Blue’s men edition – “Dugeun, dugeun”

One thing I’ve learned since entering the blogosphere is how possessive us fangirls are. In fact, I was a little disturbed by all these women claiming my men to be theirs. Like, who ARE you, and no, you’re not going to mess with my men. They’re all mine, mine, mine! *Evil laugh* But before I do another post claiming who these men are so you’d know to keep your hands off, here’s a pre-edition featuring actors in various dramas who gave me butterflies in my stomach and made my heart go “dugeun, dugeun.”

I’m not sure whether it was the actors or the characters they played, so let’s just say it’s the actors’ portrayal of their characters. In fact, I don’t claim all these men to be mine, and vice versa, there are other men not listed here who I do claim as mine. So instead, here is a list of men whose drama characters I crushed on in my drama-watching history. Share yours, but at your own risk! If yours include those men who I claim to be mine (a separate post coming), you’ll surely witness Blue’s wrath. Hear me roar~ growl!


Kang Suk Woo (1987) – Kang Suk Woo was the original “pretty boy” and my first official celebrity crush. I don’t remember which drama it was, but the year was 1987. I was sitting around in the living room while playing with my dolls, and I happened to glance up to watch my aunt watching TV. I saw Kang Suk Woo on-screen, and immediately demanded to know who he was because “I plan to marry that man!”

I still remember how upset I felt when he got married in 1990. “Why, why couldn’t he wait for me?!” Mama Blue comforted me, telling me that he was way too old for me and when I grow up, I’ll meet an even better man. Seeing him play father characters in dramas now, I realize how right she was back then, but I still smile whenever I think of my first childhood crush.

Lee Jong Won (Love is Blue, 1994 & Sunny Place of Youth, 1995) – I’ve listed these two dramas because they stand out to me, but you can pretty much say that most of my 90s was spent crushing on this man. At one point, I even made a comment musing about how someone can look so… well, perfect. It still makes me sad to see how time has not been so kind to him, proving to me once again that Korean men DO NOT age well.

Lee Jung Jae (Feelings, 1994 & Sandglass, 1995) – If there’s a scale for your obsessive level, my crush on Lee Jung Jae back then was simply off the chart. I don’t think I’ve ever had as huge of a crush on any celebrity like I did with Lee Jung Jae. Further, he was my longest-lasting crush, lasting a good two years.

How big was my crush on him? I’ve already mentioned that I cried myself to sleep because of his drama character in Sandglass. I once ripped a photo of him from a magazine just to carry it around with me. I declared that I was going to move back to Korea once I finish school, certain that as soon as he laid his eyes on me, he’d see that we were meant to be and it would be game over.

Despite thinking that I’d never “get over” my crush on him, during his long absence for his military service, I gradually realized that I was in fact over him and he no longer had the effect on me that he once did. But one day while watching a TV entertainment program that featured teenage girls crying over the disbandment of an idol group, I made the mistake of making the comment, “Silly girls.” And all my mom had to say was, “Looking who’s talking! Remember your crush on Lee Jung Jae back then?” Yup, that shut me up for good.

Jang Dong Gun & Son Chang Min (Medical Brothers, 1997) – Even though many people consistently vote Jang Dong Gun as the best looking actor in Korea, I disagree. (I think that title belongs to Jung Woo Sung.) But I did love the two brothers in Medical Brothers, although now that I think about it, I might have loved Son Chang Min more than Jang Dong Gun even back then.

Park Jung Chul (Shinhwa, 2001) – It saddens me how Park Jung Chul’s career has stagnated (the last time I checked, he had resorted to doing daily morning dramas), whereas the careers of others in his age group all seemed to have taken off. But Park Jung Chul used to make regular appearances on my desktop wallpaper just a decade ago, with Shinhwa being his greatest performance to date.

Jang Hyuk (Bright Girl’s Success Story, 2002) – There’s a scene in this drama where Jang Hyuk, dressed in a gray suit, dashes out of his red convertible and makes a quick run. I don’t know how many times I’ve rewinded that scene over and over again because of how hot Jang Hyuk looked while running.

