Blue’s men edition – “Umm, you hot!”

So I was looking at the list of men who made me go “dugeun, dugeun” and couldn’t help but feel that the list was incomplete. There is still a handful of men remaining who make me swoon with their hotness, and yet have never really made my heart flutter through any of their works. And I felt REALLY bad about leaving them out of my list because in my crazy head of mine, I’d like to think that those men who I failed to list are all crying in their little corner about how I could have forgotten them. So in order to appease them (okay, fine, I just wanted to have an excuse to stare at their photos), I wanted to tell them, “It’s okay that you never had my heart aflutter… because you’re on my list of men who officially receive my stamp of ‘Umm, you hot!'”


GO SOO – In November 2009, Bella emailed me and told me that I MUST watch the trailer for Will It Snow For Christmas? pronto, if I haven’t already done so yet. Reason? Ohemgee. Go Soo looks hot. After watching the trailer… umm, over and over again, I had to agree. My gosh, Go Soo is becoming like fine wine… getting better with age, yeah? Go Soo, you officially receive my stamp of “Umm, you hot!”

HA JUNG WOO – I have mad respect for Ha Jung Woo’s acting chops and think his talent is undeniable. But strangely enough, he never made my heart go “dugeun, dugeun” through any of his works. I’m sure it doesn’t help that he plays psychopathic killer character like in The Chaser. But no matter. Every time I see him in photo spreads, walk down the red carpet, or see him in interviews, I can’t help myself from repeating, “Umm, you hot!”

JUNG GYU WOON – I don’t think I’d ever become obsessed about him as Dodo or Kaedejun, but whenever he smiles, takes off his shirt, and especially when he smiles while shirtless, I can’t help but shout, “Umm, you hot!”

JUNG WOO SUNG – Okay, I must admit that I feel pretty dubious about how Jung Woo Sung is aging (he looked the hottest in the movie Beat and that was from like, what… 1997?), but nevertheless, I still think he’s the most handsome man I’ve ever set my eyes on, like ever. And for that, he officially receives my stamp of “Umm, you hot!”

LEE JONG HYUK – And so I hear he is oh-so-appropriately nicknamed Lee Jong HOT by a fellow blogger. I first liked him after watching an episode of Sang Sang Plus where he appeared as a guest and totally won me over with his charm. But unfortunately, I’ve never liked any of the characters he’s ever played. Actually, come to think of it, I’ve never liked any of the dramas he’s ever starred in. But nevertheless, whenever his name is connected with a project, I always end up tuning in at least for one episode, just to let him know, “Umm, you hot!”

LEE JUNG JIN – One day I found this game online called “Who is your Ideal Man?” and ended up playing it. I’ve always thought Lee Jung Jin was hot, but I was surprised myself when I found myself choosing him over every other men and he came out as the ultimate winner in my ideal man challenge. But then again, I shouldn’t be surprised because “umm, he’s hot!”

XIAH JUNSU – I’m sure some of you are surprised to find him on this list? C’mon, Blue, a boy band member? Well, I don’t discriminate and there’s plenty of my love to go around! Even though his bandmate made my list of men who made me go “dugeun, dugeun,” it’s actually Xiah Junsu who comes closer to my personal taste. And so if he ever decided to go into acting, hmm, okay, he may or may not receive my stamp of approval depending on how he does, but he already earned my stamp of “Umm, you hot!”

YOON KYE SANG – And so I hear he’s become Softy’s property? But since I love her, I’ll (begrudgingly) let him go. Actually, I considered adding him to the list of men who made my heart go “dugeun, dugeun” because his Yoon Pil-joo character in Best Love was one of the rare instances in my drama watching career where I suffered from the Second Male Lead Syndrome. But if I remain truthful, I don’t think I can claim to have gone “dugeun, dugeun” for him. Instead, he made me want to hug him, rock him in my arms, and tell him everything will be okay because… “umm, you hot.”

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16 Responses to Blue’s men edition – “Umm, you hot!”

