Why the ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ couple is my current favorite…

SO. CUTE. This couple has a way of using a lot of onomatopoeia and just repeating expressions using different words (a translator’s nightmare). But my gosh darnit, they’re so endearing.

Seung Joon: Is the ring doing well, safely in its rightful place?
Jung Won: Of… of course! It’s doing well! It’s doing VERY well. In its place.
SJ: Your voice is slightly shaky. Like that of a person who had it off, and quickly, barely, just now, put it back on your finger.
JW: It’s shaking because I feel fluttered. To finally hear the voice of a person I’ve missed, my heart flutters and so my voice is shaking. You don’t even know!
SJ: Is that really so?
JW: Of course! That’s right! Of course that is so! Why would I lie?
SJ: You can’t just take it off anytime, okay?
JW: Yes. Of course. After all that I had to go through to receive this. Since I had to practically beg you for it, I must treasure it very well. For a long time, all the time, FOREVER!
SJ: For a long time, all the time, forever… you must really wear it like that.
JW: Yes. I will. What were you doing just now?
SJ: I was about to eat dinner.
JW: By yourself?
SJ: Well, if you’ll whoosh fly over, I’m willing to wait and not eat. If you’re so heartbroken, why don’t you quickly whoosh fly over?
JW: Oh no. What to do? My legs hurt more than my heart.
SJ: Well, then, I’ll just have to eat dinner alone again… just like I did for breakfast and lunch. Aigoo. Darn it. Why does this fool who eats alone always get hungry?
JW: Psh.
SJ: What “psh?!”
JW: What are we doing tomorrow?
SJ: Tomorrow? I have a prearranged appointment.
JW: What? What is this! How can you have an appointment every Sunday!
SJ: You want to come with?
JW: Ahh, I don’t want to! I’m going to lie around at home and sleep. Then keep your appointment well, and we’ll see each other or not on Monday. Continue to quickly, hurriedly eat your dinner.
SJ: Don’t be like that, and come out tomorrow… What the… She hung up? My gosh.
JW: What the heck is this? Without going on any proper dates, we’re going to just get married like this?! What does he take me for?! Am I a halibut or a flounder? He’s trying to eat me raw. (Korean expression that you’re trying to be a freeloader and not “work” for it.) I should have played hard to get! I should have made him feel more anxious! I’m the one who’s always feeling anxious! So annoying!
SJ: What’s wrong with this food… I have to act my age, so I can’t run over to her… I miss her so much.

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7 Responses to Why the ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ couple is my current favorite…

  1. sandy says:

    that is such a cute conversation I am not watching this one but I saw some of their pics together and they do have a nice chemistry

  2. supah says:

    Guh! Kim Suk-hoon! One of my first ever K-crushes. Him, Kim Rae-won and Jin Gu (remember him? He played the younger version of Lee Byeong-hun in All In).
    Though, I’m kinda not watching this show, j’adore the couple, but not so much the show and poor (drop-dead-gorgeous) Jung Tae-woo being saddled with playing such a despicable character (though I love his braces).

  3. InLove says:

    SJ: Your voice is slightly shaky. Like that of a person who had it off, and quickly, barely, just now, put it back on your finger.

    “quickly, barely, just now,” I read this and busted out laughing. I’m not watching this show, but they seem way cute together. This is the kind of playful banter you would see with real couples. 🙂

  4. dls says:

    first time commenting here….
    I watched twinkle twinkle RAW…cannot understand
    so when I read this, I feel, amazing….
    thanks a lot.. will wit for subs later

  5. kay says:

    btw would you happen to know of the song that dae bum sings to his little won and was overheard by jung won around ep 27? it also came on later when dae bum waits outside to give JW her birthday gift but sees her coming some with SJ and realizes that he doesn’t have a chance.

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