You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 4

Four episodes in, and You’ve Fallen for Me is really growing on me. True, it doesn’t have the “punch” to keep me on my toes, but there’s something about the familiarity- the college setting, the young love (and pain), uncertainties, finding yourself- that all just resonate with me as only good youth dramas can do.

EPISODE 4: “Towards Tomorrow”

The title for the fourth episode is “내일을 향해” (“Towards Tomorrow”), the 1992 debut song by Shin Sung Woo. Nicknamed “Terius” for his supposed resemblance to the said character from the popular manga, Candy Candy, k-drama fans may better recognize Shin Sung Woo from dramas such as Man in Crisis (MBC, 2002) and Home Sweet Home (MBC, 2010).


Standing on top of a balcony, Shin brightens as he sees Kyu-won approaching with her Windflowers girls. With fresh new ideas to torturing her, he calls her with orders to go on an errand to deliver him a regular size cappuccino. Kyu-won’s attempt to excuse herself by lying that she’s in class fails as she spots him watching over her.

With no choice, she runs to get him his coffee, and there runs into Yoon-soo who is also ordering a regular size cappuccino. On their walk back together, Kyu-won ponders over Yoon-soo’s relationship with Shin, remembering how Shin looked towards Yoon-soo earlier. And Yoon-soo ponders over Kyu-won’s relationship with Suk-hyun, remembering his sudden interest in her.

Shin finds Kyu-won waiting with his coffee at the balcony where he had been standing earlier. After delivering his coffee, Kyu-won asks him to pay her back for the coffee. But as she doesn’t have any change to give him in return, he insists on charging her interest for the change she owes him.

Kyu-won: So petty! And from now on, don’t make me run errands like this. Let’s settle this with money. I’ll pay you, so let’s void our agreement.
Shin: How much will you pay me?
Kyu-won: How much? Umm, about 5000 won (approx. $5).
Shin: For $100, I’ll think about it.

Shin turns to leave, but he turns back around to face her once again.

Shin: Do you sing well?
Kyu-won: What?
Shin: Never mind. If you pay me back for the change tomorrow, [the interest] will be 50 cents.

Meanwhile, as Tae-joon shows Suk-hyun the office he’ll be using, he tries to convince him that it was a mistake to cast Ki-young and “that gukak kid.”

And more difficulties lie ahead for Kyu-won on her first day of rehearsal. The upperclassmen theater major girls fear that due to Kyu-won’s favor with the director, she may not only threaten Hee-joo’s leading role but their own roles in the show as well. As if to confirm their fear, when Hee-joo takes an attitude of someone who’s already won the starring role, Suk-hyun puts her back in her place.

Suk-hyun: (to Hee-joo) Who said you’re the lead?
Hee-joo: (as everyone giggles) If it’s not me, then who is it?
Suk-hyun: I’ll take my time to decide after watching the rehearsals. Don’t make any assumptions!

Kyu-won struggles during the rehearsal, singing off-key and failing to hit the high notes. After practice, Hee-joo follows Kyu-won to remind her not to talk to her for she doesn’t consider her a friend, and to stay away from Shin. She says, “Lee Shin likes someone who you’re no match for. So you stay out of it!”

And I love Kyu-won for this, for instead of taking the beating silently, she retorts back: “Han Hee-joo, in case you’re mistaken, let me say one thing. I don’t consider you a friend either. And Lee Shin? I wouldn’t take him even if you gave him to me. So don’t talk down to me.”

And like that, she and Bo-woon walk off, leaving Hee-joo to be fuming mad by herself.


At Bo-woon’s insistence, they head to Catharsis where Joon-hee is singing tonight. While Shin plays the guitar, Joon-hee sings his song, “Star.”

On their way out, Kyu-won overhears Shin on the phone. He sounds excited answering the call, but it quickly turns to frantic panic as he asks his caller, “You are not hurt, right? I’ll be right over. Don’t go anywhere, and stay right there.” He rushes off, and as she watches him bike away, Kyu-won remembers that she needs to pick up her sheet music from school.

In fact, the caller was Yoon-soo and she had called Shin after getting locked in her dancing studio. And apparently, she couldn’t think of anyone else to call for help. (Errgg, sure, okay…) Kyu-won sees the two walking together, and looks on with curiosity.