  1. eliza bennet says:

    Great post!

    Umm, you hot guys for me are
    Lee Minho
    So Ji Sub

  2. *fans self* I am so with you on all of these except Jung Gyu Woon (I just don’t get the appeal and he hasn’t played any characters I’ve connected with) and the boy band guy (never heard of him).

    • And it doesn’t hurt that all the pics you picked are gorgeous! My mind is totally in the gutter right now. 😉

    • ditdut says:

      Jung Kyeowon doesn’t attract me on a OMGHAWWTTTTT level, but more like I find him cute with a body that I’d like to stare at all day long. Tho I do think he’s got an innate ability to find chemistry with his leading ladies, no matter what.

      Lee Jungjin in Plan B, GUHHHH, hot and sweaty stubbled cop running on the streets. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  3. thundie says:

    Umm, you’re hysterical!

    Just remember… Ha Jung-WOOT and Lee Jong-HOT are both MINE.

  4. endodo says:

    Jung Gyu Woon- [………..] but whenever he smiles, takes off his shirt, and especially when he smiles while shirtless, I can’t help but shout, “Umm, you hot!”

    HEEHEEHEE. Oh, so my “Umm, you hot” list off the top of my head would probably include: Lee Min Ho, Yoon Kye Sang, Song Joong Ki, Kang Ji Hwan.

  5. thundie says:

    Psst, Ms. Blue, how about another post called “Umm, you not!”? This one on all the actors you don’t like, hehe.

    • Kristal says:

      Good idea! I would like to read that one too.

    • blue says:

      Ooh, that sounds fun… but also potentially dangerous, since some of the actors I don’t like are also some of the most popular actors out there… I’d have to think over this one. 😉

      But in general, “today’s friend may be tomorrow’s foe.” Some of the actors I currently can’t stand (either because of their acting or their looks) were in fact included in the “Blue’s men edition.”

      • Kristal says:

        Didn’t Ockoala have the drama allergy post on her blog? It went down ok so I think we need a round two on this blog!

  6. Softy says:

    Thanks blue 🙂 you are the sweetest. That pic of YKS happens to be the one I kept on my desktop screensaver for like half a year during ” who are you” – but then I went and saw his movie where he played that scary stalking guy and one scene in particular left me traumatized for the rest of the year. Then BL came along and made me forget all about that and renewed my crush. Gotta admit, I was one of those handful of ppl who watched the first few eps of road #1 just to see him- tried to fast forward to his scenes only but he had just one facial expression thru most of the drama “I’m miserable- get me out of here” and I felt bad watching him suffer so much so I gave up the drama. Then he grew his hair and went overseas to take pics and I was surprised to learn he is a pretty good photographer. I like him more in front of the camera tho cuz the man is photogenic from every angle – upside down, sideways, any direction you put him in is pure perfection.

  7. snow says:

    hahaha, i agree with most of the men on this list except for xiah junsu… eh, he’s just a BOY. ain’t no competition for the likes of Go Soo and Lee Jung Jin! XD

  8. kcomments says:

    Umm, you’re hot!

    JGW, pure hotness, need to explore more ^^ First time with him in Romance Town.
    Go Soo, aww…..Will It Snow for Christmas? when he said Do you know me? her *swoon* Man, I want him on a drama asap!
    Lee Min-ho, City Hunter [spoiler] stares at Nana’s lips and asks ‘How much for a kiss?’ , she answers ‘…..won’, he keeps staring at her lips and repeats her words, like it’s worth to pay (zzzzzz…..), she pushes him away, darn JUST kiss her already! *swoon* [end spoiler]
    Joo Ji-hoon, roughly hot in Antique Bakery, the Naked Kitchen.
    Same rule applies, FCFS!!! ^__^

  9. eshi says:

    my men are lee jun ki….kang dong won….yoo ah in and kim soo hyun
    though lee min ho makes me fall for him every time i watch something hes in…

  10. kerik says:

    eom ki joon! gosh, when i look at him i just feel like kissing him.

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