Park Shi Hoo casted as Moon Chae Won’s man

Following the news that Moon Chae Won will be the titular “princess” in the upcoming KBS sageuk, The Princess’s Man, her man has now been chosen (all but confirmed), and it is none other than actor Park Shi Hoo (Queen of Reversals). I’m not going to lie. Screw whether he can act in a sageuk… I’m excited to see Park Shi Hoo dressed in a hanbok again since his 2008 role in Iljimae, and the two pretties (Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won) make out… I mean, develop great chemistry with each other.

The Princess’s Man is a fusion sageuk, and described as a Joseon-era “Romeo and Juliet.” Park Shi Hoo will play Kim Jong Seo’s son, Kim Seung Yoo, who gets involved in a star-crossed love with Moon Chae Won’s Princess Lee Se Ryung character. Unfortunately, Princess Lee Se Ryung is also the daughter of his family’s enemy, King Sejo (better known as Grand Prince Suyang).

Directed by Kim Jung Min (Drama Special: Family Secrets, Loving You a Thousand Times, Hometown Legends, Cannot Hate You, Barefoot Love) and written by Jo Jung Joo (Partner), The Princess’s Man is scheduled to air in July following Romance Town.

Via Osen

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9 Responses to Park Shi Hoo casted as Moon Chae Won’s man

  1. D says:

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! A pairing mad in drama heaven = me like
    damn this is not going to end well though is it??….plenty of PSH-in-tears caps coming into my memory drive soon

  2. missjb says:

    love the pairing. I hope they will spent many scene together, and develop a great chemistry. But I’m afraid it will become a sad love story from beginning to end. and the writers come from partner? eh…

  3. supah says:

    There goes my interest in Princess’s Man then.

    Blue, have you heard anything about this Golden Pond drama? I’m guessing it might be a Drama Special on KBS? Either way, it’s sounding good and it’s one more drama to look forward to (given the current drought I am subjected to, boohoo).

    • blue says:

      Hi supah! You’re back! It feels like I haven’t seen you around in awhile.

      Hmm, I haven’t heard anything about Golden Pond… The only drama by that title I know of is a two-episodes special from SBS few years back. That’s not what you’re referring to, right?

      Do you mind sharing why you’re looking forward to it? The cast, the writer, or the director? Let me be in the know too!

      • supah says:

        I was just reading something about Kim Gab-soo and it mentioed somethng about him ‘set to appear on KBS’s upcoming Golden Pond’.
        I kind of made a note of it (and yes, I am aware of the SBS Chuseok special of the same name). I kind of like that title. It sounds ‘important’ or something, haha.

        I’ve recently seen it listed as an upcoming drama on Dramawiki –but I’m now somehow convinced it’ll just be a Drama Special 2-episode Series.

  4. lei2010 says:

    oh! another sageuk, definitely will watch this, since i like the two main leads… oh! i can’t wait…

  5. Abi says:

    Gud pairing…luv 2 si it.

  6. says:

    Park Si-Hoo Handsome,s & Moon Chae-Won,s beautiful shook women,s heart with thier very very wonderful fan kiss.
    They are Really Couple of historical.
    Thanks Director: Kim Jung Min.
    We love PSH & MCW so much.
    World People

  7. Faniya says:

    Hi,Dears Mr. Park Si-Hoo and Director:Mr. Kim Jung Min
    This drama ” The Princess,Man” very very exciting. you have wonderful Actor but your Love scenes time is for beautiful girl:Moon Chae- Won too less.
    Everyone will more in your drama love scenes.
    Please for next your drama with Moon Chae-Won is more love scenes and fan.
    Thank you so much.
    World People

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