I come bearing gifts…

It has come to my attention that Electric Ground has surpassed 100,000 hits today. And not to mention it was the blog’s half-birthday two weeks ago. I would be ashamed to call myself a true-blue Korean if I didn’t feel the need to celebrate every frickin’ anniversary events out there. Thus, I come bearing gifts for our readers!

Music! Here are some of my favorite songs to listen to when I want to just sit back and relax. Go grab some coffee, iced tea, or cold beer… whatever suits your taste. And happy blogging!


브로콜리 너마저 (Broccoli, You Too) – “앵콜요청금지” (Requests for Encores Forbidden) [Download]

Hey – “Je t’aime” [Download]

재주소년 (Jaeju Boys) – “마지막 춤은 나와 함께” (Last Dance With Me) [Download]

Jang Yoon Joo – “Fly Away” [Download]

Jung Jae Hyung (ft. Jang Yoon Joo) – “지붕위의 고양이” (Rooftop Cat) [Download]

Lucid Fall – “보이나요” (Can You See?) [Download]

Ra.D – “Couple Song” [Download]

일기예보 (Weather Forecaster) – “좋아좋아”  (I Like You, I Like You) [Download]

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15 Responses to I come bearing gifts…

  1. martha says:

    congrats Blue! And thank you 🙂

  2. Softy says:

    Happy 100,000 hits B&B – i think i added like over ten thousand hits alone cuz I visit often 🙂
    Hope you hit another record soon – loving all the music – we have VERY similar taste in music. Thank you!
    Just wanted to let you know that all your time and attention has paid off cuz we are learning so much from you guys- thanks for sharing and I hope you never stop blogging.
    Congratulations again 🙂

  3. snow says:

    congrats on hitting 100,000! 😀

  4. supah says:

    Oooh. Party-time!
    You’ve done well for a relatively newbie, brand-spanking new blog. *claps*

    Love Lucid Fall as much as I love Loveholic(s), except I prefer the former so much better with the female vocalist and the latter with their former vocalist JiSun. That’s a really nice selection of songs there! Congrats again. xox

  5. thundie says:

    Congrats, blue and bella! I adore your blog and check it every day. More times than softy, I bet! 😆

  6. missjb says:

    congratulations blue! I hope your website will getting more popularity

    I often come to your sites, because it seems we have a similar tastes in watching korean dramas. So i often want to know your point of view first.

    I hope u will write about drama u are currently watching more often…

    Ps: love your article about korean culture and languange.

    Cheers 😉

  7. m says:

    enjoying reading your blog…:O). thanks for the music. enjoying listening to new music as well. i can only “discover” new music when i checkout the OSTs.

  8. doozy says:

    Woo hoo! Congrats, blue and bella!

  9. prissymom says:


    I especially like your series on Korean Language and Culture – very informative!

  10. alexe says:

    Congratulations ! I came across your blog very recently and I like it a lot .

  11. kcomments says:

    Happy over 100,000 hits Blue&Bella! Yeah! Annnndddd on to the million!
    I’m so happy your blog rolling along just fine, your insights to Korean drama and culture as a whole is to treasure for all of us who would love to be just a little closer to Korea.

    I’ve started to connect with Korean cultures thru you blog even though I’ve had Korean friends since College (shush! there was this guy who looked like BYJ, man, if I had watched ‘Winter Sonata’ just years earlier, I swear I would be nicer to him then). Well, now I just have to wait for someone like LMH to come along, then I might follow him to Seoul ^^

    Please keep contributing across the globe. I’ll be a happy reader!
    Sending these boys over to sing for you, Goose’s Dream.

    Also, special one year anniversary request (in advance), please reserve Kim Jae-won kiss for me buahahaha…..

  12. endodo says:

    Congrats, blogging chingus! ^_^

  13. fei says:

    Congratulations Blue and Bella on your 100000 hits. May there be lots lots more on the way.
    Thank you very much for your lovely gift. Loved your song selection.

  14. ockoala says:

    Congrats, Blue and Bella!

    I look forward to 100,000 more hits, and 100,000 more and more, for as long as you guys continue to write and share your knowledge and opinions on K-ent. 😀

    It’s been a pleasure reading both of your posts.

  15. Nayong says:

    Congratulations B&B, Looking forward to more from both of you.
    Only just discovered your blog and am loving it, I check it at least 5 x a day, hahaha
    I’m hooked!!

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