Kim Rae Won (Snowman, 2003) – I do like Kim Rae Won, and in fact, I think I’ve liked him in all his dramas so far. But if I had to pick one in which he had me swooning the most, it would have to be his character in Snowman. If I recall, I think he played a hockey player in the drama? There’s a scene where he had Gong Hyo Jin’s character pinned against the wall, and although I would normally frown upon such roughness, I envied her and secretly decided that Kim Rae Won has my permission to pin me against the wall anytime. (Hmm, that didn’t come off right, now did it?) Hated the drama though. Seriously, how could Gong Hyo Jin choose her… umm, brother-in-law over Kim Rae Won?!

Kim Ju Hyuk (Like the River that Flows, 2003) – If there’s one word to describe Kim Ju Hyuk, it would be “maeryuk” (매력). I don’t think he’s exactly handsome or good-looking in the conventional sense, but you just have to see him in action to see what I’m talking about. So I’ll just leave it at that.

Kwon Sang Woo (Into the Sun, 2003 & Stairway to Heaven, 2003-2004) – Okay, I often make fun of his lisp, his affinity for taking off his shirt, and his propensity to continue playing characters much younger than his age. But there was a time when I crushed on him and crushed on him bad. When I confessed it to Bella, she threatened to blackmail me as a good friend she is. So instead, I’ll just confess it to the world to make her blackmail now defunct. But gosh darnit, his body looks really good dressed in a navy officer uniform (like he did in Into the Sun), okay?! Hmph.

Ji Jin Hee (Dae Jang Geum, 2003-2004) – Naeuri! Can I just say how much I love Ji Jin Hee dressed in a traditional Korean garb? His eyes look extremely gentle and extremely playful all at the same time, making Blue go crazy.

Jo In Sung (What Happened in Bali, 2004) – Loved his obsessive, psychopathic, stalkerish antics. Loved his silly backpacks. Loved his long legs. Loved how he wept like a baby, scared of his father and what he may do to the woman he loves. Loved Jo In Sung in this drama.

Park Shin Yang (Lovers in Paris, 2004) – Made me wish that I too can have my own Cinderella story. I absolutely loved all his colorful ties in the drama.

Ji Hyun Woo (Old Miss Diary, 2004-2005) – Ji PD! Okay, I must seriously have a thing for male characters who secretly harbor a crush on a girl, but are inept at expressing their feelings and instead, act out by being mean. (Think Han Kang from 49 Days.) It’s juvenile, but also adorable.

Gong Yoo (Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy, 2005) – Before he became public property due to his fame from Coffee Prince, Gong Yoo was all mine and mine alone. Thankfully, by the time Coffee Prince came along, I was already done with him and did not have the urge to fight the herd of girls claiming him to be theirs. But remember! I had him before y’all!

Lee Dong Wook (My Girl, 2005-2006) – Oh gosh, I loved Seol Gong Chan in My Girl. (Haha, notice how my paragraphs are getting shorter with each new actor? I swear it doesn’t mean I loved them any less. I’m just running out of things to say…)

Chun Jung Myung (What’s Up Fox, 2006) – Chun Jung Myung’s character in What’s Up Fox made me lament on my own life. Why, why don’t I have a cute younger brother of my best friend whose diaper I helped change crushing on me all his life and now declaring his undying love? For sure, my life was in vain!

Lee Bum Soo (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee, 2007) – Okay, this might offend fans of Lee Bum Soo, but again, I think you must admit that he’s not exactly handsome, right? But I think he is living proof that what makes an actor (or any man, for that matter) attractive is not strictly his looks, but how he carries himself. And there’s no doubt about it that Lee Bum Soo’s portrayal of Dr. Ahn Joong Geun was hella sexy!

Song Chang Eui (Golden Bride, 2007-2008) – Wow, he looks HOT in that suit! But I digress. There’s a very boy-next-door charm about Song Chang Eui. For sure he’s a handsome looking man, and unfortunately, I’ve never had any boy next door look like Song. But there’s something very approachable and unassuming about him that I just adore.

