Travelogues: Korean drama style, part 1

With the inception of Electric Ground, Blue and I both strived for a blog that was well balanced – a mixture of the fun, informative, and pure silliness. However, it was also a goal of ours to incorporate you, dear readers, on our journey with this blog. After all, this blog is as meaningful and personal to us as you all are when you visit Electric Ground.

One way I thought was to bring in the first of a series of travelogues.  Moving forward, Electric Ground will strive to bring to you folks a series of travelogues that will encompass not only our own but your personal stories/experiences from visiting the sets of some of our favorite dramas/movies, the food that you have eaten at the places featured, your experience attending a live concert, etc in Korea and/or abroad- basically, all things Korean.

Many of you are no doubt, familiar with the travel diaries of some of our favorite stars such as So Ji Sub or Yoon Eun Hye (Bae Doo Na is an absolute favorite of mine), right? Or perhaps you may have visited their cyworld and caught a glimpse of what they do on their offtime while away.  I might add that there is also a rather lucrative niche created for these ‘coffee table’ books written by some of our favorite stars.

And in a sense,  we would hope the Travelogue series will serve as an online guide of information or could serve as an electronic version of the “coffee table book” for everyone. If you would like to contribute and be featured in this series, please send  your entries to:

First up is cafes. One because Blue and I both LOVE cafes and it’s the best place to people-watch.  And second, look at swirly, pretty designs made with foam milk- which is almost too pretty to drink and one can’t help but whip out the camera, si? I prefer to sit at a cafe just to sip the coffee that may or may not be considered “good” just for the ambience even if I do not personally care for coffee all that much. Maybe it’s just me?

Part 1 of the Travelogues is brought you by our guest blogger for today, AnonymousG, on her adventure into the actual set featured in the drama, Coffee Prince.


Seoul Café Review — Sanmotoonge (

Sanmotoonge —  probably more well known as the house where Choi Han Seong (played by Lee Sun Gyun) lived, was turned into a café after the popularity of the Korean drama Coffee Prince, and currently remains a café often visited by tourists and lovers of the drama.

Situated in Bu Am Dong, it’s a slight stroll uphill, far away from the city. Some locals also enjoy this place due to its picturesque view. It’s a spot where you can unwind and relax as long as it is not too crowded. Similar to many of the quaint cafes in Seoul, you can expect to have your latte crafted to near perfection, with latte art to boot.

I have a faint memory of my drink being slightly sweeter than I’d like, but the atmosphere more than made up for it. There are 3 floors in the house (if my memory still serves me right), and there’s a huge balcony area which offers the best view there.  Once you step foot into the compound, you’ll notice this familiar looking door where that big fluffy white dog would be sniffing in the drama Coffee Prince.

The front porch is beautifully decorated with a bright yellow automobile, giving the place a cheerful vibe. Once you enter the main door of the house, you get to the coffee counter where you’re expected to place your orders. I found the staff less friendly than all the other cafes I visited in Seoul. The price is what you will expect at any other café around Seoul, or slightly pricier. You pick up your order at the counter, rather than have it delivered to you and then you’re free to roam around the house and choose whichever table you fancy.



The basement is definitely a place you shouldn’t miss. There’s a full-sized swing, an old piano which is mainly for decorative purposes, pictures on the wall and decorative pieces of furniture.

You also get to take a turn in the garden, climb on to those horse rock sculptures if you so wish and have those cameras flashing away, or even better, climb up to the balcony and get a full view of the area.

I would definitely recommend visiting during fall when the weather is cool and you’ll more than likely enjoy the stroll uphill. I suggest getting there by a taxi, or if you’re adventurous enough to venture on public transportation and on foot, definitely bring someone who speaks Korean to lead you there.

It’s in much better condition than the famed café featured in Coffee Prince in Hongdae, which is a bit run down (café interior shown below). Overall,  I think Sanmotoonge is worth the visit and the hike uphill.

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3 Responses to Travelogues: Korean drama style, part 1

  1. mihinikki says:

    Sounds like fun! If I could visit think I’d linger WAY long and bore my traveling companion with details about every scene in Coffee Prince that took place there 🙂

  2. martha says:

    That is just so cool! Coffee Prince was the first drama that I fell totally in love with 😀 I would love to see that coffee shop. Thank you

  3. sarangf says:

    thank you Blue. i’ll check out the coffee shop next time i’m in Korea

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