Blue’s random musings

1. It has started to hit me like a ton of bricks that there’s no 49 Days to look forward to this upcoming Wednesday. Damn, another drama withdrawal! Jo Hyun Jae and your Han Kang, are you doing well?

For those one or two people who may be waiting for it, the episode 20 recap and my final thoughts on 49 Days will be posted soon. I promise!

2. As of this past weekend, I became a City Haller. I admit it that my biggest deterrent from watching the show was Cha Seung Won (and his cleanly shaped eyebrows, his cow-mustache, and how I just was SO not attracted to the entire package… sigh), but after watching Best Love, I decided that he’s not too bad after all so perhaps I would give it a try. I did, and well, I officially became a card-carrying City Haller. (It’s become my favorite Kim Eun Sook’s drama to date.) Oh, and I see it now. Cha Seung Won is one sexy bastard.

And may he continue the streak and try to win over my heart again in Best Love. If only Pil-joo didn’t already own it…

3. I’m genuinely sad to see Kim Yeon Woo get “eliminated” on this week’s I Am a Singer. They’re all amazing singers, but I wouldn’t have minded not seeing BMK instead. Oh, and I’m excited to see/hear Jo Gwan Woo (and his freakishly high-pitched voice) next week! LOVE this show!

CORRECTION: It won’t be Jo Gwan Woo, but JK Kim Dong Wook and Ok Ju Hyun joining the show next week.

4. Has everyone got the chance to watch the “Actresses special” of 1 Night 2 Days? Loved it, loved it! And although I was never a fan of Choi Ji Woo and Kim Ha Neul, I must admit it. They’re looking GOOD~~

Totally random, but I have a major crush on Na PD. I giggle like a schoolgirl every time he comes on screen. I love his wit, sense of humor, and umm… power? Got a lil’ jealous that he beamed like an idiot when the actresses arrived on the most recent episode.

You can watch the show here. No subs, but I think you might still enjoy it!

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16 Responses to Blue’s random musings

  1. D says:

    it’s better if I’m not reminded of 49 days….I start crying randomly everytime I think about the drama…I did that yesterday while I was in the middle of something and my mom thought it was because I didn’t like the glasses she bought me and offered to buy a new pair…heh
    also I’ts funny how I’m listening to Horan’s song from City Hall’s OST right now when I chanced upon this article…I do love Yoon Kye Sang a lot and always have but MY LORD Cha Seung Won is the shit in this drama…he was so funny in ep 4(i’m a little behind) that I busted a gut laughing…I think I just found my character of the year
    I skimmed through actress special today and will watch it in detail next week after JB posts her recap but u’re absolutely right about Kim Ha Neul…I think my girlcrush on her just sorta exploded..she just seems so awesome….I laughed a lot cuz of Na PD though…he was acting sooooo diferently around the girls….LOL

    • blue says:

      I initially didn’t like Horan’s song, but by the time I finished the drama, I kept finding myself humming along to the song over and over again. Oh man, reading your comment makes me want to go back and listen to it again!

  2. missjb says:

    I love CSW acting in Best Love. He is really hillarious. Unfortunately, until now I don’t like his character. There is something about his character that’s put me off.

    • blue says:

      CSW’s character in Best Love is growing on me, but Pil-joo owns my heart in that show. Dokgo Jin has a lot of work cut out for him!

  3. kcomments says:

    Wahhhhhhh! Welcome home to mama City Haller…buahahaha!LMAO!
    See see? He’s so hawwwttt. How many times you replayed the car kiss? I so loved that. The ‘Will you dance with me?’ …the ‘can you stay with me tonight?’ *nosebleeds*
    However, till now, he didn’t draw me in, in BL, sad to say I’ve tried…

    Can I go random too?
    TT_TT Last night, I was knocked off guard by writer Moon from 내 마음이 들리니?(copy/paste ,hehe) Her ep16 ending scene just shocked the hell out of me and my fellows on soompi, what a dramatic turn! After how 49 days ended, it’s like everybody is on alert mode about how their other beloved dramas will end. And this just added the fear.

    I did catch up on 49days finale but I feel it’s not right for me to comment cuz I did not invest emotionally. But now I sense you are feeling better(?!), I have to say sorry Blue, I do not agree with how the writer wrapped up the show, but I’ll wait for your ep20 to have a say on it. However, ep19 was good up until Ji-Hyun blurred out the words!

    Also, this week, I will start to narrow down my May live streaming to the one(s) I really enjoy/intrigue to follow every week/episode. As of now, it will be CYHMH and RT. For BFB, LTM, this week is the last chance, BL can follow the recap, Ripley too dark, CH will watch the premiere but not so excited. I realize I’m harder to please than Blue^^, cuz I may end up watching just one -CYHMH and spend time on sth else (say ‘Dan Brown’ book?) , catch up on new movies on DVDs, oh Kangfu Panda 2? heehee (ramdomly I’d said). Tonight just finished this week BFB/LTM, it’s a KBS win for me. I started to feel bad for KJH for choosing this project, when you know the actor/actress can go beyond that but can’t, it’s frustrating. Not really looking forward to June/July premieres, actually I love ‘Love me Stupid’ why can’t they choose that and not Heartstrings? Will wait for your new drama line up tho. *wink* ^^

    • blue says:

      Oh wow, this comment really was random! Hehe, you crack me up! Actually, I think I might have to agree with you. I recently picked back up BFB again now that 49 Days is over, and I find it better than LTM for now. I’m not crazy about either one of them, but I’m planning to continue with both.

