And so “Miss Ripley” it is! (Posters, trailer, & press conference)

After going through several name changes, from Goodbye Miss Ripley to Miss Ripley to just plain Ripley, Director Choi Yi Seop announced at the drama press conference held on May 17 (by the way, is it me or is this drama following the same promotion schedule as City Hunter?) that his upcoming MBC drama has decided to go back and finally settled on Miss Ripley as its official title.

So why did Miss Ripley go through so many name changes?

According to the producers, the initial tentative title was Goodbye Miss Ripley. However, over concerns that the meaning of “goodbye” was too pessimistic and the drama title too long, they decided to change it to Miss Ripley.

But this time, some expressed concern that in a drama with multiple lead actors (Lee Da Hae, Micky Yoochun, Kim Seung Woo, and Kang Hye Jung), the title Miss Ripley seemed to single out one character. The producers debated over this issue, and the news spread that the drama would further shorten the title to just Ripley. When the drama started being called Ripley, however, there were new criticisms that the title was too short and plain, and more alarmingly, that most people did not understand what was exactly implied by the title.

The title Ripley is derived from Matt Damon’s film, The Talented Mr. Ripley. However, in contrast to the production’s assumption that people would be able to connect the two titles right away, the research showed that that was not the case. And so the director and the production company decided that it would be best to go back to Miss Ripley.

As Miss Ripley is inspired by the story of Shin Jung Ah and her academic forgery, they needed a title that would showcase that it was a story of a woman who sought to fulfill her ambitions through lies and deceit. Further, the jinx that dramas with a five-character title often do well also played a role in their decision. (Miss Ripley spelled out in Korean has five characters- 미스 리플리).

And now here are the officials posters released just a day before the press conference. (See, I told you they’re following the same promotion schedule as City Hunter! You would think they were competitors, but in fact, the two dramas will be airing on different days of the week.)

And the individual character posters…

Official trailer for Miss Ripley:

The trailer looks pretty intriguing, and my dying interest in the drama has gone up again. Miss Ripley is scheduled to premiere on May 30th and take over the The Duo timeslot on MBC.

Source: Newsen

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8 Responses to And so “Miss Ripley” it is! (Posters, trailer, & press conference)

  1. supah says:

    The trailer and posters look really good and very different, I’m liking half of that cast and will definitely be giving it a try.
    Though saying that… It’s not really my cup of tea and seeing Lee Da Hae attempting a Shin Eun-kyung of Flames of Ambition is guffaw-inducing. I just can’t see it.
    If she does manager to pull it off, however, then kudos to her.

    • mrmz says:

      I would like to understand why there seem to be a lot of ppl who do not like Lee Da Hae? I’m just curious 😛
      (I hope you’re not offended cuz one time i asked, on a post, y ppl liked an actor, and they got sooo offended!! ppl get easily offended when others got different tastes then them I guess :S)
      I personally do like her, I’ve seen her in Hello miss! and My girl, and I liked her in both.

      • Emeldy says:

        Lee Da hee tend to have scandal surrounding her. At the time of East of Eden she drop midway citing health reason (no one really believe that). Her imitation of Filipino accent drew criticism, at the time of Chuno she was criticized for her wardrobe. The recent lawsuit file for breach on contract.

        Personally i am indifferent. I have seen her in some interview and i don’t get any bad vibe. I guess she has the worse PR in the industry.

      • supah says:

        Hey, I’m actually the wrong person to ask, I’m actually indifferent towards her. Don’t understand the excessive hate against the poor girl… Or the love. Dramabeans readers may be able to help explain there though. Hehe…

  2. Emeldy says:

    Very very impressed with what we are getting so far. This is the drama that i am most excited about.

    P.S anyone interested in eng sub for the Trailer can check out this link:

  3. sansukini says:

    I’m looking forward to watching Yoochun in a drama again. thanx for sharing

  4. kcomments says:

    Despite my love for Micky, the trailer is really giving out a really traditional melo-melo vibe which is not my cup of tea, might check for a glimpse of MC then just follow the reviews. Thanks Blue.

  5. joonni says:

    I love the posters and the trailer was awesome. I was looking forward to it but now I can’t wait!

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