Soo Ae cast in Forget-Me-Not

It was Song Seung Hun who earlier made the news for possibility getting casted in screenwriter Kim Soo Hyun’s upcoming drama, Forget-Me-Not. However, the first casting confirmation comes from actress Soo Ae (Athena: Goddess of War), who was just announced to be cast in the role of its female lead.

Forget-Me-Not is a traditional melodrama featuring a love story between a woman who is losing her memory and a pure-hearted (지고지순한) man who takes responsibility for his love. Following in the footsteps of Shim Eun Ha of Trap of Youth, Lee Young Ae of Fireworks, and Kim Hee Ae of My Man’s Woman, there is already high anticipation for what Soo Ae will show as the newest lead actress of writer Kim Soo Hyun’s miniseries.

On her initiation to “Kim Soo Hyun’s gang” (김수현 사단), Soo Ae shared that she feels a mixture of a heavy sense of burden, anticipation, and excitement.

Penned by Kim Soo Hyun and directed by Jung Eul Young, who have worked on many hit dramas together, including Life is Beautiful, Mom’s Dead Upset, and My Man’s Woman, Forget-Me-Not is scheduled to premiere the last week of September, airing as a Monday-Tuesday drama after Warrior Baek Dong-soo on SBS.

Via NewDaily

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3 Responses to Soo Ae cast in Forget-Me-Not

  1. SparkledPink says:

    This sounds like the drama version of A Moment to Remember.


  2. snow says:

    just hoping song seung heon won’t take this role. it’d just be a lot of pain watching him trying to emote.

  3. almondie says:

    ^ same here, i’m totally excited about Soo Ae but feel rather uneasy about SSH. i usually do not like the soap opera type but if the lead man can match Soo Ae’s level, i’m sold (at least for the first ep).

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