And likewise, I just loved how his character in Golden Bride was like any loving husband you’d find around you and wish for yourself, once you get past the whole “I’m suffering from a severe anxiety disorder after getting dumped by my ex-girlfriend and being locked up in a jail cell in Chicago.” (Like, seriously?) All throughout watching this drama, all I could think about was how I wanted to find a hubby like him and grow to be a loving wife like Lee Young Ah’s character.

Kim Hyun Joong (We Got Married, 2008) – Whenever he made any of his 4D comments, I’ve always wondered to myself, “Hmm, is he… serious?!” But he was quite simply endearing as the younger husband to Hwangbo in the “reality” marriage variety program.

Park Shi Hoo (Family Honor, 2008-2009 & Prosecutor Princess, 2010) – Park Shi Hoo always seems to play a character who has that cold, mysterious exterior. There’s a Korean saying, “He looks like like he won’t shed any blood even if you prick him with a needle.” I’ve always thought that that saying was perfectly suited for Park Shi Hoo’s appearance. But when such a character starts getting affected by love, the impact is that much stronger and more powerful.

Lee Min Ho (Boys Over Flowers, 2009) – I first laid my eyes on him and gasped, “Who is THAT?!” Yes, yes, I was part of the BOF’s Gu Jun Pyo groupie. I mused at how seemingly perfect he looks and ooh-ahed at how his lips was in the shape of a heart. I visited his thread daily to look at new photos of him.

Bella called out three months – the length of time it would take before I’d grow tired of him. In fact, to both our surprise, it lasted five months. But before long, I started noticing all his flaws. What is that about quickly lit flames also going out quickly? Oh, how fickle is Blue’s heart!

Cha Seung Won (City Hall, 2009) – I will admit it right now that Cha Seung Won’s looks is far from my personal taste. In fact, as shallow as it may sound, the reason why I did not watch City Hall until just this year was because I did not find Mr. Cha attractive, including his cow-mustache and the cleanly-shaped eyebrows.

But boy, was I wrong! Cha Seung Won oozed of charisma and sex appeal in City Hall, and as weird as it may sound, I felt like I was going to get drunk from the smell of his cologne that seemed to come off through the screen, making me want to do things with him that I never realized I’d want to do with a 40+ year old man. This man just demands for women to throw panties at him.

Jung Kyung Ho (Smile You, 2009-2010) – Sniff, sniff. I miss Hyun Soo! Hmm, I hope Jung Kyung Ho’s doing well in the army…

Kang Hyun Soo is definitely one of my favorite male leads ever. He seems nerdy and dorky at first glance, but he is one of the strongest characters ever – unmoved and unswayed by the difficulties ahead of him. Solid as a rock. By the way, I never realized that a green tracksuit can look so good on anyone until Smile, You.

Lee Seon Kyun (Pasta, 2010) – Chep! I joined this bandwagon rather late. Even when everyone was touting him Mr. Voice, I didn’t really see what was so special about him until Pasta came around. And for that, I will always be grateful. Hmm, I love the way he seems to wear his clothes, as opposed to his clothes wearing him. I love how he doesn’t seem to “try” so hard, but is just “cool” as he is. I love his broad shoulders. I love how one side of his lips goes up when he smiles. (Hey look! he’s doing that in the photo above too!) Reminder to self: “He’s a married man, he’s a married man.”

Park Yong Woo (Jejoongwon, 2010) – Park Yong Woo is just another actor who you just have to see for yourself to realize why he’s so special. But in particular, he was just made to be Hwang Jung, and for having played Hwang Jung, Park Yong Woo will always have a special place in my heart.

His character was far from being refined. He stutters, he speaks slowly, and he has a slight accent when he speaks. But you can’t help but root for him to overcome all the odds against him and succeed. There’s no doubt that he’s an incredible man, disguised as a “nobody”. But his success story made you feel empowered yourself and believe that you too can do anything you’ve set your mind to since Hwang Jung was able to make it as well.