In a great mood after having been called for help by Yoon-soo, Shin visits his dad at the hospital, to his dad’s delight.

Shin’s dad: So you like the dance professor?
Shin: (smiling) Yes.
Dad: A long time ago, I too had a woman I liked. It was my friend’s girlfriend. I even married another woman in my effort to forget her, but I couldn’t forget her. So… I stole her away from him.
Shin: So did you end up living with her?
Dad: No.
Shin: Why?
Dad: I don’t know. That’s just how I lived.
Shin: You lived as a bad guy.
Dad: Yeah. I was a bad guy. But you shouldn’t do that. Be good to her.
Shin: I will. I’m going to be good to her.

While Shin is meeting with his dad, Kyu-won’s dad comes to see Shin’s mom. And naturally, they talk about Shin and his dad. If there had been any doubts earlier, I think this seals the deal for me that Shin’s dad stole Shin’s mom away from his friend, Kyu-won’s dad.

Shin announces to his bandmates that they should join the school musical. Joon-hee wonders if it’s because of Kyu-won, but Shin denies it. Then the topic changes to a rumor that Director Suk-hyun was once involved in a pretty well-known relationship, and they wonder who his girlfriend could have been.

At rehearsal, the older girls’ bullying of Kyu-won get even more serious. After a push, a push back, and some hair pulling, the girls end up fighting on the ground. Yoon-soo and Suk-hyun walk in on their fight, and they cancel the rehearsal as Suk-hyun punishes the girls by having them kneel with their arms raised.

Suk-hyun: You’re not grade-schoolers. (sarcastically) Good going!
Kyu-won: Like you said, we’re not grade-schoolers. Can we put our arms down?
Suk-hyun: Since you acted like grade-schoolers, you need to be treated like one.

Hee-joo blames this incident on Suk-hyun.

Hee-joo: Everyone here auditioned for their acting. It’s only natural that it’s not understandable (that Kyu-won made the cut).
Suk-hyun: Then is it understandable to make someone an outcast because you don’t like the way it is?
Hee-joo: I’m a victim here.
Kyu-won: Me too!

Suk-hyun has them count to 100 and leaves the room. Once he leaves, Hee-joo turns to Kyu-won, and this time, blames Kyu-won. (What’s up with this girl and all her blaming games?) Hee-joo points out that because of people like Kyu-won, there are others who really want to be involved in the show but can’t. “They put their life on the line to do this. So you go chase your own dream!”


Hee-joo comes across Shin on her way out. She grabs onto him, asking if they should go eat together. When he coldly rejects her, she takes this opportunity to tell him that Professor Jung Yoon-soo and Director Kim Suk-hyun used to date a long time ago and were madly in love with each other, until she left him to pursue her dream in New York.

Shin: What?
Hee-joo: That’s right. Our musical is the story of Professor Jung. It makes much better sense than those fools who wage everything on a guy, but nevertheless, she’s not a soft-hearted, weak woman that you think she is!
Shin: Hee-joo, I can now see clearly why you are always alone without any friends.

Kyu-won also comes out, and she runs into Suk-hyun. She’s still upset after the fight, and Suk-hyun teases her by pretending to help fix her hair but messing it more in the process. Yoon-soo watches those two from afar, and then Shin comes along and watches Yoon-soo watching them. (Hmm, this “I’m looking at you, while you look at the one you love” might get old very soon…)

Upon learning of Suk-hyun and Yoon-soo’s past, Shin heads right over to Suk-hyun’s office, just as Suk-hyun is heading out at the news that Ki-young was injured. And Shin tells Suk-hyun that he wants to do the musical.

Suk-hyun: Oh, that’s good. Let’s talk about it later.
Shin: Let me ask you one thing.
Suk-hyun: What is it? Can’t we talk about it later?
Shin: Is it fun to make a joke out of the woman you loved? I think I can understand why Professor Jung left you.

(Shin starts to walk away.)

Suk-hyun: Hold on a moment. Do you by any chance…
Shin: (stopping where he was standing) I like her… Professor Jung Yoon-soo.

