Electric Ground now has rotating headers!

Woohoo! “Electric Ground” now has rotating headers, with a different one popping up every time you load a page! The header images consist of dramas, movies, on-screen couples, or actors that Bella and/or Blue like. For a complete list of all the headers in use, click here.

Now if we can only figure out how to upload music on the blog…

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4 Responses to Electric Ground now has rotating headers!

  1. Melissa says:


  2. bella012 says:

    OMG I love it!!!!!! how did you figure it out? share the knowledge please!

    I’m still messing around with the music thing, I know there is some code for it…

    • blue says:

      I’d love to say it’s owed to my sheer brilliance, but the truth is that I didn’t have to do anything. It just became a new added function on WordPress. Just upload the header like you’d have done in the past, but once uploaded, click on “Random” as your header choice.

      I read that you can use Fileden to upload music and then add the link onto blog. Not sure whether Fileden is down or what, but I can’t even access the site right now! Errggg.

      Wait, you think 49 Days is just a middling? I don’t think I can talk to you right now. Hahaha, j/k. (Which episode are you on?)

  3. doozy says:

    Yay for rotating headers! I was spazzing out when I saw the Alone in Love ones. Very nice.

    And now, for some reason… I have this urge to go watch The Classic.

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