Few episodes in, I was already a goner for Park Yong Woo. But in the scene above when he lifted his hat to reveal his sparkling eyes, my heart literally stopped beating for a few seconds because I felt overwhelmed by how beautiful his eyes looked.

Micky Yoochun (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, 2010) – Anyone who’s been with me since my Sungkyunkwan Scandal craze days will know of my love for Micky’s portrayal of Lee Sun Joon. His always so righteous, proper, and well-spoken character had me swooning from left to right. His voice, his speech, his gaht kiss… Kyahh! Thanks to him, my second-half of 2o10 was simply blissful.

Jo Hyun Jae (49 Days, 2011) – I’ve always considered Jo Hyun Jae to be a good-looking actor, but despite so, I never really cared too much for him in the past. But did the army duty do him good? His portrayal of Han Kang and his love for one woman was just spot on and made my heart go “dugeun, dugeun” for 10 weeks. And every time I see Jo Hyun Jae now, I have this new urge to just shout, “Kang-ah!”


*Note: Please note that this is not necessarily the order that I’ve crushed on these men, as some dramas were watched out of order.

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32 Responses to Blue’s men edition – “Dugeun, dugeun”

  1. wap says:

    among your choices, i love jo hyun jae the best since only you 😀

  2. endodo says:

    Like always, what an awesome post! It’s like this week is the ultimate fangirling week or something, or at least amongst my group of drama and blogging friends. By the way, thank you for not including JKW in this post. I admit I was a tad worried when I saw the title & intro of this post, but even if he makes it on your list of men who you MINE, that’s okay. I’ll just turn a blind eye when that happens. LOL.

    And sorry, Kae and I have called a truce so your “Plan Gather-Them-All-and-Have-Them-Fight-At-It-With-Each-Other-While-I-Grab-Him-For-Myself-And-Make-A-Run-With-Him” won’t work. Keke.

  3. Iviih says:

    I love many here, but Jo Hyun Jae (49 days made me know this charming ahjusshi!), Ji Jin Hee (I watched dong Yi just because I loved his character and him so much! His smiles, sweet eyes, and even sexy/hot face made me fall in love!!!!) and Kim Ju Hyuk (He was such a sexy bastard in Love me not – Movie with MGY :D)

  4. Hmm, none of these guys really made my heart go dugeun dugeun but I think Kang Aaaahhhh was the closest. I actually think Scheduler made my heart thump faster 49 Days (besides the hair). I am sucker for a goofball and pretty boy. Jung Il Woo in Return of Iljimae tis even better- GUH. *melts into puddle*

    I totally agree about Cha Seung Won. I STILL don’t find him that attractive as much as I LURVE me so Dokgo Jin (didn’t really enjoy City Hall but he was smexy) but there is definitely something about him that I just can’t put my finger on. It is amazing how much he has changed since that movie Ghost House?!

    You know who is another guy I don’t think is particularly attractive (no offense to other fans!) but for some reason makes my heart flutter- Uhm Tae Woong. Like seriously, he has a strange nose, some skin issues, and looks older than he probably actually is but I love him! Plus he can ACT. Just watch Resurrection or The Devil if you don’t think so.

    • kerik says:

      uhm tae woong! i hate him with all my heart in delightful girl chun hyang, lol. and never bother to watch any of his drama. but his newly discovered adorkalble self in 1n2d is so win!

      • I haven’t seen 1n2d but I can definitely imagine him being adorkable in real life. I wonder if he married? Wonder how much a plane ticket to Korea costs so I can track him down and throw myself at him…but wait, there is that darn language barrier!

      • blue says:

        No, UTW is not married. I too started liking him from 1n2d! 🙂

      • Kristal says:

        Not married huh. *grabs Korean-English dictionary and books plane ticket to Korea*

      • Kristal says:

        I watched his first ep on 1n2d (thankfully KBSworld is subbing it even if there are cut scenes, damnit) and he is definitely comes across as a dork and of how I do love me some dorkiness! American actors would so never do this kind of show! That’s what I like about it though.