Suk-hyun laughs to himself, remarking that Yoon-soo is still as popular as ever. He continues on his way to the hospital to visit Ki-young. Soo-myung explains that they had a “severe difference in opinion,” and as a result, Ki-young ended up with a slight “hairline fracture” on his leg. He needs to wear a cast for a month.


When Kyu-won comes across Hee-joo practicing late into the night, Kyu-won remembers Hee-joo’s words earlier that Kyu-won is taking a spot away from those who really want to do this. (Hmm, for a theater major, all we’ve seen Hee-joo do so far is practicing singing and dancing. She seems more like an idol group trainee to me…)

The next day, Kyu-won brings Shin’s coffee to school but can’t find him at his usual spot. She leaves his coffee there, where he later finds the coffee with a post-it attached. “This is a coffee belonging to Lee Shin of applied music major. I’ve spit in it.” He smiles as he looks at it and takes a sip.

Later, when she notices that the coffee is gone from the place she left it, she smiles as she thinks about Shin having found it. But her curiosity is left unanswered when she spots another guy drinking a cup of coffee from the same spot. Meanwhile, when Shin returns to his studio to join his bandmates, he refuses to share his coffee with anyone else. (Cute!)


Kyu-won goes to see Suk-hyun, telling him that she thinks it’d be best that she quit. He wonders if it’s because she’s made an outcast, but Kyu-won makes up an excuse that as she thought she would be playing her instrument, it’s not what she expected she was getting into, and further, there aren’t that many days left till her gukak competition.

Suk-hyun: If I have you just play the instrument, will you do it?
Kyu-won: Huh? (pause) No.
Suk-hyun: Why? Is it no fun without Lee Shin around?
Kyu-won: No, it’s not that! I just thought I was wronging those others who really want to do it. I’m sorry.

But Suk-hyun refuses to let go of Kyu-won that easily. The next day he comes to find Shin.

Suk-hyun: You said you wanted to do the show, right?
Shin: Yes.
Suk-hyun: There is one condition. (Shin looks at his quizzically.) Follow me!

The two men go find Kyu-won in her class, and the three of them meet afterward.

Kyu-won: What’s going on?
Suk-hyun: Do the musical.
Kyu-won: What?
Suk-hyun: If you don’t want to wrong others, you just have to do your best. I’ll take care of everything else.
Kyu-won: I’m sorry.
Suk-hyun: (sighs) I didn’t want to pull this trick. Shin wants to do the musical. (to Shin) I have an idea why you want to do the musical, but you can’t unless Kyu-won does it too.
Kyu-won: What kind of a ridiculous thing to say…!
Suk-hyun: (continuing to talk to Shin) Since she’s your slave, persuade her to do it.

Left alone with Shin, Kyu-won tells him to try to persuade her.

Shin: I don’t want to.
Kyu-won: The director just said…
Shin: Whether you do it or not, I’m going to do it. (sitting back down after getting ready to get up) Actually, this may be for the better.
Kyu-won: What is?
Shin: For there’s no way that you can be a match for Hee-joo. You saw her sing, right? She’s even a better dancer.

Kyu-won gets worked up, saying she can do it too if she practices. (Ah, such a clever boy, that Shin!) But as he turns to leave, she finds herself curious why he all of a sudden wants to do the musical so badly. Shin answers, “Because there is someone I want to see.” His response takes her by surprise, but that’s when she remembers Shin’s gaze towards Yoon-soo during the first rehearsal. She quickly shakes off the thought, saying it’s ridiculous.

Suk-hyun brings the synopsis and music sheets for the musical to Ki-young, but he still stubbornly refuses to do it, insisting that he plans to switch majors. Suk-hyun won’t give up on Ki-young though, even if Ki-young may have given up on himself. “Even if it’s due to my own stubbornness, I will put you on stage.”

Suk-hyun leaves, but he’s tantalized to walk into a jewelry store after seeing a necklace on the store window. (Ooh, who’s the necklace for?! Probably Yoon-soo, but…)


Kyu-won decides to continue doing the musical. But when she returns to rehearsal, not only does she have a hard time following along, but the other girls from earlier proceed to kick and trip her during practice. When Suk-hyun cancels the rehearsal, Yoon-soo asks him why he’s giving Kyu-won a special treatment.

