Army duty report

A reader asks, “Who are the Korean actors expected to make their return after completing their military service?”

In answering this question, I’ve separated the men into two groups. One group consists of men who have already been discharged after completing their military service since 2010 and an update on their recent, current, or upcoming projects.  Another group consists of men who are scheduled to be discharged before the end of this year. (But really, this is just my shameless excuse to dedicate an entire post solely to photos of men. Yeah, I’m pretty brilliant like that!)

Already discharged:

Discharge date: March 25, 2010
After returning from his military service, he went right back to work by taking part in the film Grand Prix with actress Kim Tae Hee. He has now been casted in the upcoming baseball movie Perfect Game, along with actor Jo Seung Woo.

Discharge date: June 18, 2010
There has been no news from him since his discharge from military service. What up, Jae Hee?

Discharge date: June 19, 2010
Jo Hyun Jae is busy filming the currently airing drama 49 Days and stealing hearts everywhere.

Discharge date: Sept. 6, 2010
Ryu Soo Young has been a busy man. Since his return, he’s already successfully finished the romantic comedy drama My Princess earlier this year.

Discharge date: Oct. 23, 2010
Well, if you thought Ryu Soo Young had been busy, you’ve seen nothing yet. Immediately after his discharge, Jo Seung Woo went right to taking part in the musical Jekyll & Hyde. Then he confirmed to be taking the leading role in the movie Goo Hye Sun is directing, Peach Tree. The latest news is that he has been casted along with Yang Dong Geun in the upcoming baseball film, Perfect Game. This man is a workaholic.

Discharge date: Oct. 30, 2010
Eric had earlier signed up for Poseidon, a drama surrounding the lives of those in the Korean Coast Guard. Unfortunately, with Poseidon hanging in limbo with no air date in sight and many of the other cast members already having dropped out, it remains to be seen what becomes of the drama or Eric’s comeback project.

Discharge date: Dec. 3, 2010
Ohn Joo Wan will be acting opposite Lee So Yeon in the upcoming SBS weekend drama My Love By My Side, premiering on May 7th.

Discharge date: Jan. 24, 2011
Kim Jae Won has taken the lead role and is busy filming the currently airing MBC drama Can You Hear My Heart?

Discharge date: Feb. 28, 2011
Kim Jung Hoon chose the 16-episode romantic comedy drama I Need Romance as his comeback drama. It is scheduled to air on the cable channel tvN in June, following Manny.

Discharge date: March 7, 2011
Media reported on April 27th that Lee Jin Wook and his Hallyu star girlfriend, Choi Ji Woo, have split earlier this year. There’s no news yet of his comeback project.

Upcoming discharges:

Expected to be discharged on May 4, 2011
There’s no question that Jo In Sung’s return is the most anticipated by the public. In fact, even before his discharge, he’s already confirmed the film Fist Fighting as his comeback project.

Expected to be discharged in June 2011
Not sure how much of this has been exaggerated by his agency, but the word on the streets is that he’s happily shifting through numerous scripts he has been offered in anticipation for his comeback.

Expected to be discharged in August 2011
Like Lee Dong Wook, the rumor is that offers have been pouring in for Kim Rae Won. He is reported to have turned down a role in a sageuk drama (hmm, I wonder which one…), and is considering between the upcoming MBC drama, Light and Shadow, and a major blockbuster film.

Expected to be discharged in November 2011
Since enlisting in the army after his drug scandal, Joo Ji Hoon has been slowly preparing for his return. Earlier this year, he was reported to have signed with Bae Yong Joon’s management company, Key East.

Although Lee Ki Woo is expected to be discharged late this year, his movie Our Neighbor’s Crime, which he had filmed before his enlistment, has only recently been released earlier this month.

And I can’t think of a more appropriate way to end this post than with this Old Miss Diary MV:

It’s raining men!

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23 Responses to Army duty report

  1. Iviih says:

    Oh I’m so sad. Kim Nam gil will just come back in 2012… *sad* sad* But has nice news this year, KRW oppa missed him, and JJH which I really liked as actor – his scandal about drug doesn’t matter for me, since I’m fan of the acting and not the actor himself. (but his scandal will make him harder to come back to the screen)

    Ah! the ones who I’m loving to see on screen: JHJ oh this man is soooo charming… I’m loving him as Kang!!!! Loving him more than my BSB oppa or Il-woo!

    Btw Kim Jae Won he is so cute! His smile melt my heart ^^ hahaha loving him on Can you hear my heart?

    About Ryo oppa, loved him in My princess.