        You should really watch him in The Devil or Resurrection kerik. He kicks ass in those and they are great dramas overall. Two of my personal faves. 🙂

  5. Nayong says:

    Awesome post:)
    My number 1 : Park Shi Hoo especially in PP and Family’s Honor and of course Queen of Reversals!
    Loved his wrist grabbing. lol Happens in every dramaa, hahaha
    Someone no one talks about is Joo Jin Mo, I just love this guy in Queen of the Game and Fashion 70’s, He was my wallpaper for 6 months:)
    Ahn Jae Wook – Mr Goodbye & Star in my heart, the OST was my phone ring tone for a while
    Lee Dong Wook – Not for My Girl but La Dolce Vita, awesome performance there
    Go Soo – Green Rose, I cried for him during his struggle to China and shouted for joy when he returned to Korea to revenge!
    Sorry, I just have to include him: Bae Yong Jun for his character in Hotelier and his beautiful looks in The Legend
    How can a man be so beautiful? LOL
    Lee Jae Hwang in That Summer Typhoon, I cried buckets when he discovered he fell in love with his sister;

    Thanks for this post, got my mind going and all dreamy thinking of all of them out there, too many to list down at one time:)

  6. caffeinate_me says:

    You know, it’s a good thing that Lee Jung Jae wasn’t in any of the scenes in Gwangju because I swear every time he appeared on screen , I stopped paying attention to everything else. Gah, I’m really shallow.

    And oooh, the appearance of Hyun Soo in this post makes me lament the fact that Beta Males are so scarce in kdrama land. I can still picture Jo In Sung cowering while his father chased him around with a golf club. Enough with the pseudo-Darcy please and bring me more of the Betas.

  7. ditdut says:

    OMG HAHAHAHA, I will always remember Kang Sukwoo as “that ultra irritating dad in Smile You”. Good to know he used to own the heartthrob status, LOLS!

    My first ever Korean crush was Gong Yoo in She’s on Duty. Man, he was SO freaking hot in that movie. I love the dorky bad boy characters he used to play in his earlier projects like Biscuit Teacher and also Spy Girl. He’s got a great knack for comedy, but also excels in fluttering hearts, I bet male and female alike, haha.

    Lee Dongwook is my biggest crush to date. I was so into him and literally follow his news very closely. After My Girl, his projects never really hit it big, although the good thing is that he got more mature as an actor, but still, I hope Scent of a Woman would be jackpot.

    I’ve had fleeting crushes on Kang Dongwon (so darn cute in Too Beautiful to Lie), Jung Woosung (A Moment to Remember gawwwdddd!!) and Joo Jinmo (wasn’t he just oozing sex in 200 Pound Beauty???) as well. Too bad they never do dramas these days cos that’s one way to feed the obsessions. Minimum of 8 weeks, 16 hours constant exposure would do the trick.

    I must also mention ERIC in Que Sera Sera. Holysmokes, he was kind of an asshole in that drama, but it’s weird because I just kept rooting for him till the end. He also helped me discover Shinhwa and that breeds its own monster of an obsession!!

    Last, but not least, my trio of pretty boys: Lee Seunggi, Kim Hyunjoong, and Jung Ilwoo. These people have propelled my crush into a full on stalking. LOL.

    • I was totally into Eric’s Kang Tae Joo in Que Sera Sera too. He just had this swagger going on in the beginning, even if he was a childish asshole for some of those first eps…and then there was that one almost rape scene…
      You could tell there was something more underneath that player persona when he was with Han Eun-soo though. I have watched some of his scenes from that one probably 100 times. I liked his clothes in that one too. Somewhat metrosexual but not as over the top as other kdrama male leads.

      • ditdut says:

        I think it’s also the confidence that made Kang Taejoo pull off his clothes. He’s conscious about appearance in general and knows how to take care of himself.