Suk-hyun: What?
Yoon-soo: Even in my eyes, it looks like you’re favoring her.
Suk-hyun: Professor Jung Yoon-soo, I’m asking you just in case. But are you jealous of Lee Kyu-won? Even if you are, don’t show it. It doesn’t look good to see.

After canceling the rehearsal, Suk-hyun takes Kyu-won, Hee-joo and the three mean girls to a small theater where a group of people are practicing on stage. He tells them that they’re trainees who have never been on stage yet. Do they think they’re better than these trainees? He singles out each of the girls and gives them a piece of the humble pie.


That night, instead of going directly home, Kyu-won returns to the dance studio to practice some more. Finding Kyu-won struggling to dance, Yoon-soo joins in and helps her out. Hee-joo ponders over Suk-hyun’s words, as she looks at the empty stage left by the trainees earlier. And Ki-young finds himself looking over the music sheet Suk-hyun left for him.

They all work towards tomorrow, as The Stupid’s performance of the song “Towards Tomorrow” plays in the background.

“Towards Tomorrow”

While looking to the street
with the familiar sound of the raindrops,
I found my dream that I had inadvertently passed by.
While walking with my head down,
carrying the rain-soaked light on my back,
I sigh as I see my dreams that had been tossed away.
The world that I used to see in my childhood dreams,
The unfamiliar street of my dreams.

To head towards tomorrow, I don’t need the past.
Or my difficult days, if it is to head towards tomorrow.
To head towards tomorrow, I don’t need the past.
Or my difficult days, if it is to head towards tomorrow.

The chilling wind that sweeps by my cheeks,
It shakes off the heavy questions weighing down on my shoulders.
What are you looking for in the street of this dark night,
People shout, tired and sounding drunk.
The world that I used to see in my childhood dreams,
The unfamiliar street of my dreams.

To head towards tomorrow, I don’t need the past.
Or my difficult days, if it is to head towards tomorrow.
To head towards tomorrow, I don’t need the past.
Or my difficult days, if it is to head towards tomorrow.

To head towards tomorrow, I don’t need the past.
Or my difficult days, if it is to head towards tomorrow.
To head towards tomorrow, I don’t need the past.
Or my difficult days, if it is to head towards tomorrow.

After his nightly performance at Catharsis, Shin stops by the dance studio (to watch Yoon-soo, of course) and smiles as he watches Yoon-soo training Kyu-won.

The next day, Kyu-won is sore from her training and can barely walk to school. Shin sees her like this, and offers to give her a ride on his bike.

While Kyu-won has her arms wrapped around Shin’s waist and her face leaning against his back, she gets completely absorbed in this fantasy world of rainbows and popping hearts as the bike flies them to the moon. So immersed is she that she gets taken back by surprise when she opens her eyes and finds herself back at reality (and already on campus), with jealous girls staring at the two and throwing angry glances at Kyu-won.

At rehearsal, Kyu-won is doing much better, and taking note of it, Suk-hyun looks at Yoon-soo. Afterwards, he looks at the necklace he bought earlier, and decides to ask Yoon-soo out for some drinks that night.

Yoon-soo cancels her dinner with Tae-joon, making up an excuse that she’s not feeling well, and invites Suk-hyun to her house for some wine.


On his way to Yoon-soo’s, he comes across Kyu-won and offers to drive her home. Still sore from her rehearsal, she accepts the offer. During the car ride, Suk-hyun tells Kyu-won to let him know if anyone bullies her again, but she remarks that that’ll only turn her into a bigger outcast.

Meanwhile, as Yoon-soo is driving home, she sees Shin following her on his bike. She pulls over, and tells him to go home instead of following her. Unperturbed, he takes out a jewelry box and gives it to her. She opens it and finds a necklace inside- the same one that Suk-hyun bought earlier.

Shin: Here, give it to me. I’ll put it on for you.
Yoon-soo: It’s ok. I’ll do it myself later… (Aigoo, woman, you’re going to accept that?!)

Shin disregards her once again, and takes out the necklace to put it on her neck. But who should pass by right then to witness this scene but Kyu-won in Suk-hyun’s car, of course! And she watches as Shin leans forward and kisses Yoon-soo.


