Why I love Han Kang – Reason #49

Now that Han Kang found out about Yi Kyung’s true identity, he puts all his effort into finding a way to help bring Ji Hyun back to life. He has a vague idea that Ji Hyun’s mission is to get proof of people’s sincerity, and so Detective Han Kang gets right to work as he brainstorms several possible options of what that proof might be.

EDIT: I was mislead. The notebook from episode 13 preview was not Han Kang’s, but that of the chef’s wife! 

In the preview for episode 13 airing on April 27th, we get a glimpse inside Han Kang’s notebook (and his brain). He writes:

“Way to show a person’s sincerity? Heart.”
“How would I show my heart? Gaze.”

On his chart, he has a circle with the words “Expressing a person’s sincerity” in the middle. Branching out of this, he has five categories: gift, meeting, phone call, feelings, and letter.

“Gift” branches out to “a gift from the heart,” “clothes,” and “rose.” The “rose” further branches out to “pink rose” and “red rose.” (OMG, this boy is KILLING me!)

“Meeting” branches out to “with friend,” “work,” “teacher,” and “a friend of opposite sex.” “A friend of opposite sex” further branches out to “work,” “high school,” and “college.”

“Phone call” branches out to “home phone,” “cell phone,” and “text.” “Text” further branches out to “e-mail.”

“Feelings” branches out to four categories. I can only make out two of them – “gaze” and “I love you.” He has three stars next to both. (LOL) “Gaze” branches out to “expression,” “bad,” and “good.”  “I love you” branches out to “love between opposite sex,” “trust,” and “love between friends.”

Finally, “letter” has two stars. “Letter” branches out to three categories – “letter to a lover,” “letter from parents” and a third that I can’t make out.

OMG, Kang, I love you so much!!! Why are you so adorable?!!

Someone please tell that boy that the answer is “tears.” But not until he goes through everything on the list first. I can just imagine him giving several different gazes to Ji Kyung as he tries to figure out the correct answer. Wait, does this mean that we’ll soon hear him tell Ji Kyung “I love you”?

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9 Responses to Why I love Han Kang – Reason #49

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  2. couchkimchi says:

    I love this post blue!! getting to know more of Kang’s feelings make me love him more!! I really hope he’d have a happy ending.. that he’d be with the one he truly loves..


  3. a.n. says:

    Thank you so much for the translation, it makes me love Hang Kang so much !!!! He is so sweet! The brainstorming note clearly expressed the love Hang Kang has for the girl, the trouble and pain he is going through for her…

  4. kcomments says:

    What if ,at the end, he dies to be with his love? Pttf.

  5. prissymom says:

    Thank you for highlighting this part of the preview, blue! Didn’t notice the notebook at all, it went so fast.

    Thank you also for the explanation.

    “How would I show my heart? Gaze.” – this made me lol. He has been gazing at her for the last 12 eps (well, except for ending of ep 12 where he HUGged her)!!! Time for some action, my boy!

  6. Kristal says:

    As much as I love King Kang, and I do, I kinda find myself wavering when it comes to Scheduler. I mean they are both so damn cute, but Scheduler has the comedy thing going on that I love. However, the con to loving him is that two-toned poodle haircut! What were they thinking with that one?!

  7. nytah says:

    mmmm… Scheduler…
    I really hope that time/space/forces of the universe bend so that he ends up with Yi Kyung! So much disappointment if this doesn’t happen.

    • Kristal says:

      I doubt that will happen. I forsee lots of tears being shed by me at the end for Scheduler and his Yi Kyung. SIGH

  8. castor says:

    SWEET KANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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