Stars’ Airport Style #4


Actor Jo In Sung (A Frozen Flower) was seen at Gimpo Airport on May 5th, the very next day after being discharged from his military service. Wearing a black striped top, cargo pants, and New Balance sneakers, he opted for comfort for his flight. He had a large Balenciaga bag across his body and the Monster Beats headphones around his neck. But seriously, do ALL Korean celebrities own one of these headphones, and are they really that great?


Actress Han Ji Hye (The Duo) left for China to participate as a model at the Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) fashion festival that was held on May 7th.


Actress Seo Hyo Rim (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) was caught off guard by the large crowd of reporters (they were there to report on the arrival of Korea’s skating darling, Kim Yuna, the same day) as she arrived back at Incheon International Airport on May 2nd after finishing a photoshoot in Bali. On this day, she went for a denim-on-denim look, from a denim jumper, a denim Louis Vuitton bag, and denim gladiator sandals.


The latest buzzword in Korea is the “missing bottom” fashion (하의실종), and it reflects the current fashion trend of wearing really short shorts and miniskirts. Personally, I hate the phrase… and the trend. But actress Yoon Seung Ah (All My Love) manages to look cute and classy sporting the “missing bottom” look as she departs for California on April 28th.


Singer (and former Jewelry member) Seo In Young uploaded photos of herself on her own Twitter account as she waited at the airport to leave for Thailand on April 28th. Seeing the long length of her dress, netizens commented to be careful so as not to trip when she walks.


Singer/actor Rain (a.k.a. Stephen Colbert’s rival) sported a military look as he flew off to New York on April 24th to attend the award ceremony for being voted the top position on TIME Magazine‘s “Top 100 Most Influential List.” He wore a brown V-neck tee, black pants from Dior Homme’s collection, a gold watch from Cartier, and a leopard-print MCM backpack to the airport. He also carried in his hands a black jacket from John Varvatos and (why, of course!) the Beats headphones. (right photo)

In contrast, he went for an all-white suit during his return on April 28th. (left photo)


Actress Park Han Byul (better known as former ulzzang and long-time girlfriend of Se7en) was dressed in a white tee and a long skirt at Incheon International Airport leaving for Hong Kong on April 26th to film for a cable TV program. Her gold-sequined backpack really stands out.


After successfully completing the JYJ World Tour Concert in Taiwan, DBSK/JYJ member, Micky Yoochun (Ripley), flew out on April 24th. I had to do a double take to check that he wasn’t wearing the exact same outfit from a month earlier, and even now, I’m not 100% sure. But oh, my poor Micky dear, did you lose some more weight again?!


Actress Gong Hyun Joo (You Are My Destiny) uploaded her own airport photos on her minihompy on April 19th. She was coordinated in brown throughout (black zippered leggings, light brown leather jacket, and holding a brown Hermes Birkin bag (of ostrich leather!) as she left for Beijing for a CF shoot.


The it-girl IU (Dream High) looked every bit the high schooler she is when she was seen at Incheon International Airport on April 4th to leave for London for a magazine photospread.


The newlyweds, actor Jung Joon Ho (Queen of Reversals) and his wife, Lee Ha Jung (MBC announcer), have already been swept by rumors of trouble in their marriage just a little over a month after their wedding. However, when they were leaving for their honeymoon in Hawaii last month the day after their March 25th wedding, they looked like a perfectly happy newlywed couple as they should be. For their sakes, hopefully that’s still the case now.


Okay, that’s all for the April (and a little bit of March & May) edition of Star’s Airport Style. My personal favorite is Seo Hyo Rim’s outfit. It looks fun, fresh, comfortable, and most importantly, doesn’t look like she tried too hard. (And despite the denim on denim, I don’t think the denim looks too overwhelming either.)

So, which is YOUR favorite outfit?

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3 Responses to Stars’ Airport Style #4

  1. Softy says:

    I have been looking for Jo in sung’s balenciaga bag for a year now so all I am wondering is if he got it in Seoul. They don’t sell that style in Korea and it’s too old to find in America. Good to see him going on a trip – hope it was to a beach to relax and unwind. And those MB headphones drown out ambient noise so it’s perfect if you are on a loud plane and want to sleep.quality isn’t all that different from other high end headphones, but it sure does make my apple earbuds seem pitiful.
    Out of the women, I choose gong hyun joo’s outfit as the most fashionable minus the bag cuz I hate that style- I like messenger or shoulder.
    Funny thing is I just got the same Ash sneakers yoon seung ah is wearing – most comfortable shoes ever. So much I got one in black too.
    Curious, why is that last couple’s marriage on the rocks? And did she sign a prenup cuz I heard he is loaded.

  2. Kristal says:

    Aww, I think the happy couple photo is best just because Lee Ha Jung’s awesome pose and they just like your typical couple. No super fancy duds.

    Besides that I think Jo In Sung is best male and the chick with the bottomless shorts would be my other favorite if those shorts were just a little bit longer. Why does Han Ji Hye’s outfit look so bland? She is worst dressed for me.

  3. Bella says:

    Hold up, jung joo ho is married? Bloody hell where the hell have i been? Im back in axn soon!!

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