I love my romance in dramas, as much as any other K-drama fans out there. But I may be alone in this, but I ultimately don’t care who the final couplings will be in You’ve Fallen for Me, if any. The characters are just college students, and realistically, even if they pair up with one another, the chance of these couples going all the way to marriage is very unlikely.

Instead, I care about and want to see how these characters grow in their friendship with each other, and how they mature during the span of this drama as they experience all the things that they will be facing- the musical, unrequited love, knowledge about their parents’ past, and discovering their own passion. In other words, I don’t think the end game is as important in this drama as the journey itself.

And for me, aside from these things, any romance is just pure bonus.

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12 Responses to You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 4

  1. martha says:

    Thank you for the lyrics! And thank you for the great recap

  2. bella012 says:

    This cheese stands alone, SH and KW all the way!

    • blue says:

      Really? I don’t know… they don’t look… ummm, appropriate… to me. Hehe.

      • ripgal says:

        I also dun see SH falling for KW. 4 eps in I still think he’s gonna go for dance prof. And I have no complaints because I already ship main OTP, and am looking forward to Gi Yeong coming in to pit against Shin!

  3. anne says:

    Same here….I am enjoying the journey and how and what the characters will do to reach for their dreams. Though I know that the ultimate love story ending will be Lee Shin and KyuWon I am enjoying the journey more and more and just anticipates what the drama has in store for us in the coming episodes.

  4. bluecatcher says:


    What a pleasure coincidence to see that my screen name and your screen name both have the word “blue” in it. Well, maybe because I’m CNBlue’s biased, but are you *wink*. Nice reading your recaps by the way.

    Alright, on to the topic. I agree with you that the end game is not as important as the process of how the characters grow and develop into beautiful people that they could be, and that any relationship is pure bonus. However, if GW did end up with SH that’d be weird, very weird, for me. Lol. And I don’t think that’s the director’s purpose to put those two together in this drama, or else, I’d scratch his hair off his head for being ridiculously crazy. Ha ha!

    On a side note, somehow I wish to see the ice princess, aka dance professor, to return Shin’s feeling. In real life, she’s better for Shin than GW (my apology to GW-LS’s fans) because of her maturity and wounded past, just what Shin needs from a woman (note: not a girl). Well, surely GW is all bubbly and fun and happy, Shin needs to be with someone like that too, but maybe as a friend, not so much as a soulmate/girlfriend. Geez, I don’t know if I’m making any sense here. Maybe it’s just me, but if a chatty, smiling, happy guy appears in front of me I’d gladly be his friend, not his gf because honestly I can’t stand being with someone with a completely opposite personality, if you know what I mean. Hm, never mind my ranting. Sorry.

    Anyhow, we all know who Lee Shin will end up with at the end of this journey, which I don’t think is bad at all. At least we know he wouldn’t be heartbroken because GW likes him back just as much, right? Hm.

    I could write/type more, but I think I’m probably boring you guys with my essay. So, until the next time, which might be very soon because today is WEDNESDAY. Yahooo!



    p.s. If my 2 cents are irritating to read, do let me know so I don’t bother your blog any further.


    • blue says:

      Greetings, fellow “blue”!!!
      I’m not really a CN Blue’s fan, but I do like some of their songs. The “blue” in my screen name actually has no meaning. At the time that I came up with the name, blue was just my favorite color. 🙂

      And of course you’re always welcome to share you thoughts here. I enjoyed reading your comment!

  5. sakurakiss says:

    just recently discovered your site—i must say i ‘m very impressed with your recap—thanks—looking forward to reading more

  6. Nayong says:

    I’m going for GW / KY and hope the director moves them towards each other, hehehe
    can’t help it kinda like the FH Stalker:)

  7. zanadu170 says:

    Love your recaps, and particularly appreciate the explanation of musical references, lyrics and links. I am a relative newcomer to K-drama, and have almost no knowledge of the Korean musical scene.

  8. QuaTrang says:

    Your translation of the lyrics is wonderful and the reference to the original song is very very very very appreciated! I somehow like the JYH’s rendition better than the original, maybe because he incorporate a softer piece after the first rockish piece, which is more to my personal preference, also it suits JYH’s voice better (I think). Your translation really increases my enjoyment with this drama. Many thanks!

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