Match the actors to their abs!

I’m not really an “abs” person. But something kcomments said piqued my curiosity on whether folks would actually be able to identity the actors merely by their abs. Thanks to the endless supply of the gratuitous shower scenes in K-dramas, here are photos of nine actors and their abs during various drama shower scenes from within the last 2 years. Can you successfully match the abs to the actors to whom they belong to? Take the challenge to find out! (And of course, this blog entry is strictly for educational research purposes.)


Abs #1

Abs #2

Abs #3

Abs #4

Abs #5

Abs #6

Abs #7

Abs #8

Abs #9



HA SUK JIN (Once Upon a Time in Saengchori)


JO HYUN JAE (49 Days)

JUNG GYU WOON (Romance Town)

LEE MIN HO (Personal Taste)

LEE PHILIP (Secret Garden)

PARK SHI HOO (Prosecutor Princess)

SONG SEUNG HUN (My Princess)


Good luck! For the answers, see the first comment.

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10 Responses to Match the actors to their abs!

  1. blue says:


    (Abs #1- Song Seung Hun; Abs #2- Lee Philip; Abs #3- Jang Hyuk; Abs #4- Jung Gyu Woon; Abs #5- Cha Seung Won; Abs #6- Jo Hyun Jae; Abs #7- Ha Suk Jin; Abs #8- Lee Min Ho; Abs #9- Park Shi Hoo)

  2. Melissa says:

    you are amazing! bahahaha!!!
    this made my day
    i’m not even going to try to match these…
    i’ve seen so many shower scenes that it’s hard for me to differentiate now lol

  3. Softy says:

    I’m more curious about what kcomments said for you to generate this post 🙂 looks like you might have had some fun doing research on this. Funny how LMH was the least fit when he is the youngest one. You should have held off till YKS had his shower scene cuz he would have won hands down for best abs. Well in the past he could have – not so sure now.

  4. V says:

    I think I read too many recaps. Taken out of context/scene, I highly doubt I would have been able to match any of the abs to their owners. But on your “quiz”, I actually got a surprising number correct as I recognized the backgrounds of a good number of the pictures.

    My question is: Who do you think has the best abs? 😀

  5. blue says:

    Hehe, kcomments merely said she recognized the photo of JGW’s abs right away. Having the ever-so-inquisitive mind, I became curious whether people would be able to recognize other people’s abs as well. Kekeke.

    Not really about the abs, but I personally don’t like it when guys have overdeveloped pecs (prime example= Song Seung Hun). Just based on the photos above, Jo Hyun Jae’s and Ha Suk Jin’s bodies are to my liking! What about you? 🙂

  6. prissymom says:

    obviously, i like JHJ’s and I recognized it. But the reason i didn’t like the others is their man-boobs, don’t like over-developed boobs on men….

    good luck on your research, blue! kekekeke

  7. judy says:

    dis is so much fun..hahaha..especially lee min ho’s abs.. I never thought he has such terrific body coz in bof he seem too lanky..hahaha.. LEE MIN HOO FOREVER!!

  8. izan says:

    *nosebleed* hotness overload.. hahaha

  9. kcomments says:

    Buahahahaha Blue! I’m really laughing non stop right now! Just pop in to quickly check your post and lo and be hold *gulps* M-boobs! This post really makes my day!

    At least I could guess three right; SSH, JGW, JHJ(didn’t know LMH would fit in here, cuz never get pass his face ^^) . Not gonna lie, when RT ep2 showed shower scene, it was uncommon to focus on the lower part(…legs), then mid body, then face. I was *gulp* aww this is interesting, his body filled up the screen, and it just stayed in my brain cuz they showed it that way. Never see JGW before, but boy he is gorgeous with everything he wears in RT, I just drooled and told myself, forget everything and let JGW take me to the finale(of the drama), hehe.

  10. Jane says:

    omgosh!!!!! hotstufffff!! XD you’re a genius!! look at those abs, I can’t believe one of them is from a 40 years old man!!!!! oh CSW is so hotttttt!

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