Song Seung Hun considers Kim Soo Hyun’s newest drama

I really don’t like posting about unconfirmed casting rumors, but this. is. interesting.

According to news reports, all eyes are on Song Seung Hun (My Princess) to see whether he’ll decide to star in the latest drama by acclaimed screenwriter Kim Soo Hyun (Life is Beautiful).

Although no decision has been made at this time, Song Seung Hun’s reps confirmed that he has been offered a role in Kim’s upcoming drama, Forget-Me-Not (물망초), and is looking positively upon the offer.

If this casting comes through, the media is already speculating as to the synergistic effect of having Kim Soo Hyun, whom many consider to be one of the greatest Korean drama scriptwriters (well, definitely one of the highest paid), join forces with a top Hallyu star.

Personally, I find this news so interesting not because of any of that so-called synergy effect. Instead, I find it interesting because wielding a great deal of power in the industry, it is a well-known fact that Kim has a huge (perhaps the majority of) say in her drama’s casting decisions. As such, actors consider it an honor to be offered a role in her drama and join the elitist “Kim Soo Hyun’s gang” (김수현 사단), a term called for those actors, past and present, who have starred in her dramas.

For Song Seung Hun who has been plagued with acting criticisms his entire career, this can be a turning point for him to be considered seriously as an actor. I did notice that although not all actors who are part of the “Kim Soo Hyun’s gang” are necessarily great actors, they almost always come out it as stronger actors.

Forget-Me-Not will re-team up the usual director/writer combo of PD Jung Eul Young and writer Kim Soo Hyun of Life is Beautiful. In describing her upcoming drama, Kim made it clear that it won’t be a “light, easy-watching show.” Instead, it will be thought-provoking and people will come out of it thinking, “Ah, I guess that kind of love can also be possible as well.”

Forget-Me-Not is set for a September premiere, airing as a Monday-Tuesday drama after Warrior Baek Dong-soo on SBS. As Kim Soo Hyun has worked mostly on weekend dramas in recent years, this will be her first miniseries project since her last one 4 years ago.

Via NewDaily, Osen

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5 Responses to Song Seung Hun considers Kim Soo Hyun’s newest drama

  1. kcomments says:

    Thanks Blue, I hope it’s not another Autumn sonata. The word [it won’t be a “light, easy-watching show.” ]
    scares me away already. ^_^

  2. D says:

    newly minted KSH fan here!!…still missing LiB …wow but this sounds really different and SSH is a different choice indeed

  3. Beng-beng says:

    may i know what are the dramas she wrote?

    • blue says:

      Here is a list of her dramas as listed on dramawiki. Note that the list is very incomplete. She’s been writing dramas since the 1970s (and radio dramas even earlier than that).

  4. Bella012 says:

    She’s a hit or miss in my books and a bit overrated but she comes up with the best one-liners!

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