Fanvid of the week #10: Jo Hyun Jae

Lately, I’ve been COMPLETELY taken in by Han Kang from 49 Days, so I thought why not dedicate this week’s fanvid of the week to the man behind the character – JO HYUN JAE? In retrospect, I guess we should have seen this coming when in my first impression review of 49 Days, I started going off on a tangent about how Jo Hyun Jae’s eyes remind me of Park Yong Woo’s. The warning signs were loud and clear. I just chose to ignore them.

But it’s too late now as I’m in deep and find myself spending countless hours searching anything and everything about Jo Hyun Jae. For example, did you know that when you search “Jo Hyun Jae” on Naver (a Korean search engine à la Google), a related search that shows up is “Jo Hyun Jae in person” (조현재 실물)? Apparently, many people consider him to be one of the least photogenic actors in Korea because he’s so much BETTER looking in person. Yeah, and who says life is fair?

Anyway, there are two video clips of Jo Hyun Jae’s past that I wanted to share this week.

First is of Jo Hyun Jae in 1998 when he was a member of the short-lived boy band, Guardian. He is seen lip-synching to their song “Sad Fate” with his bandmates, which includes rapper-turned-actor, Kim Kang Woo. Oh.Em.Gee. Umm, I just don’t know what else to say, but for “check this out.”

And here is Jo Hyun Jae winning the New Star Award at the 2003 SBS Drama Awards for his performance in First Love (SBS, 2003). Oh my, can a person look any more uncomfortable standing on stage to receive an award as he does? I love how shy and awkward he looks here.


JHJ: Hello, it’s Jo Hyun Jae.
MC: How does it feel to win an award?
JHJ: Ahh, I’m very thankful.
MC: I have nothing to say. You’re so good looking from up close.
JHJ: No/that’s not true.
MC: What is your proudest feature from your face?
JHJ: …..I’m not sure.
MC: I think it’s your eyes.
JHJ: (nods)
MC: And your nose.
JHJ: Thank you.
MC: And your lips.
JHJ: (laughs)
MC: Let’s do a handshake just once.
(They shake hands.)
MC: They say that if we shake each other’s hands like this, we will be born with our face swapped in our next life…

Okay, that’s it. I’m claiming Kim Jae Dong in his next life!

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18 Responses to Fanvid of the week #10: Jo Hyun Jae

  1. a.n. says:

    thanks for the video on the award, the mc is so funny, and boy, jhj looked really gorgeous with the boyish shyness…

  2. REBEL SOULS says:

    OMG i have no idea which one made me cringe more – the bad song or that awful choreography-actually both made me stop the video before I cried thinking about poor JHJ having to live this down. Bet he still gets teased about this cuz there is A LOT to make fun of here 🙂 Cant believe KKW came out – didnt know his name, but I know that face from one episode of Story of a man. wow the things they have to do to become a star…you are so cute blue for posting this video 🙂 if YAI made one like this I would hide it from the world.

  3. kcomments says:

    THAT dance steps will haunt them down ^^

  4. blue says:

    Awww… haha, I thought he looked adorable doing his “dance” moves!

  5. dramaok says:

    Congratulations on your new love, Master Blue.
    I think this means you will let go of my Lee Seon Joon at last?
    Thank you, Master.

    • blue says:

      Thanks, my dear Master Dramaok.
      But I’m greedy. I’m still tightly holding onto LSJ in one hand and JHJ in another. Oh, and FYI, Lee Seon Kyun, Park Yong Woo, and Jung Kyung Ho are also tight within my grasp. There’s plenty of Blue to go around, you know! 😀

  6. Softy says:

    Don’t think anyone will fight you for PYW for sure so he is all yours. 🙂 For LSK, you have his wife to contend with. For LSJ, i don’t dare jump in the pool of fans for him- too many and i fear drowning. For JKH, maybe a few tugs of “let’s share”. But these days, I am starting to figure out what all the fuss for JHJ was about and you’ve got another rival honey (and I live on his home turf and have the advantage) 🙂

  7. Hannah says:

    Thanks for posting :). He’s so awkwardly cute! Better looking in person is that even possible lol. Hope he will win an award for 49days this year. There’s not much I can find on JHJ read somewhere that he has always kept a low profile. Blue you should watch him in Only You ysmm special and kang shim jang if you haven’t already. 🙂

  8. doozy says:

    Thanks for posting these blast-from-the-past clips, blue! His awkwardness during the award acceptance is super endearing.