        My recent favourite of well dressed male would definitely be Song Seungheon in My Princess. I love the simple and not-trying-too-hard style. Although the consequence is, too much black suits hahah

  8. eliza bennet says:

    I used to like a lot of the drama men (Lovers in Paris, Brilliant Legacy, My Girl, Jumong, Thank You, Love Story in Harvard – I know and am duly shamed with this one-) but I didn’t know the meaning of an all out crush until I watched City Hall. Guk stole my heart and my body with that one. The weird thing is that I watched lots of CSW films before but never crushed on him. It is the character but his portrayal is so strong that I started crushing on the actor too.

  9. Kore says:

    I’m pretty new to K-dramas, so my list isn’t long. I totally fell for Lee Min Ho as Gu Jun Pyo as well, but I got over him pretty fast after the show ended and I was surprised to miss Kim Jun’s Woo Bin the most (totally the character I would go for in real life). However, my longest F4 crush was on Kim Bum, probably because he was the only F4 member that had other stuff I could watch after BBF ended and so my crush on him grew. But, although I mooned over Kim Bum for ages, I still didn’t like him enough to sit through Dream.

    My biggest crush out of BBF was actually from the Japanese version, which I only watched because I loved the Korean version. I lusted after Oguri Shun for months, and watched everything he’d ever been in that I could get my hands on, and just in case your next post includes non-korean men, I’m totally claiming Oguri for myself right now (along with Alexander Skarsgard, Colin Morgan, Paul Bettany – I could go on, but I shouldn’t be greedy). BTW, Kim Hyun Joong’s Ji Hoo left me completely cold. I think it was the combination of terrible acting and a terrible haircut. However, I have since watched him in his reality tv shows and his real life persona is so much more attractive, actually it’s really attractive, they should build a drama around him instead of continually miscasting him in manga roles.

    I had minor show-run only crushes on Siwon (18v29, I totally hung out for his 20sec spots every second episode, he’s still hot but I was sad to find that I was mostly over him by the time Oh My lady came out), Yun Jung Hoon (East of Eden, very attractive man), Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince, although strangely I think my crush is largely platonic in this case), and Im Joo Hwan (Tamra the Island, actually this crush leaked beyond the show for a bit).

    My biggest K-drama crush is the one I’m in the midst of right now: Cha Seung Won (Best Love, and now City Hall, Athena and soon Bodyguard). I’m with you in that I initially didn’t think much of his looks or grooming habits, yet now I think he’s the hottest thing since Ra in every way. I don’t know how long it will last, but he’s definitely my deepest celebrity crush since Jensen Ackles (circa Dark Angel and 14 year old me). I can tell because CSW is bringing out that embarrassing behaviour I remember from my teen years. I thought I had grown up and matured, but it turns out I just hadn’t met the right celebrity male. And, I’m sorry, but I’m already sharing Seung Won with Mrs Cha, Jo Guk with Shin Mirae and Jin with Gu Ae Jung, there’s just no room for anybody else.

  10. kerik says:

    my crush is Im Joo-hwan, or rather Park Kyuuuuuu! i think i love Park Kyu more than Im Joo-hwan 🙂 His gaze and his voice can always melt me into goo (now bring me that What’s Up)
    and Lee Dong-wook. It was purely shallow reason liking him in My Girl, but Partner made me swoon so hard.

  11. prissymom says:

    my heart beats for JO. HYUN. JAE.

    I had to check out some of the actors (Kang Sok Woo, Lee Jong Won, Lee Jung Jae, Song Chang Min, Park Jung Chul, Kim Ju Hyuk) because I am not familiar with them.

    Ji Jin Hee – didn’t like him much because he made life hard for Jo Hyun Jae in Love Letter (yes, I am shallow that way Ha! Ha!).

    Btw, I am planning to check out Jejoongwon because of your comments about JHJ and PYW.

    Nice post as always!

