Quick blog/drama update – June 10, 2011

For a blog that professes to be about K-dramas, I came to the realization that I haven’t really written much about dramas lately. For one, in the last two weeks, I’ve fallen behind in all the “May-frenzy” dramas, except for Best Love and Baby-Faced Beauty. This also explains why there has been no new change of status in my “Currently Watching” column to your left.

Can’t say I didn’t try. Despite my brain thinking that Miss Ripley had an optimistic pilot episode, for some reason, my heart just has no desire to continue watching it. I really, really want to give it at least one or two more episodes before deciding whether to call it quits. I want to figure out whether it is my brain or my heart that is correct, but in my two attempts to watch the 2nd episode, I fell asleep within the first 5 minutes both times.

I had a much more schizophrenic reaction to City Hunter. I found the first episode to be decent (and even prepared screencaps in case I wanted to write a first-impression review or do a recap), but absolutely hated the second episode with all my heart. Then I found myself enjoying the third episode. Now I’m stuck on episode 4, but once again, I’m back to falling asleep within the first 5 minutes of that episode.

I must find out whether this phenomenon is caused by these two dramas, or whether I have a health condition. Hmm….

I’ve watched up to episode 8 in Lie to Me, and that drama gives me the crazy urge to just keep banging my head against the desk. In order to salvage my skull, this drama is now considered dropped. I thought it was just me that this drama was completely driving me bonkers, but after I updated its status to “Bleh. Bangs head,” I noticed that Bella had updated her status (independent from my own update) to “bangs head on table” as well. I think it’s safe to conclude that Lie to Me drives the bloggers of this blog to unsafe banging of the head.

Romance Town has been boring me lately. (Hmm, is this what people meant about Seo Sook Hyang’s last drama, Pasta. I didn’t understand what they were talking about because I adored Pasta, but watching Romance Town, I think I may understand what others may have felt back then.) But FINALLY! I thought last week’s episode 8 was looking up. *Knocks on wood*

On a positive note, I still love Best Love, and since trashing Baby-Faced Beauty in my first impression review, I’m eating my words right now because I actually enjoy it a lot. It’s nothing mind-blowing, but it is a quaint little trendy drama. In fact, due to the little attention Baby-Faced Beauty has been getting compared to the other dramas out right now, I think I will make it up for my bad initial review by devoting more blog entries to that drama starting next week, especially since it even got a two-episode extension. (Please, drama gods! Don’t let the extension ruin the drama!)

In case you were wondering, Bella has been noticeably absent from Electric Ground this past week because she’s enjoying herself on a trip across the globe. Hmph. I’m TOTALLY not jealous! Which also explains why I’ve been doing so many “Blue’s men” posts this past week. I decided that I need to “officially” claim my men before she gets back and tries to claim them as hers. Puhahaha. That’s what she gets for leaving the country!

I know that “Geumdeungjisa – The fact and the fiction” has been listed under “Upcoming Posts” for several months now. But for the fans of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I’m sad to report that that post is now indefinitely put on hold until the next drama about King Jeongjo comes along again. And considering how dramas love to feature King Jeongjo, perhaps the wait may not be too long after all. In order to do research on Geumdeungjisa, I’ve actually gone to the source of that baby- The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty. Has anyone tried reading that sucker? My gosh, writings by old Joseon scholars are a complete beast! Yeah, I don’t think you can blame me for putting that post on hold, right?

Now that I wrote at least one post semi-kinda-mentioning dramas this week, I don’t feel quite as guilty about going back to blogging about hot men again. Phew.

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4 Responses to Quick blog/drama update – June 10, 2011

  1. snow says:

    hahaha. hot men posts are always welcome 😀

  2. kcomments says:

    Joining the troops(?)of Lie to Me *bangs head on desk* quickly checked latest episode, ended up *bangs head on desk*
    Miss Ripley, interesting first episode – dropped because allergic to work-related sexual harassment/manipulation.
    Baby-Faced Beauty, up to her public declaration on stage *roll eyes*, no hurry, will catch up when have time.

    Romance Town, currently follow every week, strange lovely drama, creeps under my skin, don’t even know what’s the whole point of this drama (suspecting will be concluded at the end), but ,darn it, I’ll follow to the end what will become of that lotto and this strange 1st street neighborhood. All that said, I love the drama (tho no clue why) all those weird maids, husbands/wives and ,from the latest episode(10), SG’s dad Go-Stop addicted added to the list, are so heart warming lots (Blue, you should educate me with Go-Stop if you know how, so that I could finish Tazza ^^). Also, strange thing is Romance Town is still holding its ground in the ratings against the glory of Best Love and City Hunter.

    City Hunter, dropped after episode 1, picked up and now kind of hooked, at latest episode (6). Check out episode 5 -Stair shadow fighting, love love. I’m easy as long as LMH keeps flashing his smile!

    Best Love, enjoyed earlier episodes, dropped cuz angst-emotional-roller-coaster ride is expected, will watch the whole when it’s done.
    Back to fangirling mode too ^_^

  3. supah says:

    Choi Daniel is delish, and while I find the show rather forgettable, I just can’t quit him. Jang Nara is one lucky cow, really… she washed his hair. 😦 *bursts into tears of jealousy*
    And to think how I found him so insufferable in World They Live In. I suppose he never wore glasses back then and he had this odd perm thing going on, that perm style that only perverts sport.

    Also watching Ripley, though regrettably I’m not really finding it compelling nor addictive enough in order to continue, but I’ll hold on for now. Lee Da-hae is pretty decent, but it might get old quick, Kim Seung-woo is reliably sexy as hell. Disappointed in Kang Hye-jung though, was expecting more in terms of both her character and her acting.

    Shitty Hunter is actually really addictive. I know it’s not the greatest offering currently, but hot jam! It’s entertaining.
    The first episode was fun, second episode lapsed but then it’s been getting better progressively and Kim Sang-joong is just badass. What I like the most however is that the writer has this old-school, very wholesome, very entertaining way of writing, I was totally into Daemul’s first few episodes for these reasons, before Oh Jong-rok lost his shit and the show just could not be salvaged by anyone.

    Anyways, off to download today’s Drama Special with Choi Duk-moon in it, hopefully it’s half-decent, the Drama Specials have been so bland lately, most of the 2010 ones were fabulous.

  4. ripgal says:

    Best Love and Baby-Faced Beauty WIN! YAY!
    Ripley and City Hunter follow behind.
    Lie To Me and Romance Town dropped.

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