    I first saw him in Sunshine of Love or something drama with Song Hye Gyo where he played a pastries chef and still remember the scene towards the end when he just stepped off the plane at the airport, sported a gruffy look courtesy of newly grown facial hair, took off his sunglasses, and I literally sat up in my chair, eyes grew bigger because hot dayum, he was HAWT!

    JHJ = ♥

  9. lei2010 says:

    oh! blue, can u pls help me translate the variety show in Strong Heart where they guess JHJ and Nam Gyuri its ep67 -68; there’s a video in vikki but i stopped watching it bcoz i can’t understand what they were saying its not fully sub in english. Hodong is teasing JHJ coz he look so sad. And i’m dying to know what kind of story he will share in the show…

    WOW! JHJ is so damm freaking good looking guy in his early days up till now.

  10. Kristal says:

    Is it strange that I find him really sexy in makeup…

    • blue says:

      Nope, not strange at all! My initial reaction to seeing him sport a manliner was “What the…!” But now that I got used to it, I agree that he’s surprisingly rocking this look.

  11. prissymom says:

    hi, blue! I know this comment is quite late, but still want to let you know how much I appreciate the love you are sending JHJ’s way.

    Okay, about his Guardian days – he used to be embarrassed to talk about it, but in an interview he granted after his discharge from military service he talked quite freely about it. I guess, he’s not shy about it anymore. He always treated that time in his life as a stepping stone to acting, that’s why since the group disbanded he concentrated on acting. He usually sings only during his fan meetings and in his dramas. Many of his fans are over the moon that he sings again in 49 Days.

    About JHJ not being photogenic – many reporters have commented on this on seeing JHJ in person for the first time. I used to be puzzled about that comment until a fellow JHJ fan (blog owner of wuliJHJ website) saw him up close and personal during the first JHJ fan meeting she attended (she has since seen him up close 8 times, was even on the same plane he was on from Osaka to Tokyo for his fan meetings there last year), and shared with us that indeed JHJ is not photogenic. Her words were “you need all earth’s gravity to keep from swooning and collapsing” to describe the JHJ she saw in person. He is THAT good looking in person.

    His eyes are indeed his best feature + his lips + his face … okay enough! hahaha

    Is the Kim Jae Dong you mentioned the MC wearing eyeglasses? If so, he is known to have always looked out for JHJ. He is also one of the hosts in the YSMM Only You TV Special (together with Kang Ho Dong – did i get the name right?). If you have not seen that TV Special yet, I suggest you do because the JHJ you will see there is so funny, open, endearing and so charming. We have links in our website if you are interested.

    He is shy and not really talkative, but according to the MC/translator of his Japan fan meetings last year (she has been emceeing his fan meetings in Japan even before MS), he is 30% more talkative now than before his MS. But he is still adorably shy, which I like very much.

    Sorry for the long comment. Just can’t stop talking about JHJ whenever I get the chance.

    • blue says:

      Don’t be sorry for the long comment! Loved reading your thoughts! Feel free to talk about JHJ as much as you want here.

      Yup, Kim Jae Dong is the MC with the glasses. I saw the YSMM episode with JHJ when it first aired (used to be a fan of YSMM), but I didn’t really pay much attention to JHJ then. After 49 Days, I went back and watched his clip over again to refresh my memory on what he talked about back then.

      So many actors put up a shy/naive act in front of the camera, but it seems like JHJ is just genuinely a shy/reserved person. It is so “un-starlike” and I find it endearing. This is weird, but I also like the crowd of celebrity friends he hangs with. They say you can tell a lot about a person by his friends, right?

  12. Jane Colin 19 says:

    49 Days I watch it for 3 Days that was awsome:) I really love the story….

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