Kiss, Kiss, Kiss!

(Seriously, what the bloody hell is that?)

Korean dramas sure have come a long way in terms of the kissing scenes. I’m sure you folks have heard about the 100 or so takes, the sore lips, etc etc? Partly because I still haven’t figured out this poll feature and also because I want to ensure I haven’t officially gone crazy looking at so many of them on Youtube- here are my top 5 kiss scenes from various Korean dramas.

Granted the list below is nowhere near being comprehensive, but it’s what actually stood out to me at the time. This was due to the ambience it created, how appropriate it was for the situation, and the emotions that it evoked (made Bella “coo,” “aww,” and “ahhh”). I’m sure there are some notable ones out there that I may have missed, but I think I would prefer seeing a guy not wanting to suck off the entire lips of the girl at times. Wouldn’t you?

Also keep in mind, these are drama kisses and not the movie ones. The latter are a bit more… torrid, no?

1.  Goong– I know you’re probably shocked I chose this one instead of the other, more well-known one, right?

2. Secret Garden

3. Lie to Me– Not too impressed with the “Cola Kiss”

4. Hotelier

5. Boys Before Flowers

Extra Bonus:
Damo – Not a kiss, but damn it! A stare is enough!

And what are your top 5 picks?

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30 Responses to Kiss, Kiss, Kiss!

  1. Melissa says:

    Boys over Flowers…seriously? that’s more of a lip press…
    i like the scene though. very romantic.

  2. Melissa says:

    My favorite kisses that I’ve seen are:
    Both of the ones from Prosecutor Princess,
    YAB kisses (probably because I loved the Go Mi-namX Tae-kyung pairing to bits),
    The first one from My name is Kim Sam Soon,
    and Que Sera Sera rain kiss

  3. Iviih says:

    I love hotelier kiss. I love what Frank says to her… If I’m not wrong he said to trust him, to look just to him, hear just him… I loved that, and also how hot was that he locked them there? Hehehehehe And then he goes and kiss her very gently. Love love it.

    SG’s kiss was one good too. And also I love here they kissed because that meant a lot… JW kissing her in front of everyone to show he loves her… awww

    Damo stares. Ahh Damo! Watched this just a while ago and I don’t think a kiss was needed. Their stares was just enough… Loovee it!

    I didn’t watched bof, but the kiss was cute and sweet and the place is so romantic!

    Goong kiss, aww I love this one sweet and love the other too. heheheh what I found curious about this kiss is that people didn’t know they were acting for a drama so a lot of people stopped and looked, took pictures thinking YEH and JJH was dating LOL.

    LTM kiss… the kiss was hot, but I think it was too soon… and the OTP didn’t have a connection yet, not even enough atraction… so for me this was not needed. I prefer the kiss cola because there they already has some connection betweem them.

    I don’t know which kiss are my fav… not all. I love I’m sorry, I love you kiss, is so sad, sweet and torturing… 😦

  4. kcomments says:

    Oh, Bella could you spare me with SG kiss? Why didn’t you choose a faster vid? This is my first watching, I was drooled and drooled and the pic moves one sec and stops one sec, exhausted by the time they are done.^^

    LTM kisses didn’t leave me with good feeling, I felt rushed and forced cuz the story didn’t flow well. Love love Goong (this one more) and BOF, but no Coffee Prince?
    Hotelier is my fav too.

    My top fives (or still fresh in my mind),
    Sungkyunkwan Scandal — elevator kiss (scholar Lee and Kim Yun Shik), Can You Hear My Heart? — stairs kiss (Cha Dong Joo, Bong Woo Ri), City Hall — car kiss, Last night Romance Town(episode8) — Hospital Kiss (GW and SG),
    Couldn’t think of another one.. awaiting City Hunter and Kim Nana kiss ^^
    Thanks Bella for sharing.

  5. blue says:

    Hehehe, this post is making me giddy. I’m surprised you chose the “ice cream” kiss though (even though everyone has been talking about it too). I didn’t really emotionally connect with it and felt it just came out of nowhere. But then again, I’m just not connecting with this drama or any of the characters… at all!