    • blue says:

      Do check out Jejoongwon because it really is a great drama! As for the comparison between JHJ and PYW, I think you’d have to give it some time before you see the resemblance (especially their eyes) but PYW definitely grows on you over the run of the series. But admittedly, JHJ is more handsome, of course. 😉

      • Kristal says:

        I’ve had Jejoongwon sitting on my hard drive forever and I still just can’t bring myself to watch it for some reason. PYW was pretty cute in My Scary Girl though. Have you seen that one blue? He plays the loser role pretty well there. 🙂

      • blue says:

        Yup, I did! After watching Jejoongwon, I was on a personal mission to watch all the movies PYW ever had a leading role in. I’m proud to report that I’m three movies away from completing the mission!

      • Kristal says:

        He was in Handphone with my boyfriend Uhm Tae-woong too! Not a good movie but I’ve seen much worse. Looking at his imdb page I see he was in Ditto as well. I own that one and it has been so long I can’t even remember him in it. Hmm…

  12. sarangf says:

    Lee jong won. how did i love that man.

  13. joonni says:

    Blue, I want to say so many other things, but one line just stood out that I really wanted to respond to immediately…

    Oh, how true. My mom and I say the same thing. I was wondering if it was marriage that did it to them. At the point they become ahjussi.

    Although, I saw Bae Yong Jun in Dream High and he does not seem to be aging well and he is not married. But Jang Dong Geun seems to be aging very well.

    My biggest childhood crush was Ahn Jae Wook during Stars in my Heart. Did you ever watch this drama?

    • blue says:

      “I want to say so many other things…”
      You’re not going to leave me hanging, right? Hehe, I can’t wait to hear what else you have to say.

      As for why Korean men don’t age well, my guess is it’s all that drinking and smoking they do. 😛

      Of course I watched Star in my Heart! It was an entertaining drama, although I don’t think I liked it as much as the average drama viewers out there. OMG, I still remember Ahn Jae Wook’s hair from that drama! Totally old school!

      • ditdut says:

        Ahn Jaewook totally did me in, in that movie he did First Kiss with Choi Jiwoo. That was my first time seeing him and I was so…..lkdnfkjfdskfhnd. Skip back to reality gave me cute, but wanjeon ahjussi in I Love You hahahaha.

  14. kcomments says:

    Oh man, Blue you take them all in, what’ s left for me meeeeee? HAHA
    I guess this is for Korean actors that make you heart beat a little faster? If so, after exercising my brain cells;

    -Mr. BYJ, oh please don’t cringe, aside from Dream High, I loved him in Winter Sonata, Hotelier and TWSSG.
    -Kim Rae-won, loved him in Cat on the Roof (or sth like that), Love Story in Harvard (the lawyer in Korea part where he cut his hair shot), Which Star Are You From? and Snowman (yeah, so hot there, hate the ending, how can she choose that man instead of him? , yes he’s a rich hockey player alright).
    -Micky, his eyes and his voice are def his valuable assets, high potential there if he uses them well.
    -Kim Jae-won (post military service), love his voice, his tender subtle acting. Of course, Can You Hear My Heart?

    That’s about I could think of….I can see ,me and Blue, there will be no conflict between us, first-come- first -serve hehe.

  15. doozy says:

    Another shout out for Im Ju Hwan’s Park Kyu in Tamra the Island. One of my favorite male characters and accelerators of my heartbeat ever!

  16. supah says:

    Lee Beom-soo as Dr Ahn in Surgeon Bong Dal-hee. *thud* Just died and went to heaven.
    Also loved him as Gang-mo, that was one brilliantly written, memorable character and he owned that role.

    I think I’ll fight you for the latter, Kim Rae-won and Jung Kyung-ho from that list, rest are all yours hun.

    Btw, Park Jung-chul!? You need to watch Chohon right away, it’s a short drama from last year, simply magnificent, and he was superb in it.

  17. luvyoo says:

    u made my day blue ^ ^,two of my favourite are on the list GY,LMH fightingggg !!

  18. aprillovesblackcoffee says:

    how about won bin??

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