New medical drama “Brain” in the works

I generally like medical genre dramas, medical accuracy be damned. And there are currently three in the works this year to choose from. SBS is preparing to air Beautiful Life this December, and although it doesn’t have a fixed broadcasting company or a time slot yet, there’s a high probability that MBC will take on Medical College. Well, KBS refuses to be left out, recently confirming that it has taken on its own medical drama, Brain, to air this November.

As its title implies, Brain will be a medical drama taking place in the neurology department. The drama production has already confirmed the casting of Jung Jin Young (Pyungyang Castle, Dong Yi) in the role of the genius doctor, Kim Sang Chul, and as all genius doctors in dramas are wont to be, he’s described as having a “prickly personality.”

Although MBC has had New HeartGeneral Hospital, and White Tower, and SBS has had Surgeon Bong Dal Hee, OB/GYN, and Sign, this will be the first medical drama from KBS. As such, there is already high anticipation to see what KBS will deliver.

Brain will re-team up the director/writer pairing from the successful 2009 drama, God of Study– director Yoo Hyun Ki and screenwriter Yoon Kyung Ah. It is scheduled to premiere in November as KBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama, following Myung Wol the Spy and Poseidon.

Via Newsen

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