    Anyway, ooh, my turn, my turn! My top 5:

    1. Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s elevator kiss

    2. My Girl’s “disappointed, huh?” kiss

    3. Jejoongwon’s ring kiss
    4. BOF’s swing kiss (same one as Bella’s)
    5. Hyunsoo and Jungin’s kisses in Smile, You

    • doozy says:

      Re: SKKS kiss
      I love how at the end of the kiss, their lips linger there for a moment.

      Aw, Yoo Rin and Gong Chan! So cute!

  6. missjb says:

    1. 1st kiss prosecutor princess kiss. It’s not just a forced kiss. It’s not bcause park shi hoo’s awsome smirk the reason i choose this kiss. I like to think Because in that moment, i know in deep his heart, he is yearn want to kiss her, brfore she turn into another man. Because he knows he couldn’t have her.
    2.the first kiss scene in Giant between mijuu and minwoo – i love this couple to bits, that’s why when they finally kiss for the first time, I jump and squeal like a little fangirl

    3. The 2nd kiss in coffee house between eun young and jinsoo: the reason is the same with JavaBean’s
    and the situation at that moment is wonderful.

    Another kiss:
    this is maybe random but i loved PP third kiss…. When in woo kiss hye ri in the forehead…. It warm my heart. A sign he will never try to hurt her again. Awwww…..

  7. makgolli says:

    My favorites are the short kisses between HB & SHK in World They Live in. It’s so electrifying I can feel the warmth of blood rushing through, and can watch it all day. The moments before and after the lip-touch is what makes it a kiss. Look at SHK’s face, smile. Like in cloud nine.

  8. eliza bennet says:

    My favorite is the car kiss in City Hall

    followed by

    door kiss in Coffee Prince
    rain kiss in Que Sera Sera (I also like the elevator kiss in the same drama)
    first kiss in Attic Cat
    the kiss by the piano in My Name is Kim SamSoon

    The best on screen kisser in my opinion is Kim Rae Won; he is not really that handsome nor an actor I go crazy over but that man knows how to kiss on screen, how to charge the air just before the kiss too.

  9. Kristal says:

    Que Sera Sera had the best kisses to me and there were so many of them!

    (her reaction and face are just so cute)

    The rain kiss also which is at 5:20 in this fan mv:

    I wouldn’t watch that second one if you haven’t seen the drama by the way. Spoilers galore!

  10. danna says:

    !. Goong Kiss….not the one that you posted but the other one
    2. Shining Inheritance bridge kiss
    3. YAB star kiss
    4. Sunkyungkwan Scandal elevator kiss
    5. Life is Beautiful kiss between Nam Sang Mi and Lee Sang Yoon (during one of their dates…idk in which episode this is)
    6. My Princess kisses
    7. Prosecutor Princess kiss (ep 14?)
    8. Cofee House phone booth kiss

  11. sb says:

    I LOVED the first kiss in TBDAW. I think in Ep. 4? Officially made me a Lee Junki fangirl.

  12. Celeste says:

    Coffee House – Kang Ji Hwan & Park Shi Yeon (train station’s kiss)
    Coffee Prince – Gong Yoo & Yoon Eun Hye

    Hahaha. I guess any kisses that have KJH, GY and YEH.. I’ll Love. I’m SOOO biased! ;P

  13. caffeinate_me says:

    Ooooh fun poll! My picks:

    1. Coffee Prince – “I don’t care if you’re an alien” kiss.
    2. SKKS – elevator kiss
    3. Goong – middle of the street kiss (you’re right, this was more awesome than the other one. the way the scene turned black and white and leaving only the two of them in color. brings back memories of when i first watched it at 4am after marathoning the previous 20+episodes.)
    4. Que Sera Sera – Rain kiss. Dayum!
    5. 49 Days – Yi Soo goodbye kiss. Because it damn near broke my heart.

