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You may have already noticed, but we have added a new “feature” on the right corner where we list all the currently airing shows that your two bloggers are watching. As the list is arranged in the order that we enjoy the shows (and in my case, the rank has been constantly changing), hopefully you can use it as a gauge meter to help decide which shows to check out. Since we can’t review all the shows, we’ll be updating this list regularly.

For instance, since I last reviewed the four dramas (Best Love, Romance Town, Lie to Me, and Baby-Faced Beauty), Baby-Faced Beauty has shot up (in fact, even resurrected after having been dropped once…), whereas Lie to Me has been constantly shifting down to the bottom of the list. And over the past three weeks, Best Love’s meter has changed from “Fun” to “Like” to “Strong Like.” Will it develop into “Love” soon? Make sure to come check back for any further movements/changes!

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13 Responses to B&B are currently watching…

  1. joonni says:

    Where are you guys on Can you hear my heart because I am totally loving it and would like to know why both of you are a little meh?

    And blue, I’m also watching I am a singer. I absolutely loved the first four episodes before the whole crisis. Right now, I can’t say I loved it as much as then. I guess after watching it for a while, you realize that there is a certain style of singing that appeals to the audience more than others. And because now they are given two chances, you see one type of singer for a longer time and I am just getting used to their singing.

    You know what I would like to see? Forcing the singers to sing a song in one style. Like just all soft. I want to see more than just Im Jae Bum and Kim Bum Soo singing at the tops of their lungs every week. Not letting the singers arrange the songs to their vocal highlights.

    • blue says:

      Hi Joonni!
      I can’t speak for Bella, but I’m finally caught up with all the shows listed.

      As for CYHMH, I’m actually a rare case where I liked it much better in the earlier episodes than now. Perhaps it is a reflection of my own personal taste, but I like my dramas to be more fast-paced. And in CYHMH’s case, I’m finding that there really hasn’t been much plot development since the introduction of the adult cast, in both the love angle and in the business/revenge angle. Just 너무 미지근해? I’m sticking along because I’ve liked the writer’s past works and almost have blind faith in her, but to be honest, I’m not really feeling this one…

      And as for “I Am a Singer”, I have to agree with you that my love for the show is not as strong as it was earlier since the introduction of the recent additions, with last week’s episode being the lowest point so far. I really like your suggestion of having them all sing soft songs one week. But again, on a personal level, I just love this show for FINALLY offering a weekly program that I can tune in to hear some real singers sing what songs are meant to be (instead of the same old idol crap). If Lee Sun Hee ever joins the show, as unlikely as it may be, I’d just keel over from joy.

      Ooh, btw, if you ever want to write a guest review for CYHMH as you did with Secret Garden, please let us know! We’d love it!

  2. mrmz says:

    What do you think of Romance Town though? Since you haven’y mentioned if it when up or down 😛

    • blue says:

      Hi mrmz!
      Hehe, I didn’t mention “Romance Town” because my opinion of the drama hasn’t changed much.

      I actually really liked the quirkiness of the first two episodes and to quote Bella, I too thought the drama had “serious potential to turn into something great.” But since then, unfortunately, I don’t foresee that happening. That said, I still think there is a quiet charm about the show, the chemistry between the leads, and quite enjoy it myself. I’ve rated it as a “Like” (despite finding it to be a middling) and unless something major happens to change that, I don’t think it’ll move up or down.

      Are you watching it too?

      • thundie says:

        I also thought the first two episodes of Romance Town were terrific but the subsequent episodes were kinda middling. It still has moments of quirkiness but I’m greedy and want a lot more. Sometimes it feels like nothing much (or new) is happening. I still like it, though, because it feels different from the usual fare, more offbeat or off-kilter than normal. 😀

      • mrmz says:

        Thx for the reply 🙂
        Yes I’m watching Romance Town, Best Love and Lie To Me. While do agree that Romance Town had more potential, I knew they wouldn’t go there. But I find the drama itself still enjoyable, and I actually like it best this season.
        Best Love is still as good as it started, but I just afraid the ending would be like My Girl, or You’re Beautiful, where one of the main characters stay indecisive till the last minute. I’m kind of an impatient person so I hated those 2 shows for this.
        As for Lie To Me, while I am excited as to how the characters will react for what happened in episode 6, the story itself has nothing that unusual or exciting, but still watching out of curiosity.