    Thanks for the post! ^^~

  2. kcomments says:

    Raining men to begin my day with, is not bad at all *wink to Blue*
    Over the years, no matter how many kdramas I had encountered, never I forgot Mr. KIM.RAE.WON. He is my personal obsession !!! He’ll be out with new project in hand too, oh yeah! Thanks Blue ^^

  3. spazzy06 says:

    I was wondering where Yang Dong Geun was. I wasn’t aware he was serving in the army…

  4. cha says:

    i wonder why there is no news about jae hee…he has been out of the military for almost a year and there is no news about him at all…i think that is kinda unusual…

  5. lei2010 says:

    oh! its really RAINING MEN here sooo kawaii!!! swoon! thanks blue for a wonderful post u made me smile from a tiring day…

    “Jo Hyun Jae is busy filming the currently airing drama 49 Days and stealing hearts everywhere.” i like this part… KANG AHHHHHH!!!! and I love KJW’s smile & acting in CYHMH.

    I’m anticipating LDW & KRW comeback in showbiz.

  6. oi says:

    nice and funny post!
    thanks 😀
    glad to hear that KRW will back on screen soon

  7. doozy says:

    Thanks for the info and pics, blue!
    Now, please excuse the following outbursts…

  8. joonni says:

    what an appropriate song!

    Seriously, can it rain men at least in my dreams???

    Are you or bella watching Can You Hear My Heart?

    • blue says:

      Hi Joonni!
      Not sure about Bella, but I’ve been watching CYHMH and I like it so far. I’m about a week behind though. Are you watching it as well?

      • lei2010 says:

        hi! blue & joonni im watching CYHMH, im so gaga with it, the last part in ep10 is epic, i don’t know what to do thinking about it… KJW acting is great and the chemistry is good btwn the lead actress

      • joonni says:

        I’m watching but skimming. Just because I don’t have that much time. But while it is not addicting I am finding the drama very interesting. The characters are fascinating and complicated (especially Dong Jun, Ma Ru/Jun Ha, and their mother).

        And the cinematography is beautiful. And there is overall gentleness and warmth to the drama which suites this season.

  9. D says:

    Jae Hee where are you?!!!!!!!………….everytime I hear about a possible new drama I pray to the dramagods that we will get to see you in it!……..please dont make us wait anylonger

  10. ripgal says:

    Yeap where is Jae Hee?

    And on others, Wookie, come back to me! <333

  11. supah says:

    Haha! Oh Yoon-ah, ever the Man-iser unnie. That video is sheer class.

    K! R! W! August is so far. And Sexy Bastard Kim Nam-gil isn’t out till 2012. Aigooo.

  12. Anvesha says:

    Hi, my first post here 🙂 a nice update on celebs!
    I was wondering about LDW since I just rewatched my girl and parts of Partner.. Hope to see him soon!

    I thought KRW was not famous? (but many mentioned him in this thread) I like him a lot.. awesome actor! And so is Joo Ji Hoon! I’m anticipating all three’s next projects!!!

    • blue says:

      I like KRW too! He is not an A-lister like Jang Dong Gun (then again, who is?), but KRW is definitely very popular in both Korea and abroad. Probably one of the more popular/famous actors from those in his age category.

      • lei2010 says:

        does A-lister actors means high acting payment or are they well-known for their higher ratings in a drama that’s y they belong to that category?

      • blue says:

        Celebrities are divided by class on how much they are paid on their projects/cfs, ranging from A-listers to D-listers. It’s pretty ambiguous how the class is actually determined, but things like having hit dramas and movies, and overall public image play a role. If you get paid at least 500 million won (approx. $500,000) per cf, you’re considered to belong to the A class. From my understanding, even A-listers are divided into “regular” A-listers and go all the way up to A+++ listers. (I’m not making this up!)

        From my knowledge, KRW belongs to the A-class as well, but he’s at the bottom of the A-class. The people considered to be top A-listers are people like Seotaiji (singer), Jang Dong Gun, Won Bin, BYJ, Rain, and Go Hyung Jung.

        Seotaiji is the highest paid celebrity in Korea at 2 billion won (approx. $2 million) per cf. That might have changed after his recent scandal, but probably not by much.

        Personally, some of my favorite actors are not A-listers, but “B-listers” like Lee Seon Kyun and Park Yong Woo.

    • Emeldy says:

      Really KMW is not an A list actor. Hmmmmm i always thought he is at the top of the ladder in terms of skill and rank.

      KRW is my biased. I started watching anything korean because of him. My little Bride was the first korean movie that i have ever watched. Then like every newbie i got promoted to Drama soon enough. I have love every drama of his.

      So i am excited for his return.

      • blue says:

        I corrected myself above, but KRW is an A-lister… just not a TOP A-lister. You see, the A-list is further divided, ranging from A-listers all the way up to A+++ listers. You can see the comment right above for a more detailed explanation.

        That said, I do look forward to KRW’s comeback project, whatever it will be. I’ve always liked KRW even from before, but I think many of the actors so far have upped their ante after military service. I think he will too.

  13. lei2010 says:

    i hope they will consider acting skill the most… underrated actors deserves more than praise…

    oh i also like LSK he’s appealing seen him in coffee prince…

  14. ditdut says:

    Holy cow, now that you said it, Jae Hee did really disappear after his release. I actually thought he was STILL in the army!

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