      But I can’t join you on the CYHMH bandwagon. I liked the story much better in the beginning, but I don’t find the appeal to this drama anymore. I am all caught up with CYHMH, but I can’t help but feel the plot has been on standstill for the last few weeks. *ducks*

      • kcomments says:

        Haha singing random song! It’s actually the real ME dun ya know ^^ It’s ok for CYHMH, all for me KJW shush…can’t say this on soompi tho. It was my decision to give BFB and LTM last chance this week, on Mon ep, BFB was surprisingly good yunno chaebol of a pig’s feet soup restaurant (what it’s called in Korean btw, is it tasty?) falling for noona, and an unexpected kiss too, I’ve learned new word from this drama ‘maknae’ junior worker right? Is it by age or by working years? , but then Tue ep, when Jang did that weird hip dancing, I decided to drop it, now after seeing you are back on it, may try again. LTM Mon ep blehhhhh! But then Tue ep, epic kiss and sexy KJH, yunno all this time KJ’s eyes always are serious, it’s just priceless when he sang with that face, it’ll be awesome when his eyes filled with luuuuurve ^^
        but the writing meh, so take a break for now, depend on my mood next week. Did you see ep6’s kiss Blue? Do you think it’s out of character for KJ? Cuz I’m still pondering on it, sth was not smooth in there, couldn’t figure it out. *sign* Today will watch City Hunter, let’s see.

  4. REBEL SOULS says:

    Hey blue – I saw the actress special for 1n2d and loved every minute – can’t wait to see what happens next wk. When they were racing to get all the items and su geun’s team finding all the clues first was hilarious.I love Na pd too. He cracked me up being so nervous around the women. Btw – Choi Ji woo wore my parka! The one i mentioned in my PM. Same color and everything. Plus the other two – the youngest one and the one with the striped shirt who is friends with ho dong both wore my Ash sneakers! I don’t know why but I get a kick out of seeing clothes I bought being worn on tv or dramas. Just one of the many perks of living in Korea. 🙂

    I have been dying to know what you thought of the 49 days finale so don’t keep us waiting too long if you can.
    You get JHJ so can I call dibs on YKS? He was the reason why I wanted to see BL and he will remain number one – wait after YAI and KSH – so yeah I meant third on my list.

    • blue says:

      Blue and Softy hereby enter into this agreement whereby the two parties involved agree that Blue has dibs on JHJ and Softy on YKS. And although the two parties may secretly drool, dream about, or partake in any other activities that would constitute “fangirling” about the opposite party’s dibs, they must refrain from publicly declaring him to be “theirs.”

      Signed on the 24th day of May, 2011

    • Zenti says:

      I find it quite amusing in 1N2D that the actresses kept on retouching their make ups! So conscious of cameras continually taking footages. And my eyes widened to see a kind of a huge mirror being used (actresses in Su Geun’s team) to check on their appearances! Haha. So adorable! If that mirror became bigger then it may tempt them to ask the mirror who among them is the fairest. >.<

  5. ockoala says:

    Hey Blue,

    From one City Haller to another – welcome to the club. I’m actually rewatching CH (which I have now watched a total of 6 times) because seeing Cha Seung Won back onscreen in Best Love makes me dying for more of him during the lull days, so I use CH to satisfy the craving. CSW-KSA will always be one of my top-5 OTP of all time.

    This is my first commet at EG, but I just wanted to let you know that I love reading you and Bella’s wonderful posts, especially the Korean culture and language tutorials. Very charming and informative. 😀

    And I agree with what you said in your comment on my 49 days last episode recap. Love it or hate it, at least it made people have a strong opinion, which means the drama made an impact, which is always a good thing IMO.

  6. supah says:

    Cha Seung-won IS maddeningly sexy. Though the official Sexy Bastard title goes to my Sexy Bastard Kim Nam-gil, namsayin’.

    Not watching Best Love though, currently I’m only watching one airing show and that’s Gisaeng Tales. I’m spending my spare time catching up on old dramas these days like Eyes of Dawn, Jdoramas (OMG! Zeni Geba’s finale — O.M.G!) and debating whether or not to watch Green Rose in order to try and develop some appreciation for Lee Da-hae in anticipation of Ripley. NOT that I’m that excited about the latter but otherwise I’ll have hardly anything current to hold my interests until July. Boooo.
    *cuddles up to EoD and NToG*

    • blue says:

      Hehe, I didn’t watch Green Rose, but I heard it wasn’t too bad. But you shouldn’t watch it if your sole purpose is to develop appreciation for LDH. If she’s good in Ripley, then you’ll appreciate her no matter what. If she’s not, then well…

      Btw, how’s Gisaeng Tales coming along?

      • supah says:

        I’m actually already watching the show, moreso ‘cos I wub the PD (Kim Soo-ryong). Who HAD come along way since Green Rose with his critically acclaimed and downright fabulous short dramas — but then Lie To Me happened. Or if netizen reports are to be believed, he hasn’t even begun directing LTM yet, currently the assistant directors (incl. one from Secret Garden) are currently at the helm. If the latter is true it would explain a LOT. If it isn’t true he’s probably confused, being a melodrama maestro he doesn’t have a clue about directing a rom-com or something.

        Anyway, sorry to digress, verdict on Lee Da-hae after the 2nd ep, quite decent and likable.

        Gisaeng Tales is still gooood, lots of things have been happening but the writer has yet to let me down.

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