Moon Chae Won is the Princess

Actress Moon Chae Won (It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl) will be taking on the leading role of the “princess” in the upcoming KBS sageuk, The Princess’s Man.

Moon Chae Won will play Lee Se Ryung, the daughter of King Sejo (better known as Grand Prince Suyang). Not typical of a Joseon woman of her time, her character is bold, daring, full of curiosity, and extremely strong-willed to see through whatever goal she aims for. Because of her father’s ambition to take the throne and become a king, her life takes a sharp turn and she herself gradually changes. (Oh, and of course, there’s the part of her engaging in a star-crossed love with the son of her father’s political rival.)

This is Moon Chae Won’s second sageuk drama. She first got her name out playing a gisaeng, acting opposite Moon Geun Young in The Painter of the Wind. Truth be told, I’ve yet to be truly impressed by Moon Chae Won’s acting, but I’ve heard wonderful things about her role in The Painter of the Wind and am looking forward to seeing what she’ll show us in her next sageuk role. And on a purely superficial level, she looks absolutely gorgeous in a hanbok.

Directed by Kim Jung Min (Drama Special: Family Secrets, Loving You a Thousand Times, Hometown Legends, Cannot Hate You, Barefoot Love) and written by Jo Jung Joo (Partner), The Princess’s Man is scheduled to air following Romance Town.

Via TV Daily

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3 Responses to Moon Chae Won is the Princess

  1. supah says:

    I (heart) Moon Chae-won and am glad she was picked for the role, hope she gets a worthy Romeo.

  2. kcomments says:

    Watched/Loved The Painter of the Wind, but her in that role, didn’t leave big impression on me. Not sure will watch this one ,how many episodes may I know?

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