  14. alexe says:

    City Hall
    NTOG : swimmingpool kiss
    King’s woman ( Ji Sung )

  15. joonni says:

    1. coffee prince kiss in the cafe- Hee! I love the way Gong Yoo leans into the kiss and the dialogue before it was so beautiful.
    2. Goong kiss in the street- Unexpected, sweet, and perfect for our royal couple.
    3. My Girl kiss on the street- The way Sul Gong Chan said I love you before he kissed her was so soft and lovely.
    4. Secret Garden kiss at the party- I don’t think I need to explain this.
    5. Sunkyungkwan Scandal kiss on the elevator- taking off hats was very sexy.

    Oh my god, Damo. I have come across Damo mentions four times in the best three days. Time for the 1000th rewatch???

  16. doozy says:

    My picks:

    Coffee Prince – man or alien, I like you
    SKKS – taking off your clothes, i mean, hats
    My Girl – saranghe
    Personal Taste – game over, baby
    Jejoongwon – ring exchange

  17. IBELIS says:

    I tried to watch Damo never got to the lusty looks but am I wrong I thought they were brother and sister.

  18. IBELIS says:

    The two kisses in LTM are the best I have ever seen so far in a drama. Que Sera Sera is next. Most of the kisses I see are real bad but there are some outstanding moments when the attraction just draws the couple to each other.

  19. supah says:

    I seem to like and remember the unpopular kisses, but they’re the ones that worked for me i.e. the two Dr Ahn kisses. That’s Lee Beom-soo’s Dr Ahn in Surgeon Bong Dal-hee and Song Joong-ki’s Dr Ahn in OB-GYN

    There’s also one in Women of the Sun with Lee Ha-na and Han Jae-suk. I don’t know why that stands out so much for me, maybe it wasn’t so much the kiss as it was everything that led to it, like Jung Ae-ri’s words which would probably resonate with every woman and the mature mindframe with which Lee Hana then approached the man she had loved for so long, it was all kind of heartwrenching. Then there was the OST.

    Oh and then there are those in Will it Snow, Ja Myung-go and Smile, You.

  20. mizweng says:

    my fave kisses are:
    1. LTM KISSES- the hottest lip locks ever…pure attraction in the moment…phew!!!

    2. Coffee House phone booth and train kisses- can feel the electricity

    3.Coffee prince kisses

    4. Goong

    Oh well, isn’t it obvious? I love KJH and YEH kisses…for me they are THE BEST KISSERS IN KDRAMALAND!!!

  21. Artemis says:

    K-dramas in general leave me more disappointed than deliriously happy. Most of the times I wish they would really make out – like real people do. I was frustrated with the “Boys over Flower” kisses, and I remember poor LMH who was told to not kiss but just touch the lips. Damn director – sucked the life of that drama towards the end. Good thing LMH got to really kiss in “Personal Preference”. The “Game Over-kiss” was HOT!

    Kiss starts at 4:46.

    Lee Byun Hun and Hyun Bin are really good kissers. “World they live in” are so shock full of great kisses – one can watch the drama just for those. 🙂 I loved the kiss in Episode 2 of “Iris” – man that was hot:

    and the “Candy Kiss” which was Lee Byun Hun’s idea.

    The Goong episode 23 was awesome! YEH and JJH totally made out. I don’t know how many times I have watched that scene.

    Cha Seung Won is an awesome kisser – I think the “City Hall” kiss in the car was one of the hottest I’ve seen. I can’t wait for a really passionate kiss in “Greatest Love”. I know it’s going to be awesome! XD

    All in all kdramas have better kisses than jdramas, but not as good as TWdramas. It’s too bad jdramas have taken the chastity route for the past decade – with all the idols branching into acting. I remember before Kimutaku got married, he used to really kiss in his dramas. Like in the first episode of “Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi”

    • Artemis says:

      Ok, so my first sentence came out all wrong. Of course I meant kdrama kisses and not kdramas in general, because of course I love kdramas! Just wanted to clarify. *blush*

  22. Dee says:

    agreed! i think Secret Garden has the best kiss scenes. Hyun Bin is such a good kisser. esp. the party kiss in ep 14 = hotness! not to mention his chemistry with Ha Ji Won is sizzling like crazy! ❤

  23. Yvonne says:

    I thought Eric’s kiss with Jung Yumi (rain scene) in Que Sera Sera was pretty well done…and HOT!

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