      • Kristal says:

        I actually find Gong Hyo-jin to be not so indecisive on Best Love. The couple’s timing is just way off. Every time she is going to make a move and admit her feelings something comes up and ruins it. And surprisingly Dokko Jin just really puts it all out there and makes himself look foolish constantly in front of that chick. It really is refreshing to see as compared to the usual cold, callous male lead who grows a heart of gold. I just hope we don’t get a bout of Noble Idiot on either side but I can see it happening with each being worried about the others career.

        I totally have a mini-crush on Jae-seok too. I think it is partly my lingering affection for that actor’s character in Queen of Reversals though. He plays the dorky sidekick so well!

        Everybody is just so adorably dorky in that show I can’t take it!! Even dad in his Secret Garden track suits. 😉

      • Kristal says:

        I’m sticking with CYHMH really for Woo-ri and Dong-joo’s relationship as well as the awesomeness that is Jung Bo-seok. I can see what you mean about it not really having moved far in the plot in awhile though. The business revenge thing has really gotten boring too. I fast forward through those scenes usually.

  3. kcomments says:

    What do you think of LTM’s writer? I find it’s hard to explain what she’s trying to do, or pin out what’s gone wrong.

    Currently really following CYHMH, RT.
    Oh my, don’t let me start on CYHMH. Lately, I’ve been shutting my opinion for this drama, when it comes to how good was it?….My love for this drama is extremely off the chart atm, want to keep it all to the myself. I’ve learned to appreciate writer Moon and the PD-nim too. And I like it as the way it is, emphasis more on each character interaction to one another, rather than revenge/angst plot driven. Of course, there is plot development [spoiler] DJ’s kiss, DJ’s club hug, DJ’s back hug. no word spoken but the relationship is progressing faaast ^__^[end spoiler] and the OST Only You Can Hear heighten my love for the show.

    Romance Town, aww slices of life, social status, rich or poor, love-hate relationship between maids/the households. Reminded me of the movie ‘Love Actually’, nothing much happened like in Pasta where they shake pasta in every episode until I bowed my head and stepped into the Pasta restaurant for the first time. The writer has amazed me, there were lots of sub plots going on, none annoying but all adorable and fun, who would think I would smile over lady/mistress/maid co-habitation? And aww…episode5…re-watched many times, GW the rich had to struggle thru the subway, running on foot to the office just like normal ppl would do, the OST in background also helped. He was so happy just because he was there, in the office early before everyone else, love this scene so much, don’t know why. It makes me wonder what is the writer inspiration to write this kind of story.

    I’ve noticed my changing habit of picking Kdrama to watch lately. I would lean more towards a drama that doesn’t have too much drama in it (if that makes any sense), and avoid a drama that intentionally manipulate/twist my kind soul. Only drama that leave me with good heart for now.

  4. ripgal says:

    Best Love and Baby Faced Beauty are my current favs.

    BL – writing not much, but OTP and acting are brilliant. If not for CSW, GHJ and YKS, the drama wouldn’t be as compelling and enjoyable. Ridiculous as the story may seem, and as immature or childish Dokko Jin may be, that’s Hong Sis for you. And to me, their magic still works.

    BFB is currently on par with BL for me. Ep 1 and 2 were kinda annoying, but everything changed when Jin Wook showed a different side of his – cute, caring and sweet. And I like the premise of the lie and how it’s being executed so far. On 10 now, and I’m officially drowning in Jin Wook and Choi Daniel sweetness. Currently no cure.

    Romance Town – I put this on hold after 4. Interesting first 2 eps, boring 3rd and 4th as I really don’t know what’s up with Gun Woo or even Soon Geum (tho I like SYR’s take on SG). I am contemplating whether to continue? Should I?

    Lie To Me – dropped at 3. Didn’t get to see the lie evolve and dissolve so I can’t judge. But I hated the first 3 episodes. No matter how much I love KJH and adore YEH, still a huge bulkload of MEH for me. Ta-ta.

    CYHMH – Only seen 2, will see more to judge.

    • endodo says:

      Psst– It picks up in episodes 7-8, I swear to God. Episodes 5-6 were more like filler episodes, but despite that, Romance Town remains as my current drama crack from the May offerings. So goodbye sleep, hellooooo stalking internet for RT news.

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