’t know? I got married.”

Caption: “Quirky, bubbly girl’s cute marriage fraud!”

Voice: “Married? Ah Jung? To Hyun Ki Joon of Oh-haedo Hotel? It’s true! Totally daebak! How can that match make any sense!”

Kang Ji Hwan: “Wife? No, they’re all false rumors.”

Kang Ji Hwan: “Finish listening to me to the end!”

Kang Ji Hwan: “Who the heck spread this rumor?”

Kang Ji Hwan: “You’re my wife?”

Yoon Eun Hye: “Why is it Hyun Ki Joon? Why!”

Yoon Eun Hye: “Why is he so persistent?”

Caption: “I’ll make sure you pay for your lies!”

Kang Ji Hwan: “Tell me the truth. You’re the one who spread the rumor, right?!”

Yoon Eun Hye: “No, I’ve been wrongly accused!”

Kang Ji Hwan: “Lies, lies! I’m gonna tear you to pieces/demolish you!” (Parody of the famous line from Trap of Youth)

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13 Responses to Trailers for the upcoming romantic comedy dramas (w/ Eng translations)

  1. kcomments says:

    *looking left and right, I know you are all there! but no one want to share your secret choice, right?* Buahahaha.

    BLUE!, before I say anything, please let us know your choice/preference too, hehe.
    This is a popular question among Kdrama blogs these days, and difficult to decide too.
    Which one(s) will you be watching?
    Humm…ME? simple ‘ALL’. No joking, it’s just the question of HOW? ^^
    Man, to answer this now feeling like revealing you the secret of the universe.
    I will watch/check all three, but when it comes to watching live, now that’s a big problem. ‘Best Love’ is on Wed-Thu slot so this one is easy, out of the way.

    Just by looking at Daniel Choi, made me laugh already, love his comic timing, really anticipating his character, but I’m not a fan of Ryu Jin(boooo-ring), that’s a minus.

    ‘Lie to me’, still trust KJH, tho really hated his make up (and hair) in both the vid and stills, YEH is YEH to me, she usually has good chemistry with her co-star. The teaser, LMAO, when she said ‘Hoooooney, I’m heeeeeeeeeeeeere’ then ran her ass off, hahaha, that was priceless, still, I felt they both looked a little off and exhausted.

    My choice for watching live ta ta da….for now, would be Baby-Faced, and keeping up with ‘Lie To Me’ later. BB will premiere first anyway. Now with special condition, I know I’m a minority here, will watch the first episode of Ripley live, cuz of my soft spot for Micky.

    There, the rabbit is out of the hole, however, my eccentric natures always allow me to change my mind any time. No rule! no rule! kcomments luvreee to hop around. ^^

    • blue says:

      Haha, you know me. I’ll watch them all and then decide which ones to keep, and yup, that includes City Hunter, Romance Town, and Ripley as well (the dramas on the bottom of my list right now, but that can always change). We can hop around together. ^^ All three trailers do look cute though!

      • kcomments says:

        Yes, let’s join force in May and attack them all haha.
        Btw, if you know the description of Micky’s character in Ripley, please share, where he will fit in the story.

        For ‘Romance Town’ , if the story tackles the life of maids (put your banner down, cuz I don’t care, huhu ridiculous!, how can you be ashamed of the word itself when the natures of your profession are the same, realistic not idealistic here ^^) and done in a meaningful way with humor added to it, that’ll be interesting, then again it’s SYR *sigh* and the casts not so promising.

        My first rant on CITY HUNTER, why did he end up in the Blue House, and MIT graduated? I mean why not Cornegie Mellon, Yale or Penn State (those are my fav college names Haha).

  2. Bella says:

    Best Love and Lie to Me look the most promising although typical rom-coms from the looks of it.

    I’m having a milion little heart attacks/nervous breakdowns so will be back in action over the weekend!

    • blue says:

      Hope you’re holding up okay. Can’t wait for you to get back and come join us again. Umm, by the time you come back, this blog might be turned into a JHJ shrine. Just warning you!

    • kcomments says:

      Hellooooooo! *waves with SG Binnie flag*
      I’m going to be busy this Friday too, the prince is getting marriage in London ^^” they haven’t revealed the wedding dress designer yet, supposes to set a new trend. It’s funny how they keep showing the video footage of P.Charles & Diana O_O ( and No, I’m not in GB^^). You know how the British and the Scot (not the whisky) always make joke about each other, was in Scotland one time calling the cap, told the driver I’m going to(or from, couldn’t remember) London, he asked me ‘Why?’ Me kept silent….he continued (with his Scottish accent) ‘Visit the queen?’ I went damn, that’s the bad joke ever! I was torned between my love for Scotland and the Queen! Haha stays in my memory till now. Well, sorry, I’m way way off here, exclusively for you. ^^

  3. Fresh02 says:

    Hi blue, may I use your translations to fill out and correct the subtitles on the “Lie to Me” teaser #2? You’ll be properly credited of course.

  4. sittie says:

    aaa can’t wait for romcom drama LIE TO ME ……kang jing hwan and yoon eun hye was so cute i’m in love again,,,korean drama is so rock….

  5. sansukini says:

    HI blue, kcomments,

    OMG! Why do all the good dramas have to come out this May!!!!

    I’m definitely looking forward to Lie to Me the most. I get excited just watching the trailer. I wish i can watch the other dramas as well. omg1 I might as well live in a cage with an internet connection.


    • kcomments says:

      Hi! Words of advice, eat good food, sleep tight, say good bye to social life….then ta ta daaaaaaa….May 2, mark the opening season of OMG-what-the-heck-I-will-watch-it-all-May-drama ^^ BFB, LTM, RT, BL, CH, Ripley. Wait, never never forget ‘Can You Hear My Heart?’ See, that’s easy, haha.

  6. Melpomene says:

    Ahh! I can’t wait for Best Love! Gong Hyo Jin steals my heart (and brain-power) whenever she comes on screen. Why does this have to premier right at